Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Love About Themselves Before Getting In A Relationship

As much as it seems like the quote “you have to love yourself before you love someone else” is a cliché, it’s the absolute truth. We can guarantee that your relationship will fall to pieces if you haven’t come to terms with who you really are.

The truth of the matter is you can’t expect to love your partner if you don’t truly love who you are. While we like to think that we love every part of ourselves, everyone still has that one thing that they haven’t come to terms with. It’s time that you learn to love the one thing that’s holding you back from achieving true happiness.

How can you expect your partner to love you if you don’t love yourself? They’ll be able to see through the fake persona you’re putting up and will be put off by the lack of love you have for yourself.

There’s no point in finding yourself in a relationship with someone if you still haven’t figured yourself out. If you’re already in a relationship, take some time to learn to love yourself. If you’re single, then you’re even luckier as you have more time to invest in yourself and becoming the person you’ve always desired to become!

24Libra Woman: The Mistakes You Tend To Make

As a Libra, you feel like there’s a constant pressure on you to be the best version of yourself at all time. You easily get overwhelmed and feel like you can’t keep up with these high standards you put upon yourself.

Even you, the queen of perfectionism can’t keep up with these high standards and it’s totally okay.

It’s time that you learn to love the fact that you’re always going to make a few mistakes here and there and there’s nothing you can do about it. Stop putting yourself down every time you mess up and learn to love the fact that even you make mistakes.

23Libra Man: Your Desire To Be Different

You’re so over the basic culture media is constantly filled with. You feel like you can’t fit in with what’s popular and you’re constantly bummed out about it. It’s time that you understand you’re simply different from everyone else and that’s okay.

Stop hiding your true self from the world and let your differences shine.

If you keep trying to hide who you truly are, you’ll see all of your relationships crumble to pieces. We’re absolutely positive that once you show your true self to the world, you’ll feel so much more empowered and happy. You’ll also eventually attract the people perfect for you as your frequencies finally match!

22Capricorn Woman: Your Unexpected Ways

As a Capricorn, you’re constantly self-analyzing everything you do, trying to figure out why you do the things you do. You often find yourself doing some unexpected things that freak you out since that’s not usually who you are. You have to understand that it’s completely fine to go off course here and there if you feel like it’s the right thing to do.

Stop beating yourself up over the fact that you can get a little crazy and try some new things!

Learn to love this adventurous and creative side of you, as it’s absolutely beautiful and positive! You have this great gift that you shouldn’t keep trying to hide from the world.

21Capricorn Man: Your Endless Compassion

You feel like men in today’s society have to be completely tough, yet that’s so far from the truth. You shouldn’t be embarrassed that you have a soft side, as it’s a part of you who are. Your compassion is part of your character and is adored by a ton of people!

Come to terms with this warm and gentle side of your personality, as it’s a manifestation of who you are.

Once you learn to love this part of you, you’ll inspire a ton of people to learn to love the parts of themselves that they seem to hide. You can be the influence the people around you desperately need!

20Pisces Woman: Your Beauty

You feel like your body has been an issue you’ve been dealing with forever. Whatever you do, it just seems like you can’t fully love your body. Whether it’s stretch marks, freckles, your hair color, weight, or certain feature, you have to learn to adore your flaws.

Your body does absolutely everything for you, from your heart beating to your lungs breathing.

Yet, you don’t appreciate it and instead complain about every flaw that you can find.

You’ll never be in a loving relationship if you keep stressing over the way in which your body looks. You have to come to terms with how you look in order to break free of the mental prison you’re locked in.

19Pisces Man: You Can’t Depend On Anyone More Than Yourself

You have some major trust issues from some experiences in the past. Trust us, we understand. The last thing you want to do yet again is open yourself up to someone new when there’s no guarantee they’ll be there for you.

Yet, if you’re not willing to open up to your partner, there’s no way the two of you will be happy together.

Trust is the most important element in a relationship and it’s time that you learn how to trust your partner to be there for you! You’ll feel so much better once you slowly begin depending on the people around you, rather than hiding from the entire world.

18Aries Woman: Your Fierce Attitude

Tons of people around you often feel as if you’re cold or don’t care. Instead, you just have a bit of a fierce attitude. You don’t want to listen to someone complain about something as you just don’t have the time. You also aren’t going to sit there and be disrespected by a person who’s going off on you.

While you’re sometimes embarrassed by how you act, it’s time that you understand that you should be proud of your feistiness.

You’re simply not willing to be disrespected and aren’t going to waste your time listening to people’s excuses. You’re way better than that and you have to learn to love this part of yourself!

17Aries Man: Your Anxious Tendencies

You often find yourself becoming completely overwhelmed with the outside world that you just don’t know how to handle it. We’re here to tell you that it’s completely fine to get anxious over the obstacles you have to tackle. While you may feel embarrassed you can’t handle the issues life is throwing at you, you have to understand that it’s okay.

You simply get incredibly anxious when things get tough. This is a part of your personality that is never going to go away. Instead, take the time to pick up some new methods on how to deal with big stresses in life. Come clean with how you feel and start to acknowledge this side of your personality.

16Sagittarius Woman: Learning To Love Your Intuition

The Sagittarius sign is one of the most powerful Zodiac’s when it comes to picking up vibes. You always feel different frequencies around you and get intuitions as to what you should do. While the people around you just think you’re overreacting, deep within your heart you know you can sense when something is wrong.

You have to acknowledge this wonderful asset and understand it’s not a flaw.

Learn to love your intuition and follow whatever you feel is right. It’s the universe guiding you to reach what you truly desire. Stop stressing over other people and begin living your life to it’s fullest potential!

15Sagittarius Man: Your Weaknesses

You just absolutely can’t stand your weaknesses and wish they didn’t exist. You often feel like they completely overpower you and that you’re left a complete mess. We all have weaknesses, and some of them we can’t overcome.

You have to learn to love all of your faults unless you want to spend the rest of your life obsessing over how you’re not good enough.

No one wants to be with someone who’s constantly stressing over everything they feel they aren’t good at. Don’t expect your partner to help you overcome this, as you’re the only one able to. Unlock your inner love and appreciate every flaw you have!

14Taurus Woman: Your Tendency To Be Pessimistic

You absolutely hate that sometimes all that you can see is immense negativity and sadness. The last thing that you want is to be the pessimistic person who can’t see the bigger picture. You’re always beating yourself up over the fact that you just can’t see the positive, even when you really need to.

Yet, your pessimism is a gift at times as you’re able to truly see the issues at hand.

Learn to love your ability to constantly feel the need to work on everything that’s wrong. It’s absolutely amazing that you don’t feel the need to try to make everything positive when it’s totally not. Learn to love this gift that you possess as eventually, you’ll fix all of the issues around you!

13Taurus Man: Your Out There Personality

Everyone always finds you at the center of attention trying to have a good time. You feel like you don’t even try to look for a good time, and that it just happens to find you. However, you aren’t completely obsessed with your extroverted side as you feel like you’re always looking to wow the people around you.

It’s time you understand that your out-there personality constantly creates a good time for everyone around you!

Stop trying to hide this fun side of you and appreciate this awesome quality. Not everyone is able to be as lively as you are. You have an awesome skill that makes everyone around you feel more than welcome!

12Aquarius Woman: No One Is Perfect

You tend to beat yourself up over every issue that you can spot. You feel like you’re not quite good enough and don’t always deserve love. We’re here to tell you that you’re completely wrong and that you possess so many wonderful qualities.

While you might not feel as perfect as the people around you, it’s totally okay!

You can’t be amazing at absolutely everything, no one is. Instead, focus on perfecting the things that are truly important to you and you’ll feel better than ever. You shouldn’t be beating yourself up over this as it’s just totally not important. Understanding that you’ll never be perfect at everything will release so much stress in your life.

11Aquarius Man: Not Having To Apologize For Who You Truly Are

While you’ve definitely come to terms with who you really are, it feels like the people around you haven’t. That’s why you’re constantly finding yourself having to apologize to people if they feel like you did something wrong. You absolutely have to stop apologizing for who you really are. No one deserves an explanation what so ever.

Learn to truly love the person you’ve become in order to stop making excuses for others. You’ll see your relationships excel when you truly show your partner who you really are. Break free of the societal norms you find yourself stuck in!

10Virgo Woman: The Family You Came From

As embarrassed as you are, you’re not exactly thrilled with your family all the time. You feel like they have some issues and aren’t as supportive as they should be. It’s time you let go of this negative energy, as no family is perfect. Everyone has their flaws and your family shouldn’t be judged by your high standards.

Love your family for everything they have offered you to be your absolute best!

While you don’t have to agree with everything they do, you do have to respect them. Say thank you for their endless attention, love, and support. You’ll eventually have to show your partner your family, so you have to come to terms with them in order for your man to as well.

9Virgo Man: Your Love For Staying Simple

You’re a pretty simple guy and don’t expect much in life. You’re not obsessed with fancy things or endless money. Instead, you’ve definitely come to terms with the things you want in life and don’t feel the need to seek more.

While you’ve definitely understood you prefer the simple life, it seems like the people around you don’t.

You often feel the need to constantly explain your beliefs when you totally shouldn’t. You have to learn to love your desire for simplicity and not feel the need to justify it to the people around you. This is definitely your life and you shouldn’t feel the need to explain yourself.

8Gemini Woman: Your Need For Love

While you definitely don’t want to admit you, you’re totally obsessed with love. You have an internal desire to be taken care of and cared for by someone you adore. While you totally know that your attitude towards love isn’t the healthiest, it’s something that you’re constantly seeking.

That’s why you’re always looking for a way to end up in a relationship to experience endless love.

Yet, what’s more, important is you taking the time and coming to terms with the fact that it’s completely normal to be alone. You have to find the strength within yourself to be fine with being absolutely alone at times and doing your own thing.

7Gemini Man: Your Special Relationships With Those Around You

You can definitely tell that you don’t have usual relationships with the people around you. Instead, your friendships are all over the place and they’re all incredibly different. You have to understand that it’s fine that your relationships are different from the usual ones we imagine.

Learn to love your distinct way of doing things and understand that you don’t have to follow anyone’s rules. This is your life and you don’t have to follow anyone’s lead as to how you should be living your life. It’s absolutely critical that you learn to understand this part of yourself as it’ll make sure to excel any relationship you find yourself in!

6Scorpio Woman: Your Life Isn’t A Movie

You’re still totally not willing to admit this truth, and it’s that your life just isn’t like a movie and isn’t made to be. We completely understand that you had such high expectations of how your life would be, but it’s just not the case. Instead, it’s time you come to terms with who you are and the actual life that is your life.

If you aren’t able to completely adore your life, then work at making it a little more fun!

Just make sure that you understand that your life will most likely never be like a movie. Once you finally come to terms with this, you’ll start seeing the beauty of what your life actually is.

5Scorpio Man: Your Personal Style

You have to stop comparing the manner in which you do things to the people around you. It’s completely fine that you want to be a little bit different and do things your way. There’s no reason you should be obsessing over the fact that you aren’t like everyone else.

Learn to love your personal style and promise not to change it for anyone around you.

There’s completely no point in trying to act like someone your not. You’re completely awesome and don’t have to change your style for anyone. Show the world your true self and you’ll definitely see the universe delivering your optimal lover.

4Cancer Woman: Your Ability To Think Outside The Box

As a Cancer, you’re incredibly creative at everything you do. While you might not see your ability to think outside of the box as all that special, it is! You don’t think like the rest of the people in society and are able to the bigger picture. While this might have gotten you in some trouble in the past since you’re so different from others, it’s completely fine.

You have to learn to love this expressive part of yourself as it makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd!

Everyone wishes they could be as creative as you. It’s absolutely critical you realize how special you are and your ability to do anything you desire.

3Cancer Man: What Your Real Dreams Are

Deep within your heart, you are completely aware of what your real dreams are and what you desire. However, you often find yourself trying to ignore it, as it’s totally different from everyone else around you. You feel almost embarrassed of what your real dreams are since they’re just so opposite and different from everyone you come across.

If you don’t learn to love your real dreams, you’ll always feel broken. You’ll never be happy in any relationship, as you’ll always desire more. A negative energy will begin to fill your body as you obsess over the fact that you lost everything you had.

2Leo Woman: The Values You Hold True To Your Heart

You often feel like the things you value is completely different from everyone around you. You feel as if no one agrees with what you truly find important in life and you feel embarrassed by it. It’s time that you understand that the things you truly value can be totally different from other people.

Stop trying to ignore the things that are actually important to you and instead release how you feel into the universe.

You can’t keep hiding your real values or goals, as they are a part of you who truly are. You’ll always feel lost if you keep trying to ignore them and act like someone who you are not.

1Leo Man: You Can’t Fully Control Your Image

With the endless advertisements that we find ourselves being bombarded with constantly on social media it’s making us really question our image. It’s critical that you understand that many people aren’t completely in love with how they look.

Even though many people struggle with this issue, you have to come to terms and understand that you’re never going to be fully able to control the way you look.

While you can exercise and eat healthy to try and look your best, there’s not much else you can do. If you keep obsessing over how you look, you’ll never be able to be happy. You have to stop letting this insecurity follow you into every relationship that you find yourself in.

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