Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For June: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but summer is finally here and chatty Gemini season is in full bloom. June is a time to express and celebrate your own individuality by choosing the people and things that make you happiest. You’ll have a chance to increase your social and money-making skills, and when problems do arise over the next four weeks, you’ll be capable of dealing with them. June may also pose you with the ideal opportunity to reflect on certain things in your life and experience a flow of ideas that could turn into something amazing.

Mars will slip into retrograde toward the end of the month, which could prove to be a challenge for many of the signs in the zodiac. When this action-oriented planet has its energy inverted, many people feel like they’re not getting anywhere, no matter how hard they work — kind of like trying to move forward on a stationary bike. Frustrations may arise, and there may even be a few emotional outbursts. Neptune will also be in retrograde from June 19, and Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are still in the same position. There are several areas which may feel slow-moving, but that shouldn’t stop you from shining this June.

24Gemini: There Are Tough Times To Work Through

This may not be what you want to hear, especially if it’s your birthday month. But the one thing we can always count on Gemini for is to put a positive spin on a bad situation and to make the best of challenges in order to learn and grow. The June horoscope for Gemini this year predicts that quite a few areas of your life will be strained this month, including your family situation, career, personal ambitions and social life. So basically, everything that matters to you.

Whether or not you sort out those problems comes down to how well you can find a balance between all those areas, not paying attention to one more so than the other.

Though there are a few obstacles to overcome, this is a fantastic time to review how far you’ve come already in your ambitions and if necessary, make a few changes to your overall career plan. You may be surprised with how hostile somebody, in particular, is toward you, and this might make you feel like the world is crumbling around you. But remember that it’s really not. It looks like things will end up working out the way you want them to by the end of June, so hang in there!

23Gemini Love Horoscope: What You’ve Been Waiting For Could Happen Now

Good news for those Gemini lovers! You might find that something you’ve been waiting for in your love life is actually coming to fruition this month. That’s to say a special relationship has the chance to form between you and someone you’ve had your eye on for a while, or someone you have strong feelings for. And this will understandably make you feel over the moon!

If you’re a Gemini who hasn’t got feelings for anybody in particular, places with a spiritual association may be just where you need to go in order to meet someone who changes your world. Think meditation sessions or spiritual seminars. Some key dates on which you’ll have the highest chance of connecting with someone new are June 2nd, June 8thand June 21st.

Those of you already in a long-term relationship might find that your relationship undergoes some pretty significant changes this month, particularly where your partner’s attitude is concerned. Your love life this June should bring you happiness, to the point where you’re not even planning for the future or worrying about what will happen next. You’ll be content to just live in the moment, enjoy the ride and see where you both end up.

22Cancer: You’ll Need Your Emotional Strength

As a Cancer, you probably don’t believe that you have that much emotional strength to fall back on. You may feel fragile and vulnerable because you feel things so deeply, but this actually gives you an advantage. This allows you to understand people better than anyone else can, and is something to be proud of. Feel strong because of your sensitivity, rather than weak. And that strength will certainly pay off this June.

A few stormy situations may be in the forecast, possibly related to your professional life, your family or your social life.

You may be required to balance out a conflict or two, which will test your ability to make decisions and use reason and judgment to do so. What’s more, you might find yourself up against differences of opinion where career goals or religious beliefs are concerned, so this is the perfect time to tap into that Cancer empathy and try to relate to where the other person is coming from.

The retrograde of so many planets just makes things a little more confusing and a little trickier this month, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. After the 17thof June, it should all get easier for you.

21Cancer Love Horoscope: A Lucky Love Streak Is Coming Your Way

If you’re a Cancer who’s looking to fall in love (and when is Cancer ever not looking to fall in love?), the Universe is giving you a chance to do just that this June. Actually, you’re getting multiple chances. For whatever reason, the stars love the idea of you getting into a relationship that makes you truly happy, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to fall into one. It’s possible that you’ll meet someone in the most unexpected of places, so you really don’t have to worry about putting on an uncomfortable dress and dragging yourself to a club with your friends, hoping to catch someone’s eye on the dancefloor. The Universe works in mysterious ways, and you might not even have to leave your house.

Those Geminis already in a relationship might find that your partner is under a bit of stress at the moment, and this is causing a few rifts in the bond between you. Following some Feng Shui tips might help to re-energize the space and the intimacy between you. By the 22ndof the month, the tension should ease off quite a bit. You probably won’t see your friends a lot this June, thanks to all the time you’ll be spending with your partner, but if they’re good friends, they won’t mind.

20Leo: You Might Be Exhausted By the End Of The Month

This June will test a lot of people, and the Lion of the zodiac is no different. Most of the strain comes from the energy of your ruling planet Mercury, who happens to have dominion over the sun and money. Those are two pretty powerful areas! You could face conflict or hostility from different people in your life, particularly toward the beginning of the month. Dealing with the problems that arise will require all your strength and will most likely leave you feeling pretty exhausted by the time the month is finished.

You love a challenge, though, so use the hurdles as an opportunity to practice your endurance skills.

It might be the case that as the month continues, you’ll notice that your financial goals are totally different from your partner’s (if you’re in a relationship), but that doesn’t have to end up in a fight if you approach the situation delicately.

Despite all the challenges, it could be a pretty successful month at work, especially if you work in the fine arts or a related industry. You have the opportunity to make a lot of progress and really advance in your career. Should you want a new job in the same industry but outside the company you currently work for, you won’t have a problem getting one.

19Leo Love Horoscope: It’s A Time For New Beginnings

Summer is the perfect time to begin something new, and it looks like there’s room for a fresh start in Leo’s love life this June. A new dimension could come into your love life because of how beautiful and confident you feel this month, so don’t be afraid to roll with it. You could also be feeling a little more adventurous than usual when it comes to dating, and feel inclined to try something like a dating website. If nothing else, this will ease your curiosity and answer some questions you’ve been wondering about.

Your confidence and courage will set you up to take a lot of chances in love, and also be prepared for the consequences of those chances, whether they’re good or bad. For instance, you might let yourself text the ex you’ve been wanting to catch up with, and however that ends up, you’ll be able to deal with it.

June is an excellent time for those Lions in a bad or toxic relationship to break away and get your freedom back. The Universe wants you to step out of the cycle of pain and will support you in making the move this June. The luckiest days for a Leo’s love life this month are June 2nd, June 14thand June 23rd.

18Virgo: Major Career Success Could Be On The Horizon

You’ve been working hard for a long time, and because of the sun’s activity in your House of Career, all that hard work will finally pay off this month. There could be some pretty significant transformations at the office or workplace, but they are for the better because they will lead to new opportunities for you to grab. You will have even more diligence than usual this month (that’s a lot of diligence!), and you will be astute and clever when it comes time to make decisions for your career.

Have the confidence to embrace changes, because they will take you to where you want to be, even if they seem scary now.

It’s a good idea for Virgo to maintain a low profile this month, and to stay out of conflict and controversy. That’s usually not too hard for you anyway since you’re more of a quiet achiever than somebody who has to be the center of attention. But take special care to stay out of the spotlight this month. The planetary movement will make you feel more aggressive than usual and more inclined to tackle issues that you’d normally let go. Thankfully, you have more than enough self-control to get through it.

17Virgo Love Horoscope: Love Will Distract You From Everything Else

Changes could be on the horizon in your love life too, and they’ll likely be related to the attitude you have toward love in general. Most of the time, you’re much more concerned with career and self-control than you are with anything romantic. But all that’s about to change! This June, you will find yourself so wrapped up in thoughts of love that you will actually be distracted from the other areas of your life that are usually important to you.

If you’re a single Virgo, you could be uncharacteristically attracted to somebody new, and you’ll be consumed with thoughts of being with them. Still a planner at heart, you’ll use your spare time to plan a long-term relationship and imagine all the details in your head. It’s been a very long time since you felt this way, so enjoy it. You might not think such gooey feelings are productive, but you deserve to have some fun every once in a while!

The only thing you have to remember is that you deserve a relationship that is authentic and genuine, and one that brings you happiness. Usually, you have no problem sticking to your standards, but you’re not really feeling like yourself this month. Don’t let feelings of romance let you lose track of what’s important.

16Libra: Your Health Is On The Mend

It’s been a rough few months on the health front for you, so thankfully, June will bring a much-appreciated improvement in your health situation. Physically, you will feel great and the good news is you’ll be able to maintain that feeling with proper care. Remember to look after yourself, because you tend to worry about everyone else’s well-being before your own. In terms of your emotional health, you might need to turn to some spiritual healing.

Take a few minutes out of your day to meditate or practice gratitude, and you will see improvements in your mental health and how you’re feeling emotionally.

You’re no stranger to indecision or procrastination, and that part of you will be even stronger this June, with the backward energy of so many planets messing with your momentum. It’s a good thing that you’re a fabulous debater because you will come face-to-face with disagreements on a number of important issues, including career, religious beliefs, moral values and health affairs between you and your partner. Normally, you don’t like to get involved in a conflict, but use those sound debating skills to present your arguments in a non-aggressive way. You have opinions and you need to get them off your chest.

15Libra Love Horoscope: Listen To Your Heart And Rely On Your Instincts

Where love is concerned this month, you will come to a crossroads where you can either do what’s expected of you or listen to your heart and follow your inner voice. No matter how conflicted you feel, you should choose to rely on your instincts and listen to your heart rather than bowing down to what others expect of you. You usually succumb to pressure in order to please people, but your love life is your own. You are in control and only you know how to make yourself happy.

If there has been a conflict with a lover or potential lover, you might want to consider allowing that person to explain themselves and ask for forgiveness. Other people might tell you that you’re crazy for giving them a chance, but you shouldn’t allow outside opinions to influence you. Do what feels right for you and your relationship.

Those of you who are single Libras will get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with someone that you have feelings for. You’ll be quite attracted to them, but you might not be able to see them for who they really are. If you get the feeling that they’re not being honest with you, trust it.

14Scorpio: Practice Patience And Tolerance This Month

The movements of the planets make June a time of inaction for many, and more importantly, a time of uncertainty. For Scorpio, the most important thing will be learning to practice patience and tolerance during what will most likely be a pretty frustrating four weeks. Don’t rush into any decisions. If you can master this, you can use this time to sit back and observe situations rather than acting impulsively (the way you sometimes feel inclined to do!), and then you will gain knowledge that will help you make the right decisions when all that backward planetary energy turns around.

Now is not the time to act, but the time to wait and plan.

Your focus will be on your career and personal ambitions rather than on your family or your emotions the way it normally is, but you don’t have to feel guilty about that. There is success on the career front for Scorpio, and that success will indirectly benefit your family too. It’s okay to do what it takes to achieve those career ambitions, even if it means spending a little less time with your loved ones over the next four weeks. The results will be good for everyone.

13Scorpio Love Horoscope: Spice Is Coming To Your Love Life

If there’s one thing Scorpio doesn’t like in a relationship, it’s monotony and dullness. As a water sign, you love things to flow down exciting paths and you love to feel a full range of emotions. You might feel like your love life has been a little tedious and kind of boring over the past few months, and June 2018 is when that all turns around. You will finally be getting some spice injected back into your love life, and it’s going to feel amazing.

Those of you who are in a relationship could break out of the routine by surprising each other with new choices. If your usual date night consists of ordering in while watching TV, try going out and finding someplace new to eat. Even cooking something you haven’t tried before will excite your partner and invite them to excite you back.

As a Scorpio, working on your intimacy is important to you, and you will get the chance to feel closer than ever to your partner this month. Once your bond is strengthened, your relationship will feel brand new. If you’re looking for love, the Universe supports you on June 12th, June 18thand June 24th.

12Sagittarius: Have Faith And You Will Get Through It

Sagittarius is known not only as the traveler of the zodiac but also as the most optimistic and spiritual of the signs. You know how to look at the glass half full so to speak, and you have extremely strong faith that helps you to survive tough situations. It looks like June 2018 will bring you a few obstacles that will require a positive mindset and faith in yourself to get through. Other signs might not be able to pull that off, but you can. It’s what you do best.

Because of the backward energy of so many planets this month, a lot of things are out of your control.

You are a go-getter and like to take the world by the horns and chase what you want, but this month you’ll have no choice but to sit back and let the Universe work for you.

At some stage in the month, you might feel down because of all the heavy energy, and the way to get through it is to trust that the heavenly forces have your best interest at heart. Believe that it’s going to work out for the best and it will. The most important thing is that you keep your faith.

11Sagittarius Love Horoscope: Remember That Relationships Are About Compromise, Not Mind Games

This month, you will make a lot of realizations about love. A few challenges may rear their heads, and though you may not like them, they will teach you many valuable lessons that will help you later on in life. One of the most important things you will learn is that all relationships require compromise. Because you’re such an optimist, you can sometimes expect perfection from people, but a perfect relationship doesn’t exist. You might have an argument with your partner in which you won’t get the last word, and rather than being angry about that, be grateful that you’re being humbled and learning to give in relationships.

If you’re a single Sagittarius, someone will come along who will feel the need to play a few mind games with you. This might be appealing and fun to you in the beginning, but you will eventually come to realize that they don’t have your best interests at heart. Cut out anyone in your life who is not treating you the way you deserve, and you’ll open yourself up to better treatment in the future. It might be tough to cut someone out if you have feelings for them, but even with yourself, you have to be cruel to be kind.

10Capricorn: June Is A Time For Accomplishing Goals

The most important thing to Capricorn is accomplishing goals and making dreams a reality. You’ll be celebrating this June because the Universe has plans for you to achieve the things you’ve been dreaming about. In terms of transformations and changes, this month will be absolutely extraordinary. You might not even recognize your life by the end of it! Until the 22ndof the month, your career will be extremely busy and active, and you’ll be super focused on achieving those professional targets. Even though you have the potential to reach success, the workplace will still be chaotic and pose challenges.

As long as you approach every situation carefully, having thought it out first, you won’t have any major problems.

The month will also be about balance, as you will have to reach a mutual understanding of health care and professional goals with someone important in your life. You may not see eye-to-eye at first, but you will with persistence. You will also have to find a way to balance out the things you like doing with the things that are necessary for the good of your family. Luckily, you were born with the gifts of foresight and judgment, so you will be able to make the best decisions for you.

9Capricorn Love Horoscope: You Have The Chance To Deepen Your Love This Month

For those Capricorns who are in a relationship, this month will bring the opportunity for you to strengthen the bond you have and get even more intimate with each other. Your sign can struggle with showing off your emotions and letting your guard down enough to let the person you love in, but you have the chance to do that and deepen your connection with each other over the next four weeks. There will be many opportunities for you to let your partner know how you really feel about them, which will make them feel appreciated more than they normally are. Especially if your partner has been extremely good to you in the past, now is a good time to let them know how grateful you are for their presence in your life.

June is also an ideal time for you to communicate with your partner. If there is anything that you need to get off your chest, now is the time to do it in a polite way. Relationships should move slowly and they won’t feel rushed, no matter what stage they’re in. If you’re looking for love as a Capricorn, your best chances of finding it will be on June 6th, June 15thand June 19th.

8Aquarius: A Lot Of Good Changes Are Headed Your Way

June 2018 is a great time to be an Aquarius! Many signs will experience major transformations in their lives this month, but the changes that are headed your way will all have positive results and be beneficial to you in the long run. Being in a good mood will help you to find solutions for problems, so your main focus this month should be to just enjoy yourself. Make time for the things you love doing and the people you love to see and put any mundane tasks that aren’t of the highest importance in the backseat.

The only downside to this month for you is that Neptune, the Money Planet, is in retrograde.

This could decrease your earnings for the month, and jeopardize your potential to earn more. You’re not in the best frame of mind to make financial decisions, since this is a month of fun for you, so it’s better to wait before agreeing to anything that relates to money. If you absolutely must make a decision now, make sure you take the time to study and research before committing to anything. Overall, you should only take necessary actions and instead focus on enjoying yourself this month. It’s time to stop being an adult and spend a few weeks forgetting about your responsibilities.

7Aquarius Love Horoscope: It’s Time To Let Go Of The Past

The past will be a focus for you this month, but in order to move on with your life, you have to find some way to let it go. You might spend a lot of time thinking about an old conversation you had with someone you love, and whether you could have another conversation just like it soon. Ultimately, you should follow your heart and rely on your instincts to know what to do. But because this is a month of changes for you, you should focus on looking forward rather than looking back.

Single Aquarians must let go of all limiting beliefs, habits, and goals they’ve placed on themselves in the past. A bad experience might have caused you to develop a fear relating to love, but the sooner you retrain your brain to see love in a positive way, the sooner you will move on and find happiness again. Those limiting beliefs don’t actually help you to achieve what you want, but rather stop you from achieving your potential and moving forward. Have realistic expectations for romance, and appreciate a catch when you see one. June 10th, June 22ndand June 29thare the best times for you to instigate something new with a love interest.

6Pisces: Unleash Your Inner Shark To Prepare For Conflicts This Month

There are two sides to the Pisces personality: shark and fish. All Pisces-born have both of those distinct elements inside of them, which may come out at any time. Typically, you spend more time being a fish than a shark, as you’re curious, intuitive and compassionate, but sometimes, you just have to get your fins out. And this June is one of those times where you need to stop being a fish and become a shark for your own good.

This month will bring with it unlimited tests to your personality and uncomfortable conflicts, and you won’t get through them by being a submissive fish.

To find the right answers to your problems, you have to be a little bit ruthless and do what’s best for you. You won’t see results if you’re aggressive and attack people, but you do have to be one step in front of everyone else so you’re not the one who gets eaten. There could be disappointments in areas like work, family and love life, and those won’t feel so impossible to deal with if you prepare yourself for them and remind yourself that you’re strong. Tell yourself you can handle anything and you will be able to.

5Pisces Love Horoscope: Love Is Your Focus This Month

Pisces always has time for love, but this month, it will be your one and only focus. You’ll find that it’s all around you and you can’t escape it, so it’s better to just embrace it. Personally, you will have more love to offer a partner and your relationship will grow as a result of that. But you will also see friends and family members being hit by Cupid’s arrow, and you will be happy for them.

Your relationship should take a few steps forward, and if you haven’t made it public yet, now would be a good time to go official on social media. That doesn’t mean that your relationship has to become a façade for others, though. You will still enjoy those quiet moments together and do all those intimate things that Pisces love to do, like close dinners and walks under the stars. June is a time for you to get closer to your partner by exchanging personal stories and cuddling.

If you’re a single Pisces, you can still live a life that’s surrounded by love. Focus on giving out love to everyone around you, and you will attract it back. The Universe is behind your life feeling like a real love story this month, so have faith that it can happen.

4Aries: Your Reaction To Life Defines Your Future

The most important thing for Aries this month will be picking and choosing the reactions you have to a variety of situations. Many things in life are out of your hands, and as someone who is so independent, this drives you a little crazy sometimes. But the one thing you can always control is the way you respond to the outside world, and those responses will have the power to change a lot this month. Things will move slowly this June thanks to the activity of the planets, and this could leave you feeling really disappointed that you’re not reaching all of the goals you have set for yourself.

By making the effort to be patient, you will make sure not to ruin your future prospects too.

Just because things around you are slow-moving, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make progress in a few personal areas. In fact, until the 10thof the month, you have the potential to increase your earnings. Don’t feel guilty about splurging after any financial gains you make either, because you deserve them after all your hard work and commitment. There might be a few miscommunications this month, so take extra care to articulate what you say properly.

3Aries Love Horoscope: If You Want To Fall In Love, The Universe Has Your Back

It’s looking like a very positive June on the Aries love front. If you’re single, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet someone new who has the power to drastically change your life for the better. You will experience a lot of support from your friends and family toward your romantic life, and that will encourage you to get out there and fall in love, even if it’s been a long time since you last did. Pursuing love definitely requires courage, but you have that in abundance, and the Universe wants you to follow this path. Remember to keep all of your options open, and to not shut people down too quickly.

Since this is also a month for reconciliation, you could also get the opportunity to rekindle things with an old flame. A loved one may ask for another chance if you have recently broken up, and this will make you feel good, whether or not you decide to give them another chance. No matter where you are currently, this will be a pretty influential month as far as your love life goes. To have the best romantic experience possible, remember that you are worthy of love and affection.

2Taurus: You’re In For Career And Financial Prosperity

Taurus is always working hard toward career success, and that will pay off this month. June will be a time for prosperity at work, which is something you deserve and will appreciate. Of course, that success at work will also lead to you thriving financially, which is a good thing for anyone, but especially so for you. It’s no secret that you love a good shopping trip, and you can get a lot of satisfaction from the material things in life, as well as the more expensive things. So this month will provide the foundations for you to be able to go on a big spending spree in the future!

Your focus will be more on your professional ambitions rather than your family or home life this month, which is what it will take for you to succeed.

Using your social charm will come in handy when it’s time to get ahead, so remember this skill in addition to your intelligence and work ethic. It’s also a good time to be tolerant and observant of all the changes that are happening around you, and accept things that seem like an inconvenience. Complaining about them or resisting them will only make them worse.

1Taurus Love Horoscope: Your Emotions Will Be Tested

It looks like it’s going to be a rocky June as far as the Taurus love horoscope is concerned. Nothing too traumatic should happen between you and your partner, but plenty will happen that will test your emotions. More than anything, this is a time for learning to cope with challenging situations and growing as a person. You might feel particularly frustrated when your needs aren’t met or if your feelings go unacknowledged. To get through the hard times, it’s a good idea to be honest with your partner and let them know how you’re feeling. Whatever you do, don’t bottle up your emotions. Your partner can’t read your mind, and can’t make you happy if you don’t let them in.

Single Taureans might come across someone who wants to play mind games, and this will frustrate you too because you would rather know exactly what their intentions are. Persist with them until you find out what’s really in their heart. The answer might upset you, but it’s better to know now then to be strung along for months by someone who isn’t actually interested in you. Be grateful for the people in your life who are honest about how they feel, and look for that in a future partner.

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