20 Texting Habits That Will Make Him Delete Her Digits

Texting isn’t just a certain number of characters sent to someone for their reading pleasure. There are many rules to remember when composing the perfect text! With never-ending reasons to fire off a text message comes a never-ending library of text types, usually crafted and sent by a habitual composer.

The art of text messages can be complex; we may not realize it, but every single one of us can identify a type of text and we also may be able to identify which type of texter we are. Some texting habits can be a reflection of our own personalities and feel quite personal, but other texting habits are a little more universal. With countless practices of texting compositions come habits which are a little less desirable than others. We’ve all been there: some of us adopt texting styles which are more laid-back than others, while other texting styles are on the extra side!

Texting habits tend not to come to fruition until after we’ve been chatting to a hottie for a while. Then we start to learn the type of texter we are! With back-and-forth-banter comes certain unearthed habits pertaining to our texting style. Are we more of a sensitive sweetheart when it comes to interpreting text messages, or are we more of a laid-back lady when our phone notifications go off? Our texting partners have an idea. Here are some habits that’ll make him push the “delete” button!

20Long And Overdrawn Texts

Finding a texting partner who is able to show they are articulate in explaining their thoughts is an admirable quality and a goal for many, but when it comes to texting a wordsmith, it’s important to break apart different thoughts in different texts. There is only so much material we’re able to comprehend in a text before it begins to feel like we’re reading a novel!

Texting is a short and sweet method of communication. A dude is looking for the point of your texts! Make it a goal to compose shorter texts for him!

19Hi, Hilarious

Never overestimate a fantastic sense of humor! Don’t get us wrong, having a partner who has a sense of humor makes dating fun, and way less serious, but a sense of humor can come with some questionable habits.

Some hilarious hotties have the tendency to hide behind their sense of humor; some texters exist who build their texting habits (and in some cases, their whole personalities!) on telling jokes, to the point where we’re unable to see any other aspects of their personality. Try not to accept humor as a sole trait!

18Texts Can’t Dance

Confidence is key! When you’re able to tell your partner everything in a completely honest way with no hesitation, you’re able to avoid miscommunication and other undesirable dating blunders!

Dancing around thoughts and obviously withholding information from your guy can be much easier if you’re talking through texting. Of course, it’s more obvious to your partner if you’re communicating IRL, but while you two are still in the texting stage, be as careful as possible to make sure you’re being completely honest and sharing your thoughts to their full extent, because texts aren’t able to completely communicate unless you try.

17Ellipses, Ellipses, Ellipses

Your texting partner wants you to be open and honest! If you find yourself having a long or serious conversation through text message, keep a watchful eye on how many ellipses you’re using in the text; your guy may think you’re unsure of yourself or of the thought you’re trying to communicate.

Alternatively, he may jump to a wrong conclusion about your intentions, like you’re attempting to play a mind game where you’d like for him to finish your thought; he isn’t a psychic!

Be a clear communicator. Hold back on a thought if you’re hesitant about putting it out there!

16She’s Bored

We all live busy lives! All of us have multiple outlets in our lives which require our attention, so our time is very important and a gift. Let’s face it, we have little time for “bored” texters.

You know the type, and perhaps you’ve been a “bored” texter yourself. We’ve all been to the point where we want someone to talk to, but make sure you know your texting partner well enough before sending a “bored” text.

A dude who doesn’t know you well may not give you the time of day or understand you when you’re sending snoring emojis!

15The Impatient Texter

No matter how patient we consider ourselves to be, dating can bring out our impatient sides! There are different stages of dating in which we have to exercise different levels of patience. Waiting to snatch a guy’s number takes a level of patience, and by this point, you’ve exercised enough to show your dude you know when to step back.

However, texting takes another degree of patience! When you’re texting a hottie, remember to give him a good amount of time to reply to your messages. Impatiently double texting may double your chances of him deleting your digits.

14The Emoji Queen

Using emojis in your message can be fun, of course, and your emoji choice can serve as some insight into your personality! Be sure to include text in your emoji work of art, though. Sure, sending messages full of emojis can be a way to show off your creative spirit, but balancing the cute little faces with a proper amount of words is key to successfully sweet sentences!

Overindulging in emojis can inspire a variety of reactions from the other person; he may think you’re not in the mood to talk or you’re not into him. Keep it simple!

13The Fiesty Firecracker

Everyone loves a feisty gal! An extroverted lady knows what she wants and knows how to bring the party to any situation she finds herself in. However, she has to remember to pull in the reins sometimes, especially when texting. In some cases, it can be hard to assess what type of person you’re communicating with when you’re unable to see their reactions!

If you send someone a text showcasing elements of your personality which could potentially be “too much” for a text, and you’re receiving hesitant vibes from your partner, you may want to scale back a bit!

12The Too Little Self-Esteem Texter

If a guy wants your number, he’s into you for sure! He’s seen elements of your personality he enjoys and he wants to keep you around in his life; he likes you for you! Don’t get us wrong, texting a new potential partner can be nerve-wracking, and it can make opening up to your new texting pal more difficult than you’d like.

Try your best to remember you’ve conquered one of the most potentially difficult aspects of dating, and you’ve charmed your dude to pieces. This should boost your self-confidence! Let your confidence shine through your text messages, confident gal!

11The Serious Sweetie

The concept of dating can differ depending on who you ask. Some people believe dating is just a love game, and others think it’s more of a serious search! It’s possible for your overall dating thoughts to translate into your text messages with your dude.

It’s important to remember your new guy and texting partner is more than likely feeling the same way. Taking every aspect of your life incredibly seriously all the time can make it easy to forget to have fun and be present within the moment! Toss a smiley face into those thoughtful text messages!

10The Worrywart

Worrying is a natural part of life, and we all do it at some point or another; no worries!

Taking a deep breath makes it possible to tackle different avenues in our lives. Life is all about attempting to figure ourselves out, and understanding it’s going to take a little time before we achieve our personal levels of contentment!

Many of us experience worries about dating and this is perfectly normal, but it’s probably helpful to keep our worries to ourselves early on in our texting relationships. You may accidentally scare him away by revealing your innermost thoughts too quickly!

9She’s Insecure

The relationship between dating and texting can easily evoke elements of insecurity. You may be thinking, “Am I responding too quickly for his liking?” or “When is he ever going to ask me out?”

Patience and time are key elements to calming those insecure questions. Insecurity is human and shows we’re real people, but there exists a level of balance within communicating our insecurities to our guy.

The “textationship” is still new. When you get to know someone, it becomes more fitting to reveal these thoughts, but keep them on the DL for now!

8The Hyper-Sensitive Hottie

We’ve all encountered the kind of people who hang on to our every word. Somehow they can always find something wrong with what we have to say, even if we don’t mean what they think we’re saying!

Sensitivity is important and a wonderful quality to have, of course, but there are times when we can seem a little too sensitive. There’s a line we shouldn’t cross. This line can be blurred in text messages because it can be hard to decipher someone’s tone or mood. Your guy could feel turned off if you’re hanging onto his words a little too seriously!

7The Moody Texter

When we’re feeling negative in the slightest, it’s probably best to put our phones away until the feeling passes. This practice is just an ideal fantasy, though, because it feels good to talk through a negative mood!

That said, it’s important not to put all of your stock into the person you’re talking to, in terms of expecting them to solve your problems! Getting irritated with your guy through text because he didn’t give you the reaction you were hoping for will likely not pan out nicely for the both of you. Remember to breathe through your mood!

6The Mad Manipulator

Desiring a certain reaction out of our texting buddy is human nature, but actively attempting to manipulate a reaction out of your new texting fella isn’t the nicest type of behavior!

If your guy says something you’re not happy with, be honest and let him know exactly why! Not being explicit with your feelings and making the decision to project your anger onto him can have the potential to hinder your relationship and keep it from growing. If you exhibit this practice frequently, your guy may not bother to text you back anymore, because talking to you feels like work!

5The Hours-Later Lady

Keeping a check on our repetitive habits can be helpful in any aspect of our lives, but it can especially bring positivity to the dating world!

If you’re aware you have a less-than-desirable habit, it’s a good choice to work on it, especially if it can affect other people. If you’re one of those texters who puts off sending a response, especially if you’re able to control your response time, try to keep the time between texts in mind. Your guy may get the wrong idea and believe you’re not interested when in reality you’re just distracted by social media!

4The Too-Chill Chica

Many men like a laid-back woman! If you’re able to let something roll off your back with little fuss, someone will take notice and appreciate it, but living life as a laid-back gal requires some care, though.

It’s important to not appear to be too laid-back to the point where it seems like you’re completely disregarding your texting partner or what you two are discussing. If you give your guy reason to believe you’re not interested in him or the conversation, it could potentially give him a reason to put a lid on the conversation. Be open and honest with your feelings!

3The Picky Princess

Let’s be real: nobody enjoys talking to someone who loves to police their texting partner’s every word, or a woman who constantly inquires what her guy means! Constant inquiries into his texts may raise some questions. He may begin to wonder if you trust him or believe what he’s saying.

Asking questions to move a conversation along is fine, especially when you’re having a good time, but constantly asking your dude “why” may make him wonder why he’s still bothering to text you. Make sure you’re giving your guy some space to explain himself or express himself freely!

2The Sassy Screamer

In a tale as old as internet time, using only capital letters to communicate is considered to be screaming! If you’re in the habit of hitting the capital letter button, make sure your potential partner knows you’re kidding around, because without any kind of explanation, you may seem incredibly intense to him!

If your sense of humor includes jokes perfected with the use of all-caps punchlines, you may think your new guy may immediately catch on, but hold back and give it a little time for him to get to know you. Go forth and let your all-caps prosper, babe!

1The Demanding Diva

Guys enjoy a gal who knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t settle for less than what she believes she deserves! Self-assurance is an incredibly desirable quality, and it’s even better when his self-assured lady knows how to communicate her wants and needs without appearing to be extremely demanding or inconsiderate to other people’s thoughts and feelings.

There’s a friendly way to communicate how you’re feeling or what you’d like your guy to know, and it can be done without being a demanding diva! If you’re prone to making endless demands, there’s no question your guy will demand the “delete” button!

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