Eskimo Brothers – What It Implies to Be One and also 10 Must-Know Details

At first, I didn’t understand what eskimo brothers meant. They rub their noses together instead of giving each other a hug? That really made me feel old, especially when I found out what it really means. Eskimo brothers are guys who have slept with the same woman. That’s all there is to it. If you’ve slept with the same person as your friend has, consider yourselves eskimo brothers.

Now, does that mean you guys have some special bond? Not really, I mean, you two have something in common in that sense, but that’s about it. Maybe you want to hook up with a person that your friend’s been with, which is fine, but there are some things you should know about eskimo brothers.

The 101 on eskimo brothers

It’s bound to happen at some point, right? Well, maybe it’s not the best thing to do, sleeping with the same person, that’s for sure. But hey, it’s life… and shit happens. But here are some things you need to know about eskimo brothers.

#1 You may not know that you’re already one. We don’t live in the 19th century when women were wearing chastity belts. Nowadays, it’s perfectly normal to have casual s*x with multiple people.

The woman you slept with may have already slept with a friend of yours, and you don’t even know it. See, and you’re living life normally even though that probably happened to you.

#2 There is no special relationship between eskimo brothers. Just because you two hooked up with the same person doesn’t mean you two have to carry on that tradition. You don’t have to jerk each other off or have a threesome. This doesn’t mean anything. It only means that you slept with the same person… there isn’t some sort of tradition you need to uphold.

#3 You can’t be jealous. This person is not in a relationship with you, and you don’t have some sort of ownership – this isn’t a car dealership. So, whoever they hook up with after you, you can’t be jealous. If you are, maybe you should evaluate your feelings towards that person. Are you jealous because of your ego, or do you actually have feelings for them?

#4 There’s no need to go into details. If you and this guy know that you both slept with the same girl, that’s all that really needs to be said. You don’t need to go for a coffee and discuss how good she was in bed.

First of all, grow up. And second of all, what’s going to come out of that? Nothing. This will not create some friendship between you two. Nobody wants to know what the person they slept with did to someone else.

#5 In fact, you don’t even need to tell him. If you both know, cool, just keep that knowledge to yourselves and move on. But if you only know, there is no need to tell him. She obviously didn’t tell him and nothing good will come out of you telling him. So, just leave that out of the conversation.

#6 Don’t see this as competition. So many guys become competitive once they see the girl they slept with, with someone else. This isn’t now some opening for you to try to steal her away. If she wanted you, she would have continued to sleep with you, but obviously, that didn’t happen. So, get over yourself.

#7 Don’t change your opinion of this guy. This is your ego talking. If you think this guy is an idiot or a douchebag simply because he’s sleeping with the girl you were sleeping with, get over yourself.

He’s probably not what you think, in fact, maybe you should take it easy on the guy. There aren’t any rules saying he can’t pursue her if she’s single. He’s just doing what you did.

#8 Don’t pursue her if she’s with someone else. I know you slept with her, congratulations. Now, she’s sleeping with someone else. Yes, it’s not you. And if you know she’s with someone else, don’t be that guy to send her booty calls and stir shit up for her. It’s not worth it.

#9 Women can be eskimo sisters. Fun fact! You guys aren’t the only ones to sleep with the same person. There have been times where my friends have slept with the same guy I have.

Sure, it made me a little jealous, but that was just my ego. Once I got over it, I didn’t care. I mean, I wasn’t in love with the guy, it was just for fun. So, you fellas aren’t the only one to share the same igloo with someone else.

#10 Follow these rules. Listen, I know these “codes of conduct” are annoying but if everyone follows them, then you’ll lessen the chance of something shitty happening to you. I mean, just don’t be an asshole. Sure, you slept with her and someone else has too, and that’s it. Don’t take this as a hit to your ego, this is just life.



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