When your ex crosses your mind, which has been happening a little too often lately, you get a little nostalgic.

He misses you, and you are sure that it is with him that you want to be, despite all that has happened between you.

It’s time to start suspecting your feelings when it comes to this guy.

Because there is a huge possibility that you imagine that you miss him and that you just think you still have feelings for him.

There’s a good chance that you actually don’t want your ex back in your life, and here are 6 things to help you figure it out for yourself.

1. You don’t like him, it’s just that you used to be with him

The truth is, this guy is your comfort zone that you’re afraid to step out of, even if that’s exactly what you should do.

You are used to him and this relationship represents something familiar to you, despite all the negatives.

You are just believing that you like it, but it is actually just an old habit that you are having a hard time changing.

So when you think you want your ex, you actually want that familiar feeling that it gives you.

Basically, you don’t want to relive the * arena, and you don’t want to let someone else come into your life.

So, the easiest thing for you is to get back with your ex.

After all, you know what to expect from him, and you know how things could go.

Believe me, getting back in touch with someone just out of habit and because of the sense of belonging you have, is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

2. He’s still the same man as before

When you think about going back with your ex, basically, you hope things will be different this time. You hope it will change.

But the truth is, he won’t.

You have to understand that this guy is the same man he was and that you will all have the same differences and problems if you get back together.

Nothing has miraculously changed in your personalities and between the two of you simply because you have separated.

Yes, it is likely that you will have a certain honeymoon period when you get back together, but things will turn out very quickly as they were.

After all, you broke up for a reason, right?

3. You’re not missing him, but having a boyfriend

If you were in a long relationship, you got used to having a * partner.

And that’s what you really miss, this feeling of belonging and being in a relationship.

This means that you are afraid of your single life.

What you don’t know is that it can be the best time of your life if you just learn to embrace it and focus on the best.

This can become the time when you focus on yourself rather than your partner.

A time when you understand that you don’t need a man to be happy and that you are a whole person.

4. You only focus on good memories

When we look back at something, we tend to focus on the good times and forget the bad memories.

And that’s exactly what you do when it comes to your ex.

You forgot all the tears you cried for him, and you only remember the fact that he made you laugh.

You have forgotten all the times you quarreled, and you only remember the happy times.

You focus on the beautiful memories that you both had together and on these qualities while completely ignoring its faults.

Looking at your last relationship through pink glasses makes it tempting.

You see it better than it actually was, and it is natural to want to find this idealized version.

5. You are afraid of being alone

It is natural to feel a little lonely and empty after the end of a relationship.

But that doesn’t mean you miss your ex or that you still love him.

It just means that this feeling is unfamiliar to you and that it scares you.

But what you don’t know is that being single and alone is not the same as feeling alone.

Remember, you are more than sufficient to yourself.

On the other hand, I’m sure there are people in your life that you care deeply about outside of your ex and these are exactly the people you should focus on to better fill this void.

6. Your ego is hurt

There are times when we don’t want someone to come back into our life because we think they don’t deserve to be there.

Sometimes we think we are heartbroken, when in fact the only thing that is hurt is our ego.

And there is nothing wrong with feeling like that.

It’s simple: you want to prove to yourself that you can still have this person, who was yours.

You want to prove to yourself that you are still having an effect on this guy and that you are still important in his life.

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