8 crappy things men do when they want to break up

Falling in love is the easiest part. But when things get complicated and you have to be frank, men use crappy means to let you know they want to get out of there.

If you’ve already started wondering what suddenly happened with your boyfriend, you’ve come to the right place.

There are men who start behaving like shit when they want to break up, but they don’t have the balls to say it.

Their minds are determined to break, and they begin to behave like strangers and distance themselves so that you do it for them.

They are cowards and, instead of confronting you with their feelings in a frank way, they will resort to these 8 crappy things to let you know subtly that they are no longer yours.

1. It keeps you guilty for the tensions in your relationship

Things have gotten worse and it is obvious who is the culprit. But no, Mr. Parfait is not capable of carrying the blame for his really crappy actions, so instead he points to you.

He’s the one who has completely distanced himself from you, but he’s starting to accuse you of doing the same thing.

It was he who suddenly became mysterious and elusive, but he insisted that it was you who were hiding things from him.

Whatever he does, he tries to put that on your back. He doesn’t have the balls to at least be sincere and real with you, so he resorts to the lowest in the range.

2. He calls you crazy when you denounce him for his behavior

It’s the easiest way out. Instead of accepting his role in this shitty show, he calls you crazy for suggesting he is doing something wrong.

When men don’t want to stay, it’s the easiest thing to do.

Insulting you and not mince words is his way of telling you to unload him from his boyfriend duties.

His foot is already halfway to the door, so be nice to him and say goodbye. You don’t need an immature boy anyway!

3. He starts whining as soon as he disagrees with something

The truth is that men like to be kind and tender to their ladies. They love to make them feel pampered and special. And rightly so!

But when a man has no problem complaining and whining in front of his girlfriend, that means he’s clearly no longer trying to convince her.

Yes, it’s really sad and unhappy (because you deserve someone who will treat you like the queen you are), but it’s also a hidden blessing.

Basically, he no longer cares enough to act kindly and tenderly with you so that you can kick him out and focus on what really matters.

4. He makes plans with his friends without even telling you

He goes out as much as he wants and as long as he wants, whether you know it or not. He doesn’t tell you about his plans and he doesn’t text you when he’s outside.

He’s just doing his own thing and you’re no longer sure what’s going on. For you, he is still your boyfriend, but for him, this is no longer the case.

He wants to withdraw from the relationship and that’s why he acts like he’s single. This is what he aspires to become and this is why he no longer informs you of his projects. In his head, you are no longer his girlfriend.

5. He promises you something and does not keep his promise

It became a huge disappointment. You make plans that excite you and it cancels at the last minute. No explanation, no real reason, but it’s canceled.

He tells you that he will pick up your laundry from the dry cleaners or pick you up for food on the way, but he doesn’t. His word doesn’t mean anything anymore and he doesn’t even want to explain himself.

In his head, you will not be his girlfriend for a long time, and therefore it is no longer useful to be a good boyfriend. He doesn’t make any more efforts and it really shows.

6. It ends all conversations about the future

If you even think about talking about marriage and children, it turns off all conversation. He thinks that marriage sucks and it is not clear at all about what he wants in his future.

He refuses to say anything related to it and you can see that just the idea of ​​talking about it makes him anxious.

Suddenly, the guy you fell in love with is no more than a shadow of himself.

This guy is just trying to find a way to get away from his engagement and he doesn’t care how shitty it makes him.

7. He openly flirts with other girls in public

He doesn’t even try to hide it or deny it. He smiles at all the * girls who pass in front of him and speaks to them at the same time.

Sure, he totally downplays him and might even pretend he’s just friendly, but you know it’s a lie.

He tries to make you see how bad he is a boyfriend so that you break up with him. He would like you to dislike him and wonder what you saw in him.

8. It takes a long time to answer your texts and it doesn’t even call anymore

At this point, it is really obvious what it means. A man who loves you, who wants to be with you and who appreciates you, responds to your messages.

He also calls you and makes sure to text you during the day.

But this man has become a ghost. You can feel it slip away text by text, missed call by missed call.

You realize it a little more every day, but you don’t want to admit it.

Very expensive, this is just a waste of time. Leave this immature asshole to someone of his level and go find a guy who will respect you enough to tell you how he feels opposite.

No one can guarantee it will be perfect, but it can’t be more mean than that.

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