Greetings Messages – 25 Ways to Begin A person’s Day with a Smile

Good morning texts are the best way to make someone smile and set the tone for their whole day. Okay, so we have this saying in our house *don’t judge* when someone is in a bad mood in the morning and says something to totally upset your day. We call it pissing in your oatmeal.

Good morning texts to make them smile

The morning is such a critical time of the day and in your relationship. If someone you date says something to you in the morning in passing, it can get under your skin and fester all day long. You know what happens then?

You either get a passive-aggressive text message at noon, or they let it stew all day so that it is a big, seeping pile of shit in the evening. If you want to start and end the day off right, then it is all about sending the right good morning text messages.

If you want to send a good morning text message don’t be shy, let it all out there to make the day brighter. Like a kiss, it is something that hangs on their heart and thinking happy thoughts all day long.

#1 Counting the minutes until I see you tonight. Just a little note to make them smile.

#2 What’s on the menu for tonight… I’d like a plate of you. This gets them ramped up for a night of passion.

#3 Morning Sunshine! Cute, quick, and sweet.

#4 The sun is shining, but I’m missing my sunshine. If you are on a business trip or just starting dating, this can be really cute.

#5 Left you sleeping, you looked beautiful. Let her know you still find her beautiful whether you’ve dated two weeks or twenty years.

#6 Hope your day is awesome. Tell them someone cares about their day.

#7 I’m exhausted from dreaming about your s*xiness all night long. Let them know they are the source of your dreams.

#8 Woke up crabby not having you next to me. The best text for when you’ve been apart for a while, and it wears you out. It is nice to be missed.

#9 Good luck today, you’ll do awesome. When they have something important, give them encouragement and a pick me up.

#10 Have I told you how beautiful you are lately? Honestly, you can’t ever say it enough.

#11 Last night was an 11. If their performance last night was incredible, give them their props.

#12 Dinner’s on me tonight. Take one thing off their list for the day.

#13 Anything I can do to make your day go more smoothly? Just the offer makes them feel less stressed and overwhelmed, especially if things have been tough lately.

#14 Want me to pick the kids up today? Let them off the hook for a day and do something for them that you don’t normally do.

#15 I’m the luckiest man/woman to have you to wake up to every morning. Appreciation is key to any relationship.

#16 You’re hot. Again, you can’t ever say it enough.

#17 Thank you for all you do to make my mornings so amazing. The best thing to say no matter how long you’ve been together.

#18 You looked beautiful sleeping this morning I had a hard time resisting waking you up for a little fun time. Let her know that you would have liked a little fun but let her sleep because you love her.

#19 12 hours and counting till I kill those lips again. Let the countdown begin.

#20 I miss you already, and I just left. Whether you leave for the day or days, this is the perfect way to tell them they mean the world to you.

#21 I left you breakfast downstairs… enjoy. Leave them just a little continental breakfast on the table, just ‘cause.

#22 Wish I had time to jump in the shower for a quickie this morning. If your s*x life has been a little lackluster, let them know that it isn’t because you don’t want to.

#23 Had morning wood, maybe you can solve that for me tonight. Get them pumped up for the night like you were pumped up in the morning.

#24 I didn’t think it was possible, but I woke up loving you more this morning than yesterday. Never stop telling them you love them.

#25 You make my mornings brighter. Just to make them smile.



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