Exactly how to Obtain Your Best Friend Back – 10 Calmness Steps to Win Them Back

Did you have a big fight with your best friend? Or have they been hanging out with someone else lately? These things happen. However, just because you two are in a slump doesn’t mean the friendship is over. There are ways to get your best friend back.

How to get your best friend back – 10 ways that work

In fact, you can still save the relationship and get your best friend back. You just need to figure out how. So, don’t go burning all your memories and photographs in a rage, here are some helpful tips for getting your best friend back.

#1 Assess what happened. Did you two just fizzle out or was it a fight that resulted in you two splitting up? This may sound like a breakup, and it actually is. Your best friend is your pea in a pod, so obviously this is upsetting. You need to evaluate what happened and figure out where it went wrong.

#2 Give them space. Sometimes, they just need a time out, some space on their own without you hunting them down. I know you probably think talking right away is the best way to fix the situation but for some, it’s not. So, take some time off from them and wait to see if they message you first.

#3 Put yourself in your best friend’s shoes. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why your friend isn’t speaking to you, but they’re your best friend for a reason. You know them, you know what they’re like. What you need to do is put yourself in their shoes and see how they’re feeling. Maybe you said something very hurtful.

#4 Don’t get defensive. Listen, whatever the reason is, you may feel the need to get defensive. Maybe your friend is hanging out with a girl you don’t like, and of course, it’s going to look like you’re jealous, because you are.

So, before you start swearing and telling her that her new friend is a skank, just take it down a notch. This isn’t going to get her back. In fact, your best friend is probably going to distance herself from you. So, take a deep breath whenever you feel like you’re going to say something you regret.

#5 Let them speak. I know what it’s like when you’re on a roll and really trying to make your point clear, you basically end up swallowing the conversation. So, let them speak. I know, I know, you have a lot to say, but this is your best friend.

#6 Talk about what you need to change. If your fight was because you drink too much, then you need to make some changes in your life. Or if you criticize your friend too much, just back off. If you want to get your best friend back, these are things you need to change, and you need to tell your friend that. It shows you’re aware of your actions and how they affect your friend.

#7 Put in some effort. Now that you finished discussing the situation and everything seems like it’s in the clear, put some effort into the relationship. Give your best friend a call or text something about your day. It doesn’t have to be an important text, and it can be small talk. Anything to help you move on from what you experienced. This also shows your interest in rebuilding the friendship.

#8 Go out. So, that awkward part is over and done with. Now, you need to get your friendship back to normal. Do everything you normally do with your best friend.

Go for a walk, watch a movie, go to the mall. Whatever it is, just make a plan and do something fun together. If you stay quiet after making amends, it puts you both in a weird spot and keeps you dwelling on the past.

#9 Be persistent. If your friend ignores you and doesn’t let you speak to them, be persistent. Okay, that doesn’t mean call them every hour and leave 30 voice mails on their phone. If you really want them in your life though, you won’t give up on the friendship. I know the situation may be sticky, but listen, that doesn’t mean you can’t fix the relationship.

#10 Remind them of a memory. Sometimes people get wrapped up in the negative mindset that they forget about the positive memories they shared with you. Remind them why you’re best friends. Maybe you have some funny pictures or memorabilia to make them think about the good times they shared with you. You need to show them these things.



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