24 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Every girl deserves to feel special. They are made to feel beautiful, special, wanted and loved. So as a boyfriend, it is your responsibility to treasure her and make her feel like a queen she desires to be. But you probably don’t know how and you struggle to find the right ways.

Well, worry no more because I’ve listed down ways on how to show the girl in your life just how special she is.

1. Be honest to her.
When love is real, you don’t have any reason to lie, cheat, pretend, hurt or make the other person feel unwanted. Speak truth to your girlfriend as much as you are able, with clarity, love, respect and gentleness. This will not only make her feel special but also help you reinforce the strength of the connection in your relationship.

2. Compliment her in an honest way.
Giving compliments isn’t just a way to get someone’s attention; it is also an easy way to make someone feel good and special about herself. Don’t just tell her how gorgeous she is, or how amazing her hair looks like but rather, tell her what you really feel inside while looking into her eyes.

3. Don’t take her for granted.
Don’t take your woman for granted, it’s the small things that make her feel special. As much as possible make time for her, appreciate her, and acknowledge her presence all the time.

4. Make time for her.
Every girl feels special when you make time and prioritize her in your life. Making time for the girl you treasure the most also helps her feel important, cared for, and loved.

5. Keep your eyes on her.
If you really want your girl to feel special, then don’t stare at every girl that comes in the room. Instead, keep your eyes only to her and let her know that she’s the only girl you’re interested in.

6. Continue to court and date her.
Courtship and dating doesn’t end when you finally get her sweet “yes”. In fact, a guy must always court and date his girl if he wants to keep her special, happy and in love with him. Buy her simple gifts, prove to her that chivalry isn’t dead – by opening doors or pull out chair for her, write letters for her, or plan a romantic date with her.

7. Tell and show how much you love and value her everyday.
It isn’t hard to tell her “I love you” or how much you treasure her every time you’re together. But of course, you shouldn’t just tell but also show how much you adore her. You can always show love to her by spoiling her with food, listening to her, giving hugs and kisses, support her, or make simple surprises for her.

8. Listen to her.
Some girls are talkative, they like to talk things out and vent out loud. A simple act of listening makes her feel special because she knows that someone is listening to her, though you can’t relate to it.

9. Ask what she likes.
Since you can’t read minds, it is important to ask what your girl wants. Ask her what food she likes, what color she prefers, or what drink she likes better. This will mean so much to her because you value her decisions and ask her opinions in every choice you make.

10. Respect her decisions.
Respect in every aspect of life is important as love in a relationship. When she says “No” it means NO, so respect it and don’t insist to do things that is against her will. Each of us has different opinions and beliefs. Thus, learn to be open minded and see things from different perspectives.

11. Give her hugs.
Girls love hugs because they feel safe and special in the arms of their significant other.

12. Plan small surprises.
When it comes to keeping your girl special and happy, it is often the little things that matters the most. Most girls love it when their guy takes the time to plan small surprises for them like giving her flowers, sending her love notes, or get her favorite treat.


13. Don’t make her wait.
Don’t make your girl wait for too long just because you’re still in the office doing stuff, or you still have an important thing to do in your house, this is just a clear sign that you don’t value her time as much as she value yours. Instead, be that guy who’s willing to wait for her even though it takes an hour before she dress up.

14. Create new experiences together.
Doing things she wants to experience or going to places she badly wants to visit, shows how special she is to you because you value what’s important to her.

15. Be proud of her and your relationship.
It shows how happy and contented you are to have her in your life. However, it isn’t always about posting your sweet photos together on social media or publicly displaying affection wherever you go. Take note that some girls prefer a more private love life. Hence, you also have to consider the privacy and intimacy of your relationship before you start bragging about her and your relationship.

16. Call or text her with no reason.
It is such a great feeling to receive a call or text from someone special for no apparent reason; it only shows that you do remember her despite of your hectic schedule.

17. Ask how her day went.
A simple “how are you?” or asking details about how her day went only shows that you care about her.

18. Never compare her to your Exes.
Comparing your present girlfriend to your past isn’t a good idea if you want to make her feel special. Girls don’t like the thought of you still stuck in the past. If you badly want to make her feel special, then don’t tell her she’s the best, but rather, let her know that she’s the only one.

19. Comfort her when she’s not feeling well.
When she’s sick and cut off from her daily life, a simple hug, visit or call reminds her that she is remembered by her special someone. Also, she’ll feel much better to have his guy by her side when she needs someone to comfort her.

20. Support her passions in life.
When couples can support each other’s passion, it helps foster a sense of being loved for who you are, and feel special because you have someone by your side to support your dreams in life.

21. Remember important dates.
Girls feel less important once their special someone forgets anniversaries, birthdays, or monthsaries. This only shows that you don’t care about the important dates that matters to her. So write it down or set it on a reminder in your phone and make sure to never forget about it when her special days come.


22. Show her that you fully trust her.
In a relationship, honesty and trust must exist. If you want her to trust you, do the same to her. Set as an example to her, give her privacy, and be open to her, so she will feel special towards herself too.

23. Admit and apologize when you make mistakes.
When you know it is your mistake, lower your pride, don’t be afraid to admit it and apologize to her. In this way, you will make her feel special because she knows you respect her and value your relationship.

24. Make her part of your life.
Don’t just tell her how special she is; instead show her by letting her become part of your life. Include her in every decision you make and set goals you both want to achieve in the future.

Nothing impresses a girl more than a guy treating her as a queen. Sometimes, all it takes is just a simple “I love you” when she’s in doubt, hold her hands in public like an act of ownership, make her feel safe and love in your arms, and free your time to make her feel like she’s one of your priorities.


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