9 Dating Moves That Seem Awkward But Are Pretty Cute

Awkwardness can be pretty subjective. When a person doesn’t like you, and you do something strange, it looks awkward. On the other hand, if someone likes you, they may think your little quirks are cute, if not endearing.

We live in a time when awkwardness is no longer seen by society as something to avoid. With adorably goofy celebrities like Tom Hiddleston, Jennifer Lawrence, Zooey Deschanel and Emma Stone, what was once considered awkward is now a unique quirk that tells people you’re not prim and proper and full of yourself. Awkwardness shows people that you’re human, free to make mistakes, and free to look cute while you’re at it.

Awkward moves that are actually kind of cute

In the dating world, there will always be some semblance of nervousness. You want your date to like you, but you don’t want to look like you have a stick up your butt. So what’s the perfect balance? Become endearingly awkward with these moves!

#1 Asking to kiss. One dating move that is awkward but also cute, is when a guy literally asks you if he can kiss you. When a guy does this, it catches you off guard because let’s be honest, you’re probably not used to a guy actually asking you if it’s okay if he kisses you, because you’re probably more used to a guy just assuming he can take and have whatever he wants.

If a guy asks you if he can kiss you, it means he’s actually thought about kissing you already, probably rehearsed asking you if he can a gazillion different ways, and also has enough respect for you to not assume he can just put his mouth on you and you’ll like it.

#2 “Lady and the Tramp” moment. That means you and your date are eating some sort of pasta dish, and you both eat the same noodle from different ends and eventually end up kissing once you have eaten the entire noodle. The odds are slim that this might happen, but if it does, you can be pretty sure it’ll be an adorable moment!

#3 Car trouble. I should start by saying that this one probably doesn’t occur often, if it ever does. I’m including it on this list because it actually happened to me, was a very awkward moment, but made me find my date so much more attractive. Basically we were driving down the road, and he kept looking at me instead of paying attention to what was in front of us, and he ended up slightly hitting the car at the stoplight in front of us.

I by no means condone getting into automobile accidents, but it was what he said after he bumped the car in front of us that made me find this awkward situation cute. Instead of him getting upset and crying about his car, he immediately said something like “You’re just too pretty, I couldn’t pay attention to the road, and now look what happened.” I didn’t really know what to say because I immediately started laughing, which made the whole situation awkward, but cute. In a very weird way.

#4 Faking needing a different opinion. This move is strange and very bold, but I happen to think it’s adorable. It goes like this: If you are at a grocery store, and a guy walks over to you holding two different bouquets of flowers. He asks you which one you like better, because he’s got a date tonight, and he wants a female’s opinion. Later on, he’s there waiting for you in the parking lot, and he’ll walk up to you and hand you those flowers, saying you’re his date.

Yes, maybe it’s arrogant for him to assume you will go on a date with him, but a guy with confidence is * . It’s definitely an awkward dating move, but admit it, your heart would melt if this happened to you!

#5 Getting all cooking channel on you. Whether either of you are a chef or someone who can’t fry an egg to save your life, cooking is something that will be appreciated any time. If you just so happen to be someone who can’t tell a santoku knife from a paring knife, then any attempt at cooking to impress your date can be pretty awkward. But the attempt itself will be endearing. It’s the thought that counts, right?

#6 Dancing or trying. There aren’t too many places these days where you can go on a date and slow dance. I don’t mean like grinding-style dancing, but actually dancing, using all the skills you learned as a debutante or taking cotillion growing up. But if you do happen to be on a date with a guy at a place that has slow dancing, it’s very * , at least one would think.

It’s not exactly * if the guy asks you if you would like to dance, to have you both get up from your table and head to the dance floor, to realize your date doesn’t know how to dance whatsoever. Awkward, yes. But certainly cute that he tried!

#7 Sharing makeup. Usually this doesn’t happen, and if it does happen, it’s safe to say you’ve probably been dating the guy for quite some time. I know reading this, you’re probably thinking what the heck, but I can’t help but think it’s cute in some weird way. I never had dated a guy who wore makeup, but apparently straight guys do wear cover-up. And most guys don’t necessarily own makeup, but should you ever offer to hide a zit or blemish for your guy, he probably doesn’t say no.

So if you and your guy have had a big date night planned for a while, but he happens to get a breakout and asks if you’ll cover it up for him, remember that its more cute than awkward, because he trusts you and loves you so much that he wants to be zit free while you’re facing each other on your * evening. Sharing makeup with your girlfriends is one thing, but sharing it with your boyfriend is a whole other level. Oh, the places you’ll go!

#8 Accidentally saying I love you. Sometimes we can’t help our excitement when we feel so strongly about someone or something. But one situation that we all probably fear the most when it comes to dating and being in a relationship is saying the L word too soon. To be fair, there is never the perfect time, and there is no rule or right or wrong time in a relationship to actually say it, but instead it’s more about how you feel and when you know, you just know.

What makes saying these 3 words more terrifying is wondering what the other person will do and how they will react. Accidentally letting the L word slip out can be pretty awkward and embarrassing, but it’s also something that most girls probably find cute. What girl doesn’t want to know they are loved?

#9 Mr. Clean. If you’re at your date’s house, only to have him stop mid-make out so that he can take a shower really quick, your date is weird. His reasoning is that he needs to take a shower, because he always takes showers after being out because he never goes to bed dirty. It’s a huge buzzkill, yes. But just think of how highly he thinks of you that he feels the need to take a shower to clean himself up!

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