7 Signs He’s Just Playing With Your Heart

So you’ve met a guy whom you think is super cool but you don’t know if he really is. You might also not even know what kind of relationship you two have. Is that why you decided to check this blog out? Or is it because you’ve never had a boyfriend before and you want to make sure you’re dating the right person?

Worry not, I’m here to guide you well and make sure you end up with the right one. Here is the list of some signs you need to look out for:

1. Mood swings
He has two sides of him. Overly moody and overly ecstatic. He never seems to have a normal day with you. There will be days when he just ignores you and easily gets angry over small things and days when he just wants to stick around you all day long, desperately needing you.

2. He only shows up when you’re needed
There are days when you just can’t contact him and only shows up when he wants to or when he wants something from you. It’s a sign he only sees you as a mere thing he can use to comfort him or someone who can do his projects and paper works for him.

3. You do things according to his time
He only gives you so little of his time? He often cancels your plans together? He always forget that you two have something to do because he is always preoccupied with something else? Not only does it says that you’re not his priority, it’s a sign that he has better things to do than hang out with you.

4. No deep conversations
He always avoid talking about the things you want to do with him in the future and instead, he just wants to just have fun with you. He prefers small talks and flirting than having one of those get-to-know-you-more conversations. He might even just say it casually ‘Let’s just have fun today, alright?’ thus, cutting off the plans you wanted to do with him.


5. Not interested with your life
He might have asked you the basic questions like ‘where do you live’ or ‘how many siblings do you have’ on your first date but he immediately erased it in his mind because you’re not just that important taking space in his life.

He hesitates hanging out with your family or your friends. He doesn’t even know what flavor of ice cream you like or the kind of movies you enjoy. If the person is really interested with you, he will know the tiniest thing about you (even the kind of pajamas you wear on weekends) and spend time together with other people close to you.

6. He’s hiding you
You’ve been dating for quite some time now but he still haven’t introduced you even just to his friends. He always says later but he never really does. Even when you two are out together and a friend he knows approaches you two, he doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend but just a friend (worse if the friend is a girl, he might be dating her too).

7. He’s too mysterious
It’s only fun to be mysterious in the first few dates but if you two have already been hanging out for a long time now but you still don’t know the smallest details about him, it’s a sign he doesn’t want you to be deeply connected with him. He might not also want you in his life and only sees you as someone he can replace when someone else comes along.

If he is any one of these, just think about. You might want to reconsider if he’s worth another chance or you might be better off being single. Maybe you can take your precious time alone, focus more in improving yourself and hang out with your friends to avoid the possibility of getting your heart played.


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