How to allow a Woman Know You Like Her – Without Really Telling Her

The idea behind knowing how to let a girl know you like her feels like it should be an outdated thought. But even in the modern age, gender-specific expectations continue to persist. One of those is the burden of “making the move” that lies on the shoulders of men.

Sure, women pursue and woo men in their own way. But in the end, almost always, the guys are expected to admit their feelings first. Then, the grueling wait for a girl’s response. Will she say yes?

However, there is a way to doing this, and every guy who pines for a girl should know how to confess your feelings the right way, at the right time.

How to let a girl know you like her: Starting from scratch

Confessing your feelings can be done in that reckless cavalier fashion where you stride into her presence, take her by the waist, and tell the whole world that you like her. As interesting as that seems, it may not turn out how you expect. If you want a favorable outcome or at least make her take you seriously, consider several things.

Ask yourself: How close are you with her? Are you longtime friends? Or have you just met? Liking a person doesn’t really require a long friendly relationship if you want to be romantically involved.

#1 Tell her upfront. The simplest route is to tell her those three words–I like you. Though this may catch her by surprise, you may get a chance to see her blush or break into a smile. Plus, there are a lot of girls who appreciate the manly guts and honesty you showed when you told her upfront that you liked her. Nevertheless, there are potential catches to this:

*Telling her upfront doesn’t equal happily ever after. It all depends on the groundwork you laid, the experiences you shared, and of course, her personal preferences.

#2 Give her a handwritten letter. If you’re the old soul type who’s good with words but lacks the courage to say it personally, that’s fine. Handwritten letters may sound corny and quaint, but it does have a romantic appeal to it.

Telling her without words

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. What better way to convey your affection by making her feel loved? There are moments some simple gestures serve as a more tangible testament that you like her instead of saying it out loud.

#3 Give her attention. Say hi, smile, and be warm. Genuine acts of affection stand out from the way you give attention to others hints she’s special in your eyes. However, give her attention in a way that will be taken as friendly and affectionate, not pestering and creepy.

#4 Spend time with her. Spending time with her sends a hint that you enjoy her presence, and ultimately this also endears her to you. This be as simple as asking help for a personal errand. Accompanying her if she asks help for her own errands, and by hanging out together for a casual lunch or coffee.

#5 Be nice, and treat her with respect. Before you put her on a pedestal as the woman you like above all, treat her as an equal and as a human being first. This includes acknowledging her strong points, giving fair and unassuming advice, and being honest.

#6 Show genuine concern for her well-being. In other words, be there when she needs you, offer help when she needs it, and most of all, be there as a friend. This is the ultimate way to show her that you like her. Simple friendly gestures help too, and they also show you pay attention to little details of what’s going on in her life.

#7 Make her laugh. Showing your sense of humor is a good way to wear a girl’s defenses down and make her fall for you. Making her laugh is also a way to show your affection, especially in times when she’s down and depressed.

#8 Tease her. There are two types of teasing: the first type is the one that seeks to annoy, and the other is the playful kind that seeks to endear. Teasing is common in close friends and couples.

When done right, it could be taken as a sign that you feel comfortable and close enough to be able to drop formal social interaction into a more intimate and friendly one. Be careful, you may not want to overdo it.

#9 Half-meant jokes. Akin to teasing, half-meant jokes are in a way a form of subliminal messages to implant the idea you genuinely like her. It is also therapeutic for you since it serves as a practice for actually saying to her face that you really like her.

#10 Dare to touch. Touching can be tricky. But if done right, it is a very obvious message of affection. We assume since you like her, you are open to the idea of touching her in lots of imaginative ways. However, it is best to play it safe and touch her according to your relationship level.



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