20 Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Guys

If you could take a peek into a guy’s mind, would you?

Do you wonder what a guy thinks?

Or ponder over whether you even understand a guy and his mind?

Understanding a guy better isn’t easy.

They’re not always the best of talkers, and almost all guys have a thick shell that’s hard to penetrate.

But if you’re having a hard time understanding the guys in your life, fret not, because here are 20 things guys secretly wish girls knew about them, that could actually make you their number one in no time!

Things guys wish girls knew more about

As a guy, I know how hard it can be for us to express our true feelings to a girl.

Sometimes, guys think it’s just not worth an explanation.

And at other times, we guys are too egoistic or full of machismo to drop our guard and reveal just how vulnerable and weak we actually are around girls.

But almost all the time, we just wish girls could read our minds and understand what we’re really feeling inside.

#1 Guys hurt more. Guys may pretend like they don’t care, or they may choose to walk away instead of having a conversation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt inside. If a guy’s experiencing a broken heart, it hurts him a lot more than you think. And the worst part, it sucks because no one else knows he’s crying inside other than him!

#2 Guys like chick flicks. There, I’ve said it! It’s true. Guys actually enjoy a good Adam Sandler’s movie *as long as it’s not his stereotyped and regurgitated crap* or a Notebook passion just as much as much as you do. Your guy may moan or he may whine while you drag his ass to the movies, but he may actually be the one to sniff his tears back first during a touchy scene.

Just don’t ask your guy to say it out loud that he likes chick flicks though. Unless he’s comfortable with his feminine side, he won’t have the stomach to say it out loud.

#3 His man tears. Guys cry, and at times, they even scrunch their big faces and cry like ugly babies. Take him to a tear jerking chick flick or an emotional inspirational movie and you’ll see him wiping his face with his sleeves when you’re engrossed in the movie.

Guys cry, but they hate it. They don’t like losing control of their tear ducts, especially in front of a girl *unless he’s already cried in front of her before*. So if you catch him sobbing discreetly form the corner of your eye, don’t turn around and laugh at his face. He’ll feel helpless and weak, and he’ll hate you for it.

#4 Porn time. Let’s move on now from the tear jerking to the other kind of jerking. I have to admit it, guys enjoy watching porn now and then. We’ve always been fascinated by a girl’s assets, and even if we’ve seen thousands of boobs on the computer screen, we can’t help but watch more when we get the time. Unless you’re guy is addicted to it or it’s affecting your * intimacy, let your man be.

And just so you know, you can’t stop him even if you tried, believe me! But what you need to remember is this, he doesn’t love you any less just because he watches porn clips a couple of times a week. If you want to feel better, join him and watch porn together. He’ll love that thought.

#5 Guys love a woman in control. Guys love it when a girl initiates * now and then, or even gets on top of them. It makes them feel * about themselves because they’re desired by the woman they love. And it’s a big compliment for a guy when he realizes that he can make a girl go wet and tingly down there without even initiating * .

#6 Thoughts of the future. Guys do think of the future, even though they may behave like lazy walruses that couldn’t care less about what happens the next day. Your man would wish you’d understand this and just let him dream in private.

Your guy may not share his thoughts or say his dreams of the future out loud, but that’s only because he’s too afraid of promising things to you that he may not be able to achieve. If he builds castles in the sky for you, he’d be too afraid to fail and may even end up going through a life crisis just trying to make those promises a reality. As guys, it’s so much easier to pretend like we don’t care about the future instead.

#7 Touch yourself. All guys like it when their girl spends a little more time moving her hands all over herself during foreplay. Watching a girl touch herself is such a huge turn on, it’s hard to even explain it in words. Just move your hands along your breasts and your sides when you’re in bed with him, and you’ll see how quickly he’ll go boing!

#8 Space, dammit! If your boyfriend sits by himself for a while at the end of the day, it means he needs his space. And it definitely doesn’t mean he’s waiting patiently for you to join him and gossip about your day’s events.

Guys are extremely possessive about their personal space and need at least an hour by themselves every day. It’s when he relaxes and frees his mind. So if you catch your man staring into empty space or the telly, just let him be.

#9 Your eating habits. Don’t order a salad for yourself and eat a man’s fries off his plate, especially when he’s hungry. It’s a sure way to piss any guy off in a flash. A guy measures his portions visually and mentally, and even if one morsel reduces from his plate, it throws his calculations off balance. And he’d definitely lose his appetite and his temper!

#10 Bragging rights. If you’re in a relationship with a guy, brag about him. But never ever brag about any other guy, especially in front of your own man. This is something you really need to keep in mind.

Guys absolutely hate it when their girlfriend brags about how cool or rich another friend of hers is. It makes a guy feel small and it definitely annoys him to no end. If you care about your guy, don’t speak highly of any other guy like he’s better than your boyfriend.

#11 Interruptions. Guys just don’t like it when they’re interrupted by girls when they’re watching a game or a movie they like. Yes, we understand that guys and girls don’t always share the same interests in movies or games, but just because you aren’t interested in something doesn’t mean you need to disturb us or distract us.

We don’t ignore you when we’re watching a game. We’re just too involved in the game to stare at you while you twiddle your hair. We wish girls could understand this instead of getting annoyed or picking a fight each time we’re busy.

#12 Thoughtless gifts. Sometimes, a guy’s gifts may seem thoughtless or boring, but that doesn’t mean we love you less or didn’t try hard enough. Girls are just better than guys when it comes to gifting decisions. Unless you know for sure that your boyfriend picked a last minute present for you, be nice, will ya? Guys like getting appreciated for the effort they’ve taken.

#13 Attractive girls. Almost all guys are intimidated by attractive women who look like they just walked out of a magazine photo shoot *unless he knows the girl already*. And if this attractive girl ever speaks rudely to a guy or makes him feel small about himself, he’ll tuck tail and run. And then, he’ll call the attractive girl names and trash talk about her with everyone else who has ears.

So if you’re an attractive girl, try to be nice now and then when a cute guy tries to start a conversation with you. It’ll make it easier for a nice guy to say hello, and it’ll save you all the name calling behind your back.

#14 Making the first move. It takes a lot of confidence and effort for a guy to walk up and start a conversation with a girl he likes. It’s just like making a public speech. He may behave like he’s cool and all that, but in reality, his heart may be beating like a scared chicken inside. We understand the rules of playing hard to get, but give us a sign now and then to let us know you want to be approached.

#15 We’re the best. This is a secret wish, but one that all guys share. Guys wish that every girl they meet would see them as the best guy they’ve ever met, and say it out loud now and then. Guys just love impressing or smooth talking every girl they meet. If you’ve just been introduced to a charmer and you like him, please don’t hold that compliment back. He’d like you more if you say it out loud.

#16 Guys like the attention. Guys love public display of affection, even if they behave like they hate it. But more than just PDA, guys feel on top of the world if the girl initiates it by clinging to his arm or snuggling up to him even if the guy doesn’t reciprocate. It makes a guy feel more like a man, because he feels like the protector.

#17 Friends matter. Most men are mama’s boys. And even if they’re not, they have a group of guy friends they’ve known for more than a decade or so. So it’s pretty important for a guy that his girlfriend gets along with his family and his friends. So if you want to impress the guy you’re seeing, make his friends like you. A guy will be more committed to the relationship if you get along with the people that are close to his heart.

#18 Guys enjoy the da ting game too. Well, this is the whole truth. As much as guys try to portray themselves as the gender that’s only interested in moving the pelvic bones in unison, we do care about the * game too.

For a guy, * a great girl who’s liked by many guys is like a challenge. As much as it is about winning, they love the pursuing and the little bonus points they get along the way as they date a girl. So if you want to win a guy and keep him interested for longer, make sure you keep the courting game long and exciting.

#19 The way to a man’s heart. A way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach. It may seem like an old and overrated adage, but it still holds true to this day. He may not care much about your skills in the kitchen, but if you can whip up a delicious meal for him, he’ll immediately like you a lot more before the end of the meal. So if you want brownie points, show off your talents!

#20 Guys never kiss and tell if they’re serious about you. Perhaps, he may tell one friend he trusts because he can’t contain his excitement about making out with you, but he’ll never share all the details with everyone just to boast about it.

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