10 Things To Consider Before Jumping Into A Brand New Relationship (With Him)

Some relationships last a lifetime, while others may only last a day. Before jumping into something new, there should always be things that you should consider first. You want to make sure you are ready for someone new and that you are not getting into something that you won’t be able to handle just yet.

Relationships tend to take time, effort, compromise. and patience. If you are unable to give any of those things, it may be a good idea to live the single life for a while. Before getting into a brand-new relationship with him, try considering these 10 things first.


10Are You Over Your Ex?

It usually takes some time for people to get over their ex and previous relationship. You should always try to give yourself time to heal and recuperate after every breakup, even if you were the one to do the heartbreaking.

You always want to consider your feelings for an ex before jumping into something new because you want to be able to give the new guy a chance and not set him up for failure. Plus, not being over your ex can hinder your ability to put your all into a new relationship.

9What Type Of Relationship Are You Looking For?

Before jumping into something new, you may want to make sure that you know what kind of relationship you are looking for and that the new guy is also looking for the same kind of thing.

Are you looking for something platonic, causal, a rebound from your ex, short term, or long term? This is something that should always be considered before getting into a brand new relationship. If you and the potential new guy aren’t on the same page, it can make things very complicated.

8What Are Your Expectations From This New Relationship?

When debating on getting into a brand new relationship, it is always a good idea to consider what your expectations are for this potential relationship. Some people dive into relationships knowing that the goal is to try to find someone to settle down with or have a baby with.

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Other people jump into relationships not knowing what they want. Expectations may also be seen as relationship goals. Knowing what your expectations are can drastically help the success of any new relationship.

7Would This New Guy Bring Out The Best In You?

Before jumping into something brand new with him, it is always a good idea to consider whether or not he would bring out the best in you. Sometimes this is something that can be hard to figure out at first since a majority of people don’t let their true colors shine through until after they have been in the relationship for some time.

In healthy relationships, your partner should be able to bring out the best in you; not the worst. So, before making the relationship official, try to figure out if he seems to press your buttons, causes you unnecessary stress, or brings extra drama into your life. If something feels off to you, trust your intuition.

6Figure Out Why Previous Relationships Failed

Before starting a brand new relationship, perhaps you should take some time to figure out why your past relationships didn’t work out. In a way, it’s like asking yourself if past relationships failed because of something you may have done or if it was them.

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If your relationships keep ending for similar circumstances, there is a good chance that you may need to take a good look at yourself, which can often be hard to do since people naturally don’t like taking the blame. The reason it’s good to consider what went wrong in the past is so that you can try to make or do things differently this time around. A new relationship can equal a fresh start.

5Are You Even Interested In Him?

Before getting into any new relationship, you should always to consider how you actually feel about the person. Getting into a relationship when your interest for your partner is lacking usually doesn’t lead to anything good. If you are not interested but he is, there is a good chance that you may break his heart in the end.

It is never good to toy with someone else’s emotions. After all, you wouldn’t want someone toying with yours, right? Perhaps try making a pro and con list if you are unsure about your feelings for him. You can list the things that you like about him versus the things you don’t like and let that help guide you toward a decision.

4Do Your Friends And Family Like Him?

Before getting into a brand new relationship, you may want to consider what your family and friends have to say about him. Although, that shouldn’t always matter. However, it does make things run much smoother when your loved ones actually like your potential boyfriend.

Sometimes our friends and family can see things in our partner, whether it’s good or bad, that we may not notice. This can especially true if we really like the guy. They say love is blind, and that can often be very true. If your friends and family don’t like him, try asking why and see what their answers are.

3Are You Ready To Let Go Of Selfishness?

Before you jump into a brand new relationship, you may want to consider whether or not you are ready to let go of any selfishness and that you are ready to share yourself with someone new. Relationships should never be one-sided and it takes effort from both parties if you want something that will last.

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When we are single, it is all about ourselves and what we want and need. However, when you are with someone, it is important to consider not just your needs but your partner’s needs as well.

2How Well Do You Really Know Him?

Honestly, how well do we really know anyone? Most people seem to have different attitudes depending on who they are hanging out with or talking to. Knowing more about who a person really is, comes with time. But before jumping into something new, try to consider how well you know actually know him. What ended his previous relationship?

Is he still too close with his ex? What’s his relationship like with his family or mom? Ask him questions before you decide if he is worth starting a relationship with. Try to figure out if you two have things in common or share some of the same beliefs.

1Are You Ready To Try Something New?

One very important thing to consider before jumping into a brand new relationship is if you are actually ready to get into something new. To be fair to the new guy, you want to make sure you’re ready to commit without the past holding you back. This also means making sure you’re over your previous boyfriend.

If you are in school, try to consider whether or not you even have time for a relationship at the moment. The same goes for if you are in a busy and demanding career. If you are unsure about whether or not you are ready, you could always try making a pro and con list; What are the pros of being in a relationship versus the cons. If you are not ready, there is nothing wrong with living the single life for as long as you need to.

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