15 Things To Do When You Feel Sad About Your Relationship

Relationships can have their ups and downs, and sometimes you can be in a relationship that makes you sad. Perhaps it is because it has lost its spark over time, or maybe it is because as you grow to know one another you don’t seem to be as compatible as you first thought. Being sad about your relationship usually means that something is wrong. This is something you should strive to figure out. It may require you to take a look at yourself or your partner. It is critical to find out what is causing your sadness so that you can take the right steps towards happiness!

In the meantime, when trying to figure out what it is that is making you sad about your relationship, it is important to take care of yourself and make sure you are taking steps in the right direction. You want to be sure to be good to yourself to avoid depression and other hurt. Everyone does something different when they are trying to figure out how to be happy. It may mean that you need to evaluate whether the relationship is worth pursuing. No matter what conclusion you end up coming to, it is necessary to make sure you’re happy! Of course, there is more than one thing that can assist you when you are feeling sad.

Check out these 15 things to do when you feel sad about your relationship! Get on the right track to happiness!


It is never fun to feel sad about your relationship, but when you do feel sad it is a good idea to understand why! One way you can figure out why you are sad is by reflecting. Go back over the time you have spent with your partner and try to figure out what happened. Perhaps there was something that was said, or an event took place that seemed to change the relationship. Are you wanting more time with your partner or less? Reflecting doesn’t mean you just have to sit and think. There are many ways you can reflect! Express on paper, aloud, in song, etc. how you are feeling and why you might feel that way. It will help you look back on your relationship and figure out why it made you sad. Taking the time to reflect and analyze the relationship to understand why you are sad is a good way to figure out how you can become happy once more!

14Find a Friend

When you are sad about your relationship, it can sometimes be hard to bring up your feelings with your partner. Something you can do though is to find a friend! Friends are there to support you and are to look out for your best interests. They might even be a good enough friend and give it to you straight and tell you the hard truth. Being with someone different to talk out your thoughts might be a great way to also cheer you up! Don’t just focus on the problem the whole time; be sure to have fun with your friends too! Have a girls’ night and reintroduce that happiness back into your life. Remember what it is like to have fun and smile! Then you can go back to your relationship and approach it with a fresh mind. Finding a friend is a great thing to do when you are feeling sad about your relationship!

13Do Something Different

A relationship can become mundane and routine at times. One thing you can do when you feel sad about your relationship is to change it up and do something different! By changing the routine, you will momentarily forget your sadness and focus on the task at hand. Have you tried hot yoga? Should you sign up for that painting class you wanted to try? Take this time to do something different and exciting. By changing up your routine, you may find the answer to your sadness. Maybe you were sad because things haven’t been exciting in your relationship like they were at the beginning! Trying something new can also challenge your thinking, which is good for problem-solving! Who knows, you may even come back from your experience with a new perspective on your relationship. Get out and do something different to help you cope with the sadness of your relationship!

12Talk About It

If you feel as though your relationship with your partner is strong and you feel confident enough, a great thing to do is talk about it with your partner! It can be difficult to bring up problems about the relationship, but if you feel comfortable, it can be a great way to figure out why you are sad. You may even find out that the other person was feeling the same way! Perhaps you both were simply feeling weird about the relationship and just needed to get it out in the open! Even if the sadness is not reciprocated, he may have an answer as to why you feel that way. Be sure that when you bring it up, you don’t lay blame, and instead start your sentences with “I feel…” to avoid any conflict or pointing of fingers. No one can argue with your feelings and if he truly loves you, he will do all he can to help you!


Often times when you feel sad about your relationship, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. You are spending all your time and efforts in trying to figure out how to fix the problem that you forget yourself in the mix! Self-care is one of the most important things you can do when you are feeling sad. If you take no time to care for yourself, more problems can arise rather than the one at hand. Take some me-time! Go and get some exercise, eat healthy meals, and do some work on you! The better you feel about yourself, the more likely you will be able to find happiness. You may even find that as you are taking time to yourself that you figure out what the problem was all along! Look inwards and be sure to heal yourself. You have to heal yourself before you can heal your relationship!

10Treat Yourself

One way that helps some people decrease the level of sadness is by doing something good for them! They treat themselves to something nice as a way of giving themselves a little piece of happiness! You may have had your eye on something at the mall a while ago, but had decided you didn’t NEED it. Go and treat yourself and get that thing you wanted. You deserve even a little bit of material happiness! It will bring some joy into your life and cheer you up a little! Every time you look at that new item, you will be able to remember the time you spoiled yourself a little. Treating yourself may not give you the answer as to why you are sad, but it will bring a smile to your face! Treating yourself is just one thing you can do when you are feeling sad about your relationship.

9Get Advice

Sometimes it is hard to figure out on your own why you are actually sad about your relationship. It may not be as easy as you think to identify the problem and the reason for your distress. Something you can do is get some advice! That may simply be a friend or family member who is very insightful, but another person you can go to is a professional psychologist or counselor. They are there for you and have studied and trained their whole lives to assist people with problems. They know how the mind works and are able to understand your situation. They also can act as a third uninterested party who will be able to speak objectively and not have any personal ties that hold them back from telling you the truth. Figure out why you are sad about your relationship and get some advice so that you can work towards happiness!

8Start A Project

When you are sad, many times you can find yourself so focused on the problem that you are unable to have enjoyment in anything else. One thing you can do to get your mind off of your relationship is to start a project! Get your mind off of the constant sadness and create something! It has been proven time and again that when we create things, our minds are able to work through other problems. Something about getting those creative juices flowing can stimulate new thought processes and help you go deeper within yourself! Art and creativity can help us become introspective (the ability to look inwards) and can help us understand ourselves better. Creating things can help you work through your sadness and you may even find that you were unsure why you were sad in the first place. Paint, color, build, or design something and you will be thanking yourself later!

7Start A New Hobby

Trying something new to defer your attention from your sadness is a great idea, but sometimes you may need to take it a step further. You may need to find a hobby in which you can indulge for the long-term. Trying something new can sometimes cost you money (for example, paying for a class can add up each time). Starting a new hobby is a great way to keep your time and efforts on something other than your sadness. No matter what piques your interest — a sport, knitting, archery, or scrapbooking — it should be something you enjoy! Turn that sadness into something else! Do something new with your time to avoid ruminating on the problem. By starting a new hobby, you will be able to meet new people, discuss and learn new things, and begin a new chapter in your life! It can give you something to which you look forward.

6Get Away

Getting away from your relationship and the sadness that revolves around it is sometimes a great thing you can do for yourself. Take some time off of work and get away for a few days, whether that means simply moving in with mom for a weekend, or taking a road trip to who-knows-where! By leaving your current situation, you will be able to think with a fresh mind and not have the reminders of your relationship right in front of you. This will help you contain your emotions, and be more objective about your sadness. Sometimes one of the best things you can do is to get away from the situation so you can look on it from outside. Wherever you go or whomever you are with when you get away, you will find relief from the stress of your relationship and you may even find some helpful advice from strangers!

5Make A Pro-Con List

Sometimes you will know that your sadness has come from the problems or obstacles in your relationship. You may be faced with the tough decision of staying in the relationship and working hard on fixing it, or deciding to leave it. Trying to figure out what to do can be overwhelming and emotional, especially when another person is involved. Do yourself a favor and when you are feeling sad about your relationship and need to make a decision, use a pro-con list! Write down a list of all the good things in the relationship, as well as a list of all the negative things. By writing down the different points, you will see whether you have more pro’s or con’s. This can help relieve some stress of making a choice, and you will have evidence to support your decision! Sometimes it helps to take the emotional aspect out of the decision and rely on rationale.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get some exercise. This is absolutely relevant if you are feeling sad about your relationship! One of the best ways to lift your mood is to get moving. Exercise has been proven time and time again to be one of the best healers of health, mood, and spirit. You will find more energy, you will begin to feel those happy chemicals racing through your body once more, and you will feel great about yourself. Not only will it make you happier, but you will be working towards a great looking body as well! Lift your spirits by hitting up the gym and getting in exercise often and you will feel the overhanging sadness from your relationship begin to become less overpowering! The sadness will be less intense and you will be thanking yourself for making the first move.


It is amazing how many thoughts your mind can hold within it that you are unable to acknowledge them all. There are many thoughts that will stay in your subconscious and do not appear until later down the road. When you are sad in your relationship, you will most likely be fighting all sorts of different thoughts and trying to figure them all out. One of the best things you can do when you feel sad about your relationship is to journal! Write all of your thoughts and feelings down on paper to record everything that you are thinking. That way, you will be able to acknowledge a thought, sort through it, and move on! Write it all out and see what you find. You may find yourself going back to look through how you felt and be able to see what was actually bothering you. Writing is therapeutic and is definitely a good thing to help you when you are sad!

2Stop Fixating And Let It Go

Relationship problems often monopolize our minds. We sit and stare out the window and go through scenario after scenario. Relationships are messy that way, as there are two people involved that have differences. If you are finding yourself daydreaming and constantly thinking about your sadness and the relationship, you may need to stop. Fixating on the problem can sometimes make it worse. Your mind will begin to exaggerate things, embellish events that occurred, and enhance your emotions. Avoid fixating on it, and as Frozen’s Elsa famously says, “Let it go!” Get your mind thinking about other things! Be aware how often your thoughts begin at something pleasant and wander back to sadness. It may be helpful to come up with a strategy or distraction. Think about your day, your friends, that game on your phone, but avoid fixating on how sad you are about your relationship.


One of the best things you can do for yourself when you are feeling sad about your relationship is to relax. Don’t let the stress of being sad eat away at you! Take warm baths, light relaxing candles, use essential oils, do anything that will help relieve the stress and get your mind off the situation. The body is a smart thing; it will know when you are stressed and begin to tense up. It can even cause you lowered immune systems, headaches, and other problems. Be sure to find the peace and joy in life and relax and rejuvenate yourself. No relationship is worth you getting physically ill. Take care of yourself by reducing your stress and ensuring that you are able to enjoy the little moments in life as well. Go grab your fuzzy blankets, a cup of tea, and put on your favorite movie! It’s time to relax!

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