15 Whisper Confessions From Guys In Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are really difficult. Of course, if you really love someone, you want to stay with them no matter what but sometimes, distance can make that impossible. There are lots of issues with communication and loyalty that can crop up, and distance can prove challenging for even the most devoted couples. Distance can definitely tear some relationships apart, but it can also bring some closer together. It’s all about being honest about what you really want from each other. What do guys in long distance relationships really think about it all? Well, it can be tough to figure out what guys are really thinking. Some of them can handle being loyal and honest when it comes to long distance, but some of them really struggle. If you want to know what guys really think of long distance, you have to go straight to the source. Here are 15 Whisper confessions from guys in long distance relationships.

15Open relationship

Open relationships seem tricky. It might sound like a good idea at first, but it’s easy to see how jealousy could easily arise. Sure, it seems like it would be fun to be in a relationship but also have the option of hooking up with other people if you really wanted to. However, emotions could definitely get complicated in this situation. Would allowing each other to hook up with other people make a long distance relationship easier? Well, it worked out for this guy and his girlfriend. They decided to just get rid of the possibility of cheating right off the bat they were cool with each other hooking up with other people as long as they were honest about it. Apparently, it worked for three solid years so maybe not all hope is lost when it comes to open relationships. Perhaps it can work if both people are still truly committed to each other.

14Staying loyal

One of the most difficult aspects of a long distance relationship is the loneliness that inevitably comes along with it. You can’t go on real dates together or spend time hanging out. You can’t cuddle or kiss. You can’t meet each others’ new friends or see each others’ families. It can make being loyal really difficult if your heart isn’t truly in it. Cheating can easily become a very tempting prospect if you’re not careful, and that’s why it can be so tough to trust each other in a long distance relationship. That’s exactly what happened to the guy who confessed that while he had stayed loyal, his girlfriend had cheated on him. It’s awful to feel that the person you are dating doesn’t care about the relationship as much as you do his girlfriend felt lonely, and it drove her into the arms of someone else, but there’s never an excuse for cheating.

13Being lied to

Obviously, being cheated on is a big concern for many people in long distance relationships. It’s easy to think that it’s not a big deal and that you can get away with it when there’s so much distance between you and your significant other. And it’s easy to think that you have an excuse when you’re lonely, sad, and feeling a little heartbroken. But the truth is that at the end of the day, cheating is never okay under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you live down the street or 1,000 miles apart it’s just never excusable. This guy confessed that he was in a long-distance relationship with a girl who was also dating two other guys at the same time. Like many other people who have been cheated on, he felt like a fool. Cheating can shatter someone else’s trust in other people and themselves for a long time.


Tinder has made relationships even more complicated than they ever were before. First of all, you can meet all kinds of people on Tinder-some are cool, and some are creepy. Tinder is fine to use if you’re not in a relationship, but the problem is that some people continue to use the app even after they’ve started dating someone. That was the case for the guy who made this particular confession. His girlfriend met someone else on Tinder while they were dating and cheated on him, but they chose to stay together. As a test to see if she would cheat again after they went long distance, he created a fake Tinder profile and matched with her. If she intended to be loyal, she wouldn’t have responded but instead, she flirts with his fake profile all the time. Well, that’s a pretty big red flag that she hasn’t changed since the first time she cheated.


Sometimes, people don’t physically cheat. They don’t kiss someone else, they don’t go on dates with someone else, and they don’t hug or cuddle with someone who they know they shouldn’t. However, there is a different kind of cheating. It’s called emotional cheating, and it’s easier to slip into and cross this line than it is to physically cheat. If you’re already feeling lonely because of a long distance relationship, it can be really easy to fall into a pattern of emotional cheating and it seems like that’s what’s going on in this particular confession. This guy hasn’t cheated on his girlfriend, but the distance is making it difficult to get the thoughts of cheating out of his head. If you’re already considering cheating or you don’t trust yourself not to cheat, you may need to sit down with your significant other and have a serious conversation about what you really want.


Being in a long distance relationship is strange because although you’re committed to someone emotionally, you don’t actually physically interact with this person on a daily basis. Sometimes, this means that you can build them up in your head to be someone they’re not. It’s easier to overlook their flaws when they are miles and miles away, and you don’t have to deal with any of your problems in person. Even if you think you know the person really well, you might come up with some fantasies about them, and when you see them again, they won’t fit the reality. It seems like this guy is realizing that now. He is in a long-distance relationship with a girl, but he doesn’t think it would work out if they were actually around each other all the time. He might realize soon that they’re better off being apart than being together at all.

9Feeling single

When you go long distance, you miss out on a lot of the things that make a relationship feel like…well, like a real, committed relationship. Obviously, you can’t always physically spend time together. You can’t give them a kiss or a hug at the end of a long day. You can’t go on spontaneous dates, and although you’re dating, you lead two separate lives. For some people like the guy who wrote this confession it feels like they might as well not be in a relationship at all. That’s one of the most challenging aspects of a long distance relationship. How do you make someone feel loved and appreciated from far away? After all, a Skype date can never really measure up to the real thing. It’s important to try to be romantic and show how much you care, even though it’s more difficult when you can’t tell them face to face.

8Words With Friends

One of the major keys to a successful long distance relationship is doing cute little things for each other from far away. For some people, that might mean planning special Skype dates, and for others, it might mean sending adorable texts throughout the day to remind your significant other of how much you love them. For this particular couple, playing Words With Friends is one way they stay connected and show each other how much they care. It might sound silly, but hey, if it works, it works, right? If you’re super competitive, it might not be the best idea, but if you like a little friendly competition, it might just be the glue that keeps you together. One lesson we can all learn from this couple is the importance of staying connected each day, even if it’s just through a game on your phone it’s all about showing each other you care!

7Skype dates

Technology is one of the things that make long distance relationships easier in this day and age. Imagine how difficult it would have been before the Internet? People had to rely on sending letters and phone calls to stay in touch, and it would have definitely been tougher to stay together when staying connected wasn’t as easy. Some people think that “cute dates,” even Skype dates, are mainly for the benefit of the girl in the relationship. They think that guys don’t care about that as much, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just look at the guy who made this confession. He clearly loves their Skype movie dates as much as she does, and he’s willing to stick with her even though they’re 1,000 miles apart. It’s pretty adorable! It just goes to show that guys can love cheesy romantic dates just as much as girls do.

6Late night phone calls

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you might feel like you’re attached to your phone. After all, you need to text your significant other throughout the day and call them every night, right? Well, it definitely helps you stay updated on each other’s lives. You might feel like your phone is actually part of your arm, after all, it’s probably always in your hand anyway. This guy had a sweet confession about talking to his long distance girlfriend on the phone. He stays on the phone with her until he falls asleep. It shows that he wishes he could spend every waking minute with her, but the only thing stopping them is the distance. And he’s willing to stick with her until they can be together again the distance can never truly keep them apart. It’s good to know that there are guys out there like this too bad this one is taken!


Sometimes, it can be tough to get along with your boyfriend’s friends. They might resent you for cutting into their “bro time,” and they might think he’ll choose you over them. They also might think that he’ll change because of you, and he won’t be the same guy he was when they all became friends. But sometimes, you get lucky, and your boyfriend’s friends are just as cool as your boyfriend. That’s the case for this couple. They’re in a long distance relationship, and his friends don’t get mad when he Skypes or calls her while they’re all hanging out. Instead, they get in on the action and give her a round of cheers! It’s always good to have supportive friends when you’re in a long-distance relationship. It makes the hard times a little bit easier, and it means you’ll always have someone to lean on when you need it.


Music brings people together. You probably hear certain songs and think of your boyfriend, and maybe you even have a song that you’ve decided is “your song.” There’s no doubt about it music can be super romantic, and many couples have bonded because of a mutual favorite song or favorite band. And what’s more romantic than the mix CDs that your middle school boyfriend made for you when he was trying to impress you? Well, a playlist is basically the modern day equivalent of a mix CD, right? This guy clearly understands how the right music can set the mood and bring you back to your younger days when there wasn’t so much pressure and relationships felt like more fun than work. Well, with the right playlist, anything is possible. Music can help people in long distance relationships because sometimes, our favorite songs can say the things that we just don’t have the words for.


Have you ever dated someone who was raised in a different religion than you were? For some people, this wouldn’t be such a big deal. But for other people, it might be a total deal breaker. For the guy who made this confession, it’s definitely an obstacle. Not only are he and his girlfriend in a long distance relationship, but since he is Christian and she is Muslim, her family is having trouble accepting their relationship. This isn’t his fault, nor is it hers, but there’s not much they can do about it, especially when they’re so far apart. Religion is obviously a very important part of many people’s lives, but we should also be understanding of religious differences and not let them get in the way of loving relationships. What’s meant to be is meant to be, and if two people truly care about each other, religious differences shouldn’t matter.


Many people say that to make a long distance relationship work, you basically need an end game. That means that both people need to know when they will actually be able to live together in the end. If you’re going to be far apart for an indefinite amount of time, it will make it a lot more difficult to stay positive and optimistic about the outcome of your relationship. For many couples, this means that one person will probably have to move to be with the other, and some tough decisions will have to be made. In this case, the guy moved to be with his girlfriend but once they began living together, she realized she didn’t love him anymore. This is a tough thing to accept, but it’s the reality for some long distance couples. Sometimes, the reality of living together just doesn’t match up with what they had imagined.

1Making sacrifices

So for some people, moving in together in order to be together doesn’t always work out, but for others it does! That’s the beauty of long distance relationships. When all the waiting becomes worth it, you realize how lucky you were all along, and that no matter how difficult things got, it was all building up to the beautiful moment when you could finally be together. Being loyal, being honest, and staying by each other’s side even when it seemed impossible can lead to happy endings, even if it seems hopeless at the time. This guy found his fairytale ending when he moved to be with his girlfriend after they had been long distance for a while. He left behind his family, friends, and everything he knew about her which must have been scary! But even when he misses his old life, all he has to do is look at his girlfriend to remind him why the sacrifice was worth it.

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