17 Signs of a Good Relationship

Whether you’re in a relationship or still waiting for your one great love, it’s important that you’re able to distinguish a bad relationship from a good one. Why? Simply because you need to know if the relationship you have (or will be having) is worth keeping and worth sacrificing for.

Remember that keeping a relationship needs constant effort, time, and resources. Here are 17 signs of a good and healthy relationship to guide you.

1. You trust each other completely.
You can’t say you trust your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you don’t trust the people around him or her; that’s not trust after all. Complete trust is believing that your partner will always do the right thing because he or she knows what’s good for your relationship and what can ruin it.

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2. You support each other’s dreams.
You support your partner’s dreams, but that doesn’t mean you will stop achieving your own dreams. A healthy relationship means you support each other’s goals and believe that both of you can turn your dreams into reality.

3. You celebrate each other’s success.
Did she just get promoted? Did he just get the business deal that he has always wanted? Congratulate each other, go on a date, and celebrate your success together. A good relationship means you and your partner do not compete with each other; there’s a reason why you’re called “partners”.

4. You always make time for each other.
No matter how busy things can get, love always finds a way. You only have an hour spare for that day? Spend that with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ask how his or her day went. Also, talk about your day. A good relationship means you give your precious time for him or her because your partner is just as precious.

5. You show your affection in every little way.
Did he just get a new haircut? Tell him how it looks really good on him. Is she dead tired after work? Give her some massage. Show that you care; show that you are there for him or her. A healthy relationship means both of you always find ways to show your affection even in the littlest of things.

6. You respect each other.
Even though you’re partners, you can’t always expect each other to agree on anything. You may have differences in interests, values, and principles, but a good relationship means you listen and respect each other’s views.

7. You accept each other’s mishaps.
He or she may do things that will annoy you, test your patience, and even infuriate you. Those things make him or her perfectly imperfect, but you still love the person anyway. A good relationship means accepting his or her flaws and addressing those flaws together.

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8. You appreciate each other’s efforts.
Did she fetch you at work? Did he cook for you? Tell your partner that you appreciate his or her efforts. Don’t forget to genuinely give thanks, and write some short but sweet notes. A good relationship means you acknowledge and appreciate each other’s efforts, big or small.

9. You make each other feel loved.
Does she feel depressed? Or, does he sometimes feel useless? Make sure that your partner feels loved. Go for a walk. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend realize that so many people love him or her, and you are the very first person who will show that love no matter what.

10. You make each other feel special.
Don’t wait for a special occasion for your boyfriend or girlfriend to feel special. You can buy your boyfriend his favorite strawberry on your way home. Or, you can set up an intimate dinner with your girlfriend at home. A good relationship means constantly showing how special you are to each other.

11. You are loyal and faithful to each other.
You can say you are loyal by always coming back to him or her after having an affair with others, but you are not being faithful. You have to be both. A good relationship means you make your boyfriend or girlfriend the one and only, not just the number one.

12. You learn from each other.
There are things that you realize because of his pieces of advice, and there are also things that you end up valuing through the stories she shares with you. A good relationship means you continuously learn from each other.

13. You are not just lovers; you are best friends.
A good relationship means you can goof around with your partner, throw each other some jokes, and share the deepest of your secrets. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is also your best friend, don’t make any reason to lose him or her.

14. You maintain open and honest communication.
Does he or she have a bad habit you don’t like? Tell him or her honestly, and be constructive. Emphasize that you only want what’s best for him or her.  A good relationship means you communicate each other’s feelings and opinions, both positive and negative.

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15. You grow as individuals.
Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to lose your individuality; a good relationship means you both grow, and you still get to discover things about yourself while staying committed to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

16. You maintain some level of intimacy.
Let’s admit it: physical contact is an important language of love. It doesn’t have to be always sexual. A simple hug, a warm embrace, or a kiss on the forehead can mean a lot to your partner. A good relationship always finds ways to keep things intimate.

17. You talk about the future but stay open-minded.
You are in a relationship for a reason; your boyfriend or girlfriend is your potential lifelong partner. Hence, you talk about future plans, but you plan them right. And you need not hurry and take things to the next level if both of you are not yet ready. A good relationship means you have plans, but you stay open-minded.

All yes on these qualities in your current relationship? So proud of you! Now, keep investing and taking conscious effort to maintain a good relationship with your partner. To those who are yet to change their status from single to in-a-relationship, hope the list is a good preparation for you.

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