A Girl With A Broken Heart Is Nothing But A Fearless Woman In The Making

Dear broken-hearted girl,

I know your heart is aching in pain but I need you to remember something: All the things you feel now will soon pass.

I’m not saying that your love will cease but that aching pain in the middle of your chest, that anxious lump inside your stomach, they will go away.

I know you’re trying hard to look normal when you’re around other people.

You even joke around. You make funny faces and say that things are going to be all right but the moment you’re left alone, your face becomes sullen.

Your mind is flooded with unsaid things and you feel the massive burden of unrequited love. Unrequited love has changed you. It reassembled your being.

It showed you that life isn’t what you expected it to be. It’s just some weird combination of unpredictable feelings and things you can’t control. Things like love.

We don’t choose who we love. We can’t control our innermost feelings. They’re just there.

But there’s one thing everyone can do.

You can change your outlook on the situation instead of changing your feelings.

You can grow to realize that life doesn’t have to be dark because you didn’t get the love you thought you wanted. Notice how I said you thought you wanted.

I know it’s a touchy subject but I have to say it: Not everything you want is always what you need.

Sometimes, life has weird ways of making that clear to us. Sometimes it uses bad experiences as a redirection to something better.

When our heart is broken, we’re forced to look at our deepest parts with complete awareness.

When our heart is broken, we can see which part of us is the most affected.

It’s like scanning your soul to find the weakest part you need to heal.

When I say heal, I mean come to terms with and accept.

Complete acceptance of ourself is what ultimately heals everything.

That’s why we need to be fearless. We need to be bold. We need to realize that knowing our Achilles heel gives us an advantage.

Don’t quit when you’re in pain and when you feel hurt; keep pushing and get a reward from it.

There’s not one person who doesn’t have what we call weaknesses.

Our weak spots make us human. Your feelings, even the ones you feel now, are what make you human. It’s all a wonderful gift of life but it takes time to realize that.

So many times, those weaknesses become our greatest strengths—if we only let them be. Vulnerability is shunned but everyone is hungry for it in other people. Choose it anyway.

Stay vulnerable despite what anyone says.

Do things only from your heart and see how every decision you make will be in complete accordance with yourself. That’s where your true strength lies.

Strong women are the women whose hearts have been broken but they chose to continue to love anyway.

When you’re sure in your heart then nothing external can move you; you become fearless.

You become a person who can survive anything, without ever feeling bitter.

You become a person who always knows that everything in life is happening for a reason. That’s why you continue to anticipate the next chapter of your life with happiness.

We need to have our heart broken so we can reassemble ourself into something even better.

We need to have our heart broken to make room for all the things we’re capable of.

We need to have our heart broken so we can see what we’re made of and finally realize how magical we truly are.

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