How To Make Someone Like You: 20 Methods That Really Work

How do you make someone like you? What can you do to make someone fall in love with you?

How can the person you’re into, see all of your qualities? How can you open their eyes and make them realize you’re the one for them?

Well, I won’t lie to you: accomplishing this isn’t always easy.

In fact, in most cases, getting someone to fall in love with you requires a lot of energy and effort.

After all, you can’t control how someone feels about you and convincing them that you’re likeable and worthy of their attention takes time and patience.

Luckily, you came to the right place because we’re about to reveal to you the ultimate step-by-step guide towards your crush’s heart.

So, if you’re wondering how to make someone like you back, just follow the following advice. I promise you, these psychological tricks work with anyone.

20 Surefire Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

1. Outside is as important as the inside

When you’re trying to make anyone like you, in the first place, you have to make sure to look your best.

Remember that the first impression is everything and see it as your chance to become likable to your love interest!

This step doesn’t have a lot to do with this particular person you’re into.

Whether it be that you’re a girl or guy, it’s much more connected with you becoming more appealing and attractive for the opposite s*x.

As much as people claim otherwise, the truth is that we’re all drawn by someone’s physical appearance at a first glance.

No, this doesn’t mean that you have to look perfect or that you should undergo some crazy aesthetic treatments or even plastic surgeries to get someone to like you.

In fact, it will be enough to hit the gym and to bring your body in order. Make sure you have a neat hairdo, be careful about the way you dress, and don’t forget to smell good at all times.

If you’re a girl, don’t be scared to wear the clothes that will point out your attributes, but be careful about not looking too cheap either.

Yes, every guy will be drawn to your butt and bo*bs, but if you’re looking for something more serious, this shouldn’t be the only thing you have to offer.

Don’t put too much makeup on but use it to your advantage.

Yes, most men will tell you that they prefer girls who wear no makeup, but the truth is that they dig the natural look in which you actually have plenty of makeup on but nothing looks too artificial.

On the other hand, if you’re male, the best thing you can do for your appearance is to build some muscles. Another thing that works wonders is growing a beard.

When it comes to your clothing, make sure you’re always dressed for the occasion and not to look like you’ve grabbed the first thing you got your hands on.

Nobody expects you to wear a tuxedo, but don’t go around walking in your sweatpants all the time either.

2. Be confident

Nobody can explain this, but a proven fact is that there is one thing everyone digs more than anything and that is confidence.

It’s quite simple: when you think that you’re good enough and leave a good first impression, people around you accept that opinion and follow your lead, so they end up considering you pretty awesome as well.

This is especially the case when it comes to dating and the way the opposite s*x sees you. If you think that you’re a good catch, the person you want to like you will be all over you too.

However, the trick with self-confidence is that it cannot be acted upon.

If you’re struggling with insecurities and think of yourself as not enough, you won’t be able to pretend that you’re full of self-esteem.

At least, you won’t be able to do it for long. It’s like most people have that sixth sense and sense the vibe you’re sending, so sooner or later, they see right through your false pretenses.

That’s exactly why you have to be sure about your qualities before convincing the person of your interest that you’re worthy of their attention.

Easier said than done, I know. Nevertheless, I’m begging you to at least try and work on your self-esteem.

Instead of focusing on your failures, be proud of every little thing you accomplish during the day. Put yourself first and learn how to please your needs.

When it comes to your social skills, start with talking a little bit more loudly and don’t be scared to say your opinion about every topic.

Look everyone directly in the eyes while you’re talking – that will show them that you stand behind your words.

Basically, when you enter the room, reduce your shyness and act like you own it. I promise you that this way, all eyes will be on you.


3. Show interest

How do you make someone like you?

You can’t expect the object of your affection to like you back unless they’re aware that you’re interested in them first, can you?

That is exactly why you have to be the one to show initiative, in order to get any feedback.

It doesn’t matter whether it is that you’re male or female – just make that first move. No, you don’t have to necessarily come clean about your feelings, but you have to initiate some kind of contact.

If it’s someone you haven’t met in person, find an excuse to introduce yourself. Start by checking them out and smiling every time they pass by and after a while, just start saying hi.


For example, you can ask for some kind of help, depending on the place where you usually encounter.

If you see them at the gym, pretend that you could use advice regarding a certain type of exercise. If it’s a restaurant, ask them to recommend their favorite meal or just simply ask them what’s the time.

It is crucial for your crush to notice you. You have to become visible and present on their radar before they can even start taking you into consideration as their potential love interest.

Nevertheless, not every advertisement is a good one. The last thing you should do is make a fool out of yourself, be too nosy, or act rude for this person to pay attention to you.


4. Achieve regular contact

The key to most people’s hearts is familiarity. If this person we’re talking about didn’t fall for you at first sight, you have to become a part of their life in order to change that.

And the best way to do it is to achieve some kind of regular contact.

This is especially true if we’re talking about someone shy who needs more time to relax and become comfortable enough around you to give you a chance.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should become boring and impose yourself on them. Just let them get used to your presence subtly and slowly, without pushing things too much.

5. Be warm and positive

We all have some kind of energy we display to others, sometimes without even being aware of doing so.

At the same time, subconsciously, we prefer being surrounded by people who send a good vibe.

Therefore, if you want to be the one who brightens your crush’s day every time they see you, work on your optimism.

Try your hardest to display positive emotions and don’t allow them to see you when you’re nervous and cranky.

Naturally, you’re a human being made out of flesh and blood and you can’t have a smile on your face constantly.

There are days when you aren’t happy and cheerful, but at this point, these are not the moments in which your crush should see you.

Instead, make sure they perceive you as the most positive person in the world. Be the one who always brings the good mood along instead of the one who darkens their days.

Trust me, by doing this, you’ll make this person completely crazy over you.

They’ll be the ones chasing you and trying to spend as much time as possible with this special person who makes them forget about their troubles.


6. Display body language signs

Since you’re wondering how to make someone like you, it is more than clear that you have a problem approaching this person out of the blue and asking them out on a date.

However, instead of seeing this lack of courage as a problem, remember that there are other effective ways for someone to notice that you’re into them.

Non-verbal communication, such as body language signals and facial expressions, is sometimes even stronger than saying things out loud.

Besides being fun and teasing, it provides you a certain safety net: If the person of your interest doesn’t respond positively to your signals, you have the chance to back off with dignity and without actually being rejected if you just pretend that nothing was happening.

Make eye contact

You know how they say that eyes are windows to a soul? Well, that is completely true.

Yes, you heard it right. It is possible to flirt with someone using your eyes only.

In fact, for a lot of people, this eye contact broke the ice.


That is exactly why the first body language signal you’ll send to your crush is deep eye contact. I don’t care if you’re shy, get the courage to stare at them in a seductive manner.

Don’t look away if they start avoiding eye contact. Instead, continue looking at them and show them that you don’t plan on giving up so easily.

Especially don’t do it if your crush starts playing your game and looks back at you. Play with your eyes and send them a clear message without having to actually say a word.

Smile at them

You don’t have perfect teeth, so you avoid smiling? Well, let me tell you that you’re making a huge mistake.

You see, a smile is a universal language of love and the best way to attract someone is to smile at them as much as possible.

Accidentally touch them.

If you’re figuring out how to make someone like you, accidentally and subtly touching them is one of the ways to do it.


Naturally, you won’t act like a psychopath who invades other people’s personal space or is too pushy.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you touching this person’s hand while you’re talking or putting yours on their shoulder or even knee.

When you’re passing by them, make some kind of physical contact – at least touch their cheek.

The most important thing about these accidental touches is the feedback you’re getting. Is your crush comfortable with you acting this way or are they pulling away every time you approach?

Remember that we all enjoy different levels of physical contact, no matter how much we like the other person. So please, respect other people’s boundaries.

Stand or sit near them.

Use every opportunity you can to stand or sit near your crush. This is especially the case when you’re surrounded by other people; always make sure you’re the one next to the person of your interest.

Also, when the two of you are communicating, have your toes pointed at them.


7. Get to know them

The next step is doing your best to meet this person you like for real.

I’m not talking about finding out some basic info about them, I’m talking about you putting effort into really getting to know them and the core of their personality.

I’m talking about finding out more about their fears, aspirations, hopes, and dreams. About asking some deep, personal questions that help you reveal every level of their being.

So, don’t engage in small talk only. The thing that will help you stand out is having the courage to dig deep down and reveal some important things about this person.

First and foremost, this will give you a chance to see whether this is the person you truly want by your side or if it was all an illusion.

Have you been idealizing them for all of this time or do you keep on liking them after meeting them for real?

Also, your potential partner will be more than thrilled once they figure out that you’ve shown interest in their life.

They will see that you’re different than anyone else. You’re not a typical modern dating product who is only interested in their body and looking for something temporary.

Instead, you’re interested in the entire package and pay attention to their heart, soul, and brains, which is pretty rare these days.

8. Remember something about them

There is no better way to say “Hey, like me back”, then remembering small details about a person.

At the same time, besides showing how much you care for the other person, this approach doesn’t make you look desperate or clingy.

In fact, everyone would be happy knowing that there’s someone who remembered everything they told them.


Of course, you won’t use the information you have just to show off, but there is no harm in casually mentioning that you remember the name of this person’s first pet or the date of their mum’s birthday.

Just don’t overreact unless you want to be characterized as a psycho.

Most importantly, use only the intel you got from this person.

I know you’ve been probably stalking them a bit or asking your mutual friends about them, but they don’t have to know that, so there is no point in showing them that you’ve done your part of the research.


9. Emphasize your common interests

You know how we talked about the concept of familiarity?

How it’s easier to fall for someone when it feels like they’ve been a part of our life for ages and when we can be our true selves in front of this person.

Well, one of the ways to achieve this familiarity is by emphasizing your and your crush’s common interests and shared values.

It is a scientifically proven fact that opposites do attract but similarities last longer, so if you want to win this person over for a longer period of time, you have to show them how compatible you actually are.

If it’s necessary, for starters pretend to like some things you really don’t. Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not suggesting for you to reinvent yourself or to be someone you essentially are not, but lying that you like your crush’s favorite song when you actually never heard about it won’t bring any harm.

The best way to emphasize your common interest is not by agreeing with everything this person tells you because that approach is too obvious and it makes you look like you have personality so you have to mirror them, which is a massive turn off.

Instead, do a little bit of investigation of your own. Find out more about this person’s taste in music, movies, books, art and other things and try learning about their general attitudes about life.

So, the next time you get together, casually mention something they like and present it as your preference.

Trust me, your crush will be thrilled they’ve found the chance to meet someone as similar to them as you are.


10. Give them compliments

Who doesn’t like compliments? Trust me, we all enjoy hearing them, even those of us who blush every time.

And your crush is no exception. Therefore, paying nice compliments to the person of your interest is one of the most surefire ways towards their heart.

You see, hearing someone praising us and telling us nice things boosts our ego. We feel more worthy and better about ourselves in general.

When you compliment your crush, you’re working on their self-esteem. And before you know it, they’ll become hooked on the sensation you’re giving them.

Basically, you’ll make this person feel good in your presence. And who doesn’t like being around someone who makes them feel like they’re the best in the world?

Of course, you won’t follow them around, paying random compliments.

Instead, tell them something nice about their appearance, sense of humor or intelligence every now and then and that will be more than enough.

11. Be available

If you want a specific person to like you, they have to know that you’re emotionally available.

So, don’t play games and pretend you have someone special to build some kind of imaginary competition for your crush. Instead, make it clear that you’re single and ready to mingle.

Also, don’t be busy when they want to hang out. Ask them to hang out and accept their invitations.


12. …but not too desperate

However, don’t be too desperate either. Nobody likes people who are too clingy and needy, especially not in this initial phase of your potential relationship.

I know that you’re crazy over this person and that you want to spend every second of your free time with them.

Nevertheless, if you’re calling and texting them all the time, you can just get the opposite effect and cause them to get tired of you before you’ve even started dating.

Besides, you don’t want them to start taking you for granted. Don’t allow them to think that you’ll always be there for them, no matter how they behave and that they can have you whenever they feel like it.


In this case, it’s best to find some kind of balance. It’s crucial to follow their reactions and be realistic about whether you’re bothering them or they’re enjoying your presence.

For starters, be around them and then, pull back unexpectedly. Make them get used to your presence and then give them a chance to feel your absence and miss you.

Yes, all of this sounds like game playing, but it’s simply something you have to do if you’re trying to figure out how to make someone like you.

13. Have a good sense of humor

One of the most effective ways to get into someone’s pants and heart is to make them laugh. Everyone loves a good laugh and a sense of humor is always a plus.

The trick here is for your humor to be healthy. Try figuring out what types of jokes this person enjoys the most and remember that some people get insulted easier than the others.

While you’re getting to know each other, avoid dirty s*xual jokes because that might offend them and make them think that you only have one thing on your mind.

Don’t be vulgar; use appropriate humor until you see what makes them laugh.

Another thing you should pay attention to here is finding a perfect balance between joking around and making fun of them.

Tease them, but don’t point out their flaws. You don’t want them to get the impression that you’re trying to put them down in any way.


14. Be honest and genuine

When you’re talking about your perfect partner, honesty is one of the first personality traits you fall for, right? Nobody likes to be around people who constantly lie and your crush is no different.

Therefore, it’s your job to show them that you’re honest and genuine.

Make sure they see that you have good intentions and that you’re not there to hurt their feelings and break their heart in the future.

Naturally, in the beginning, you’ll want to present yourself in the best possible light. You won’t talk about your biggest flaws right away and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should pretend to be someone you’re not just to win this person over.


Don’t hide your true colors and don’t invent a whole new personality to be more appealing to this person, because your real self will come out on the surface sooner or later.

Also, always tell the truth, no matter what.

Obviously, there is a huge difference between telling a little white lie – for instance, convincing someone that this new shirt they just bought looks awesome on them when you actually don’t like it at all – and hiding something important about yourself.

Be as honest as possible about your past, but don’t reveal all of your worst sides right away. The most important thing is to stand behind your words and never allow them to catch you lying.


15. Show them you’re reliable and trustworthy

Another quality everyone, including this guy or a girl you’re into, is definitely looking for is having someone who will always be there for them.

And that is exactly what you have to show them: that they can trust you and count on you.

Being a trustworthy person means that you’re able to keep a secret and you don’t have a habit of making false promises.

When you’re reliable, your crush can count on you at all times. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should allow them to take advantage of your kindness and call you only when they need you.

However, if you act like someone who won’t back out on them in case of emergency, someone who will give them a hand when they need it the most, trust me, it is a huge plus and a way into their heart.

16. Ask for advice

The next step in making someone like you is by showing them that you find them wise, smart, and intelligent.

It is letting them know that you appreciate their opinion and attitude, and that you consider their views on life important.

If you want to accomplish that, just ask your crush for advice.

But don’t just stop at asking for their help with some irrelevant things such as your choice of outfit, show them that you trust their guidance when it comes to bigger issues too, such as a problem you might have at work, a disagreement you had with your friend or even a family emergency.


Besides making them feel good for helping you out and indirectly paying them a compliment by asking for advice, this approach will also make your crush see how important they are to you.

Out of all the people in the world, they’re the ones you came to and that must mean something.

On the other hand, if you disagree with their opinion about something, don’t hesitate to tell them that.

Don’t argue, just show the strength of your character and let them know that you’re not a people-pleaser who will nod their head to everything they say, just because you like them.


17. Tell them a secret

Another way to form a deeper connection with this special person is to reveal something about yourself.

Just tell them a secret – something that only your best friends and family members know. In this way, you’re letting them know that they have an important place in your life.

By doing this, you’ll inspire your crush to open up as well and you might see them in a whole new light.

Once they realize that you trust them enough to expose your vulnerabilities and to share your intimacy with them, they’ll realize they can tell you more about themselves as well.

So, besides forming a strong bond between you two, this will also help you learn new things about the object of your interest.

Just remember not to be judgmental, no matter what they tell you. Appreciate the fact that they saw you as their comforter and hear them out.

18. Be friendly

One of the biggest fears for most people who are trying to win a special someone over is ending up in the friendzone.

According to a lot of people, once you enter this dark territory, there is no way out – you’re stuck there forever and nothing you do can get you out of this Bermuda triangle.

On the other hand, how can you expect to get under someone’s skin if you don’t become friends first?

And I’m not talking about a situation when you directly approach someone you find attractive and ask them out right away.

I’m talking about the process of making them like you, in which friendship cannot be avoided.

So what exactly should you do? How can you become friends with your crush without getting trapped in the friendzone?


Well, the key here is in striking a balance.

Act friendly but don’t become best friends. And never forget to flirt!

Make sure they’re perfectly aware of your final goal and intentions. Otherwise, you’ll be leading them on and might even get accused of pretending to be their friend just to end up using them.

The number one rule is to avoid love life topics. Don’t get me wrong, you should certainly talk about your romantic histories, preferences, and standards when it comes to the opposite s*x.

However, don’t put yourself in the situation where you’ll sit quietly while your crush is talking about a guy or a girl they’re currently interested in.

Nobody expects you two to be faithful to each other. After all, you haven’t started dating yet.

But if you are comfortable enough to talk about other people you’re seeing, you’re without doubt in the friendzone.


19. Do something for them

If you want someone to like you, start doing little favors and take care of them.

Don’t become their personal butler, but there is nothing wrong with being at this person’s service every now and then.

For example, help them out with their chores around the house, give them a hand when it comes to cooking or when they have a flat tire.

Be the first person they call while they’re in some kind of emergency, but don’t allow yourself to become only that.

Basically, take care of them and their needs, but don’t exaggerate. Don’t act like their parent, but as their potential love interest.


20. Ask them out

Let’s be clear about one thing.

You’re trying to figure out how to make someone like you and are going through this entire process because you don’t want to straightforwardly ask them out, am I right?

You might be afraid of rejection or you don’t have enough experience with the opposite s*x.

Either way, coming clean about your intentions is something you want to avoid so you chose this, more subtle approach.

However, asking your crush out and making a concrete move towards you two ending up together has to happen sooner or later.

And it’s time to do it once you accomplish all of the steps mentioned above.

Don’t worry, you’ve done enough and managed to get under their skin, so now is the perfect moment to ask them on a first date.

You’ve gotten to know this person, so it probably won’t be a problem for you to figure out where to take them.


The most important thing here is being specific. This is not a friendly gathering or a group get-together.

You’re inviting them out on a proper romantic first date.

Also, be concrete and suggest an activity right away instead of leaving things vague. Adjust to your crush’s interests and schedule.

I’m not going to lie -you may do everything right yet there is always a chance for them to turn you down.

Maybe they misinterpreted your intentions, maybe they’re into someone else, decided to stay away from the dating market for a while, or simply don’t like you.

If this happens, you have to accept it with dignity. Don’t take it personally and remember it’s their right not to fall for you.

Instead of falling into despair, be proud of yourself for trying to do your best. After all, how will you know if they like you or not if you haven’t given it a shot?

Retreat gracefully and focus on healing your broken heart.


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