12 Long Distance Relationship Advice for Guys

Some guys don’t really pass the test when it comes to making a long-distance relationship last. Why? It’s because they tend to act like little boys who easily get excited about new things and new people – even if it means letting go of what they already have or hurting someone they love just to have “fun”.

If you’re a guy in a long distance relationship and you want to prove this common belief wrong, start by being a good partner to your girlfriend. If you think you’re almost fitting the category of the opposite, then this article is what you need to make that big change for the person you love.

Here are twelve long distance relationship advice for guys like you.

1. Try to be better at expressing your feelings through words.
Most guys aren’t good at verbally expressing how they feel but it doesn’t mean that you should readily accept this reality and do nothing about it. As someone in a relationship, you should make an effort to find ways to tell your girlfriend the things and words that they want to hear.

Learn how to comfort them when they feel alone and make them feel loved by just saying how you truly feel be it in words or through actions.

2. Don’t look at your girlfriend as someone weak and vulnerable.
Women today no longer fit the definition of a weak and vulnerable damsel in distress. Most of them choose to be strong and independent, so don’t treat your girlfriend as if they can’t take care and protect themselves.

Don’t prevent them from having fun, from traveling or from trying out new things and activities. Rather, be supportive and believe that they can be whatever they want to become.

3. Make it a habit to set reminders especially about important dates.
Remembering the dates are really important especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. You are allowed to be forgetful but you have the responsibility to try harder to remember. Make use of technology or other means of reminding yourself if a special occasion is coming up.

Set phone reminders, mark your calendar, or list them down on a note and stick it on your dashboard.

4. Apologize if you know that you did something wrong.
Admitting that you did something wrong is the first and only way to make your girlfriend feel that you’re really sorry. It’s also important that you know how to apologize.

First, tell them what you did and why you thought it was a mistake. Then, find a way to either correct it or to make changes so it won’t happen again. Learn from what you did wrong and move forward.

5. Stop being lazy and surprise her with the most creative gift ideas.
Girls love surprises. Send a cute package of her favorite items or even a box of chocolates. Your thoughtfulness will make her happy and it will make her feel as if you’ve never left even just for a few seconds. This matters a lot especially if you won’t see each other for a long time.

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6. She will appreciate your honesty so always choose to tell the truth.
You can’t love someone truly if you always hide the truth with your lies just because you think it will protect her from feeling hurt.

You’re not really thinking about how she will feel but you’re scared of what she will think of you when she finds out. It’s selfish and unfair so if you want your relationship to last, you know what to do.

7. Know the difference between flirting and just being friendly.
It’s normal for guys to have friends of the opposite sex but sometimes, your girlfriend might feel that you’re being insensitive of how she feels when you get too close to other people, especially girls.

You have to know your limits and set the right boundaries.  You can start by having a clear idea of the obvious difference between flirting and just being friendly.

8. Don’t make her feel alone by ignoring her attempts to talk to you.
Intentionally avoiding her calls is always unacceptable. If you’re extremely busy, it won’t hurt if you tell her. A good partner will understand if you can’t answer the phone because you’re doing something important.

9. Make an effort to call back or text back – it means a lot to her.
In relation to the previous section, you should do everything in your power to reply to her text messages or even to call her back if you missed a call. It will mean a lot to her – and you would want her to do the same thing, right?

10. Be sensitive about your girl’s feelings and choose your words well.
You can’t just say anything just because you want to say it, especially if you’re in a middle of an argument. Think of how she would feel and examine first if your words are not hurtful or rude. Respect her not only as a girlfriend but as a human being.

Sometimes, couples say things that they don’t mean just to defend themselves or to fight back. It’s a toxic and unhealthy way of dealing with a disagreement.

11. Don’t be too possessive and unreasonably overprotective.
Your girlfriend has her own life, her own friends, and her personal goals. You do not have the right to control her life and to decide about her future. You’re not protecting her by being possessive and overprotective. Instead, you’re limiting her potential to be the best version of herself.


12. Never give up something long-term for something temporary.
Don’t let temporary pleasures ruin the beautiful relationship that you have with your girlfriend. Temptations are there to test your love for your partner and failing that test means you don’t deserve her at all.

Temporary remedies are just there to make you forget the present sadness that you feel but once it’s all said and done, you’ll be the one to suffer not just once but for a very long time when she finally leaves you. Don’t wait for that to happen.

Showing your girl that you’re willing to make the effort of becoming a better man is one of the ways to prove that your love is true and genuine. We hope that these pieces of advice will help you figure out the things that you should do to make your significant other the happiest. Good luck!

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