We all know that love changes, grows and develops over time. If you don’t dedicate yourself enough it will turn into a routine, and it shouldn’t be.

From time to time, it’s good to remind your partner that you love him and surprise him with little signs that make a big difference.

He won’t ask you to do these things, but he will appreciate them if you do, and he will love you, even more, every day.

Here are the things men secretly want to hear and feel:

1. Kiss him to wish him good night in bed. He won’t admit it, but for him it’s something very intimate and important.

2. Surprise him with a meal he likes, especially if it’s an ordinary day and you make dinner. He will not forget it.

3. Be friendly with friends. We would also like him to be friends with our girlfriends, and he too would like you to get along with his friends.

4. Tell him he’s a great boyfriend. After this compliment, it will be even better.

5. He wants you to laugh because when you make him smile, he will fall in love with you even more.

6. Thank him for the little things he did for you. Too often we take these little things for granted, but we shouldn’t do it because we can really see the person through these little things.

7. Help him sometimes in his work or at least ask him if he needs help. It will make him feel like you want to be part of other aspects of his life, and he will appreciate it.

8. Tell him that he is beautiful. We all need compliments from time to time.

9. Sit on his lap. He will feel like he is your Superman and find it very s**xy.

10. Ask how it went during the day. If you never ask him that question, he’ll think you don’t care enough.

11. Look him in the eye when he tells you how he spent his day. Eye contact will bring more intimacy to your relationship, and it will make him feel that he and his life are important to you.

12. Smile at him often in a way that tells him how much you love him.

13. In the middle of a dinner with friends, whisper something s**xy in his ear, he will love you. Men find it very s**xy and attractive.

14. Create a playlist of songs you know he’ll love. This will show him that you know his favorite music, and it’s also a little thing that will make him think of you whenever he’s in the car listening to music.

15. Tell him that he makes you happy. People don’t say that often enough, and that is a mistake. When someone makes you smile all day, why not tell them? Your happiness will be even greater.

16. Don’t kiss her too much in front of her friends. That’s not to say he’s not in love with you if he doesn’t want to cuddle in front of his friends. He’s just a guy who feels weird if you call him by nicknames and kiss him all the time. Respect this, and you will be the best for him.

17. Surprise him with a massage when you least expect it. He probably won’t ask you to massage him, but if you do it on your own, he will be crazy about you.

18. Send him your photo in the middle of a working day. Seeing you in a s**xy outfit during the day will make her think of you all the time. These kinds of little things will keep your flame alive all the time, and it will only have eyes for you.

19. Tell him the story that made you think of him during the day. If you tell him this story at the end of the day, he will feel special and wanted. Don’t hide your feelings.

20. If he doesn’t speak, that doesn’t mean something is wrong. He just needs to shut up, so leave him alone. If he’s had a bad day and doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t push him. If you leave him alone, when he is ready, he will tell you about his problems.

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