12 Unfamiliar Signs You’re in Love with Someone

The truth is, there is no established way of knowing the exact and absolute definition of falling in love. After all, we’re talking about something that comes in the most enigmatic and unpredictable form that it’s impossible to fully figure out what it really is and how it can change someone’s life for good.

In addition, while most people can tell if they’ve finally fallen in love, some aren’t that lucky to be in the most obvious and less confusing circumstances. Love being both mysterious and impulsive, can sometimes be unrecognizable, failing to give out the usually obvious hints that reveal one’s romantic attraction towards another person. The question is, how would you know if you’re already caught in the love spell? Is it really possible to not know that you’re actually falling in love?

To answer these questions, here’s a list of unfamiliar signs that you’re in love with someone.

1. You remember the tiniest details about them.
Isn’t it strange that you remember exactly what he wore and even what he said when you first met him? Don’t you think it’s weird that you know what coffee she got one Saturday afternoon a month ago when both of you decided to check out that nearby café? Isn’t it unusual to remember how she unties her hair every time she feels tired, or how he scratches his head before letting out a sigh? Do you find it odd that you know even the tiniest and most of the time, insignificant details about them?

2. You love saying or hearing their name.
Say her name. Recite his initials – do you find yourself smiling? Don’t you think listening to the sound of her name makes you feel happy? Can saying his name or even just hearing someone say it makes you feel that the world is a better place just because he exists?

3. With them, you become an open book.
Especially if you’re not usually the talkative and expressive type. If you find yourself telling him everything about you – what makes you smile, what grinds your gears, then you know that you’re actually with someone you can trust, someone who may actually care about how you feel, someone who would accept the best and the worst things about you. You can’t stop but think that what if – what if he’s that one person who can actually love you for who you are?


4. You ask them a lot of questions.
You’re very interested in everything about them that you ask every single question that you can think of, not just as a conversation starter but as a way of trying to get his attention. There are even times when you become curious and captivated by even the simplest and mundane aspects about them.

5. You choose them over sleep.
Who needs eight hours of sleep after an overtime work when you can spend three more hours of your waking moments with him for dinner and movies? You’re not even in a relationship and it’s just a friendly invitation, but you don’t really care, you’re just having fun.

6. You laugh at their jokes – even if others don’t find them funny.
Seriously, why are you the only person in the room appreciating his silly and often lousy sense of humor? Is there something wrong with your gag meter or you do actually find his quips funny?

Did you know that according to a study, how you respond to someone’s sense of humor tells a lot about how you see that person?

7. They’re your first choice whenever you have one extra ticket.
And you don’t even know why. All you know is they’re fun to be with that of all people in the world, you think that she’s the one and only person who deserves this precious extra ticket to your favorite movie – but the problem is, you’re too shy to even tell them that.

8. You weren’t thrilled when you found out that they’re in a relationship.
You did not actually celebrate when you found out that he was taken. In fact, it made you feel sad for a while – or in other cases, it made you curious: who is this special person he’s in love with? How perfect is she that he chose her?

9. You get nervous when the phone rings and you see their name on the screen.
Like, why do you even feel worried? It’s just a phone call, from a friend from work – or school – and it’s nothing to be scared of, right?


10. You agree to everything they say – or you shut up when you don’t.
You don’t really want to argue with them even if sometimes their beliefs are totally opposite from yours. Your usual dislike towards people who don’t share your political, religious or philosophical stand doesn’t really apply to this person. Why? You have no idea – all you know is it’s either you don’t want to make them feel bad or you have actually found a way to respect other people’s opinion. Most of the time, it’s the former.

11. They can easily turn your bad day into a good one.
And they don’t even have to do anything at all – they just have to be around; they just have to exist. You feel that their mere presence can make all the negativities go away and it doesn’t even make sense. How can one person effortlessly turn a bad day into a good one just by breathing?

12. You can’t just stop smiling when they give you a compliment.
For you, their appreciation means everything and you will remember their words for the rest of your life – but why does it feel different when the compliment comes from your other friends? Was it the way she said it? Were the words he used too sweet to make them stand out?

It’s okay to admit that you’re finally starting to fall in love – and you actually have no other option but to open your heart and just let love in. No matter how mysterious or elusive it is for some people, when it comes for you, you have no choice but to fall and drown in this undeniably beautiful and heavenly feeling.


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