20 Silly Little Things He Lies About (But He’ll Never Admit To)

Usually, it’s not so easy to spot an experienced liar. No matter what she throws at them, they know how to whip up a believable lie in a matter of seconds. Their poker face is impossible to read. Generally, she can’t really know for sure if the person in front of her is lying unless she catches him in the act.

That said, most women can tell right away when their significant other lies. He starts getting nervous and plays with his ears. Maybe he avoids making eye contact. The tone of his voice might change too, which indicates his heart is racing at a million miles an hour. He’s suddenly acting all weird because he’s lying and he’s hoping she doesn’t catch him in the act! And when she asks him a question he doesn’t want to answer, he starts giggling nervously.

While different guys might act differently when they’re lying, it would be foolish for her to assume that her man has never lied to her, even if it was a harmless little white lie. He might have told her that he loves all of her friends or that she looks great in that outfit. But how does she know for sure that he means it? And how can she believe a word that comes out of his mouth? To put women’s minds at ease, here are some common lies men will tell them.

20He’s Not Actually As Tall As He Claims He Is

It seems like every guy is obsessed with how big they are. We’re not referring to the size of their shoes, or how ripped they are. We’re talking about their height! A lot of guys have a complex about their height, and you can probably blame all those NFL players who are 6’5” and up. So, what’s a short guy to do? Easy! He’ll lie about his height, so you’ll at least say yes to a date.

Guys might even wear lifts in their shoes to keep up the lie, but once those shoes come off when you’re chilling on the couch, the jig is up.

19He Does Want To Know How Many Boyfriends She’s Had But He Would Never Admit It

Guys don’t generally want to make a woman feel uncomfortable by asking how many guys she’s dated in the past. In fact, they’ll probably tell you that they don’t want to know because they’ll get extremely jealous. But secretly, they do want to know if their girlfriends were in a few deeply committed relationships or if they dated a lot before them. The truth could tell them if there’s a future in the relationship, but that’s not necessarily true.

After all, he shouldn’t care if you’ve been in a committed relationship before! But guys won’t admit they care how many guys you’ve dated no matter how badly you push the topic.

18He Doesn’t Want To Rush Things, But He Already Thought Of Names For His Future Kids

Most women believe that the mere mention of marriage and children will have guys heading for the door in a flash. But believe it or not, there are some guys out there who don’t have a fear of commitment.

We’re not saying they want to put a ring on it after the second date. That would be ludicrous! But they’ve probably been thinking about the names of their future kids and who they want their baby momma to be. So you see? Men also have a romantic side to them. They’re just not great at showing it like most women are.

17He Actually Does Think Her Bestie Is Attractive

If he says that he doesn’t find your bestie attractive and she’s gorgeous, then he’s lying through his teeth. Men aren’t blind, especially when it comes to beauty. There’s a really good chance that he has noticed your bestie’s physical attractiveness in the past. You might even pick up on it when the three of you hang out together. But when you ask him, he’s going to deny it.

He might even get on his knees and swear on the lives of your future children that he doesn’t find your ridiculously pretty BFF attractive. But he’s keeping his attraction a secret from you as a way to avoid hurting your feelings. He might be afraid that if he fesses up to finding her pretty, this could cause the relationship to tank.

16He Claims He’s Confident, But He Wishes He Could Lose The Beer Belly

Most guys love to give off that self-confident vibe. You will never catch them talking about how they hate their teeth or how they wish their biceps were bigger. No one would even imagine that they actually care about their physical appearance because they’re pretty confident with what they’ve got. It kind of seems like nothing could bring them down.

But in reality, they secretly do look in the mirror and see a few things they’d love to change about themselves. They also wish they could lose their beer gut and get some six-pack abs so their physical self can match their inner confidence. So, if you’re dating a tough guy, know that he has fears and insecurities too.

15His Female Coworkers Are Pretty, But He Would Never Admit It As He Wants To Spare Her Feelings

Men tend to be mysterious about how they feel. So even when they like someone, they’re very shy about it. It’s a good thing too. The last thing you want to do as you both sit on the couch binging on Netflix is for him to admit that he finds his female co-workers super attractive. It’s not that he isn’t aware that they look like freaking supermodels. He just wants to spare your feelings and avoid you putting him in the dog house.

So when he says he doesn’t find his coworkers attractive, you probably know in your gut if he’s telling you the truth or not!

14He’s Afraid She Might Leave Him One Day

He can sense the moment something’s wrong and that you’re unhappy. All of a sudden, alarms go off in his head. His instincts are telling him that you’re pulling away, so he starts to smother you with hugs and kisses almost to the point where he comes unbearable.

He’s dependent on you. His world revolves around you. So, he starts to overthink and becomes overprotective which often leads to nothing but the very thing he is trying to avoid. But the fact that he’s so afraid of losing you should tell you how much he wants to be with you.

13His Mom Actually Has Some Reservations About His GF

You thought of yourself as a total parent pleaser, but this time you met your match when you met his mom. You’ve done everything you can to impress her but what you get back is a patronizing person who has a clear distaste for you. So, you talk to him about it, and he tells you you’re being paranoid. He even says that his mother fully approves of your relationship and she gushes about you. Then he kisses you on the forehead and walks away.

If your gut is telling you that he’s full of it and his mom doesn’t like you, chances are she doesn’t. Worst of all, he knows it too. But you probably understand the position he’s in. He lies about it because he doesn’t want to have to choose between the two women he loves the most!

12He Occasionally Googles His Ex Or Snoops Through Their IG Accounts Because He’s Curious

He’ll tell you that he’s over his ex. He might even believe it too. But then you catch him snooping around his ex’s social media account but you play it cool and pretend you didn’t see anything. Later on, you decide to ask him if he’s ever checked up on his ex by Googling her or going through her IG and he looks you straight in the eye and lies to you.

You didn’t really think he’d tell you the truth, did you? He’s too embarrassed to admit it, but just like pretty much everyone else in the world, he’s curious to know what she’s been up to.

11He Doesn’t Really Enjoy Looking At Photos Of Her Pet As Much As He Claims

You show him photos of your pets when you’re out on a date. You’ve collected millions of them on your phone, which explains why you bought yourself a 16 gig SD card. But you noticed something from your peripheral vision as you showed him your pets’ pics. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

Maybe he was just tired, but to be on the safe side you asked him if you were boring him and he said no. But he probably lied. He might be able to take a few pictures, but a hundred of them plus two or three videos? Yeah, that might be too much!

10He Did Have His Phone On Him, He Just Didn’t Feel Like Picking Up

You called him about 20 times that night to check up on him or to tell him you love him, but he didn’t pick up. You got worried and start texting some of your mutual friends to see if he was okay. They told you everything was fine and not to worry. Then he finally called you back, or you ran into him the next day, and you asked him why he didn’t pick up.

He told you that he didn’t have his phone on him. But what he won’t tell you is that he did have his phone, he just didn’t feel like talking to you, that’s all.

9No, He’s Not “Fine” And He Would Absolutely Love To Talk About His Feelings

He’s been through something rough, like the loss of a loved one or he got laid off from work. He tells you he’s fine, so you decide not to push the subject any further. Instead, you rub his shoulders and then walk away. But guess what?

Despite their macho bravado, men have the same feelings as everyone else and even though they won’t admit it, they need to talk about them. So, if at first you don’t succeed in getting them to open up, then keep trying. Eventually, his emotional barriers will break, and he’ll pour his heart out to you.

8Not All Of His Friends Like Her But He Just Doesn’t Care What His Buddies Think

You can’t please everyone. He knows this. It’s why he’s not bothered by the fact that his buddies don’t really like you all that much. Maybe they like to tease him and make whipping noises to suggest he’s whipped whenever you call and ask him to come over. He used to be part of their inner circle, but now you’re his entire world.

It speaks very highly of him that he comes running home to you instead of picking his friends all the time. Plus, he’s really good at spending some quality time with you and his friends. But the most attractive quality in a guy is when he doesn’t care what anyone thinks because he listens to his heart.

7He’s Actually Jealous Of Her Bestie Because He Knows She’ll Be There After A Breakup

You have a bestie and for the most part he seems genuinely happy about it. But every now and then, you can’t help but notice he comes off a bit standoffish whenever the three of you go out. Sometimes he contradicts her just for the sake of it, which is puzzling. You’re wondering if he secretly doesn’t like her, but doesn’t have the heart to tell you.

But that’s not really it. He might dislike your BFF because he knows she’ll be there for you if you two break up. She’s a ride-or-die type of friend. Unlike him, your bestie will be there until the end of time. But what you have with him can easily end any day if you decide to call it quits.

6He Loves Her Family, But He Wishes He Could Stay Home To Watch The Game

He looks extremely annoyed whenever you invite him to yet another dinner party with your family. Could it be that he doesn’t like them? That would be a major bummer, and for some folks, a total dealbreaker. Especially if you see a real future with this guy!

But don’t jump to conclusions just yet. It could be that he totally adores your mom, dad, and even your annoying little brother. But he would rather just stay home to watch the game or invite the guys over to drink a few beers and order a pizza.

5He Says He Loves It When She Hangs Out With Her BFFs, But He’s Worried They’re Talking About Him

He’ll tell you that he’s totally cool with you hanging out with your BFFs all the time. But you’ve been spending a lot of time with them. You could say you see them more than you do him, and it bothers him. It’s not that he’s upset that you’re hanging out with your friends. He’s just afraid that you’re talking about your problems with them.

Maybe you’ll say something about that argument from the other night, and they’ll talk you into breaking up with him. Of course, you’re your own person and no one tells you what to do, but try telling him that!

4He Did Get His Heart Broken Once, And It Hurt More Than He’d Care To Admit

Women are generally more comfortable being emotional than men, but guys can have a harder time handling a breakup than us. Guys have a tough time processing their feelings and they wind up feeling vulnerable, which is something they don’t like experiencing at all.

So, maybe he shared something personal with you, like how his last relationship ended badly. But what he might not tell you is that his heartache was more severe than he’s letting on. You might not be able to get him to admit it, but he was battling badly after his previous relationship sunk like a boat on Battleship.

3He Dislikes It When She Wears Anything In Animal Print, High-Waisted, Or Too Weird

You pranced around the living room like Cinderella at the ball with your new neon leopard high-waisted pants. Maybe you picked something that was so OTT, Joan Rivers would have torn into it on Fashion Police. But he’s in the room with you and he doesn’t seem to be having as much fun as you are and there’s a good reason for that.

He doesn’t like what you have on. He won’t say anything to avoid hurting you. But you can tell if he doesn’t like it when you ask him and his comment barely registers in your brain.

2No, His Phone Wasn’t Off, And He Wasn’t Charging It In The Other Room

His phone may have died once, maybe twice. But if it’s happening all the time or if he’s telling you it’s charging, he’s probably lying. If he interrupts you in the middle of a conversation and tells you the phone’s about to run out of juice, it’s a major indicator he’s just not interested in talking at the moment.

After all, he might just need a few moments to unwind. Maybe he’s just tired. But before you lose your cool, ask him to send you a text when he feels like it. Maybe he just needed a few moments to himself.

1He Will Never Say It Out Loud, But He Did Notice She Put On A Few Pounds (He Just Thinks She’s The Prettiest Girl In The Whole World Anyway!)

We know people say that there’s no such thing as a good lie, but sometimes guys really do lie in the sweetest ways possible. Say that you’ve gained a couple of pounds. Who else are you going to ask to be sure, especially when you’re afraid to step on the scale and see for yourself? Easy! You ask the love of your life. But he tells you that he didn’t notice or that you’re not overweight in the slightest.

You would probably prefer the truth, but give him a round of applause for always seeing you as the prettiest girl in the whole wide world instead of bringing you down.


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