Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For October: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

October should be everyone’s favorite month. The weather is perfect. There’s a million fun, seasonal activities like pumping picking, haunted houses, and cider tasting. You could also celebrate October by staying in with a horror movie marathon. Oh, and October ends with one of the best holidays – Halloween! It’s a holiday in which you can be whoever you want for that one day. Let’s all praise October.

October is an interesting month zodiac-wise. It begins under the sign of the Libra, which is all about being diplomatic and fair. The Libra is a social sign that thrives when everyone is getting along, so you may feel extra social in the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, it’s Scorpio season! Scorpio season is all about passions on passions, as the Scorpio is a sign ruled by its passions. Scorpios are also very secretive, so the end of October may be the time in which you start keeping secrets from others and playing things closer to the chest. In October, there will also be two eclipses – on the 3rd and 17th – which mean something different for each sign. Though, eclipses are always an occurrence to pay attention to, as they symbolism change in one way or another.

Below is your October horoscope! Get ready for pumpkin season, y’all!

24Libra: It’s All About A Brand New You

When October begins, it’ll still be Libra season. So, happy birthday, Libra! You’re in for good luck too, because October will be a great month for you.

Not only is it your birthday month, but Venus will move into your sign on the 14th. Being that Venus is the planet that represents beauty and love, you’ll feel of bolt of fantastic energy from the universe. You’ll strut your stuff harder, laugh louder, and feel true connections with those you interact with. The universe will respond to this positivity with even more positivity. You can expect a stranger to buy you coffee, your friend to buy you drinks, or you boss to buy you lunch. Good things are just happening for you.

The new moon is on the 19th, so use that time to reset. Break bad habits or start new better habits. Because it’s your birthday month, think of it like a moment of New Year, New You.

On the 22nd, Mars – planet of ambition or passion – moves into your sign. You’ll feel a burst of work ethic, so go with it. Mars may also make you more willing to speak up for what you deserve, which can be hard for the conflict-shy Libra. Overall, you’ll have a lot going for you this month, so make the most of it.

23Libra Love ‘Scope: Harsh Truths Revealed, Time To Deal

Libra, early in the month you’ll be faced with some harsh truths. This may led to the end of a relationship or a major change in a relationship. You tend to dislike ending relationships, but try to keep in mind what will be best for YOU in the end. If it’s ending the relationship, do it.

With Venus moving into your sign on the 14th, you’ll more romantic and beautiful than usual. Take this time to reconnect with your significant other or pursue someone you’re interested in. Now is the time for that.

A lunar eclipse on the 17th may bring to light more harsh truths. You may not like conflict, but you can’t make things disappear simply by ignoring the truth. Deal with these inconvenient issues before anything gets worse. This way, you’ll enter those colder months without being coldhearted yourself.

22Scorpio: You’ll Feel More Like Yourself By Scorpio Season

Oh, my! Is it Scorpio season already? Happy birthday to you Scorpios with birthdays in October!

Scorpio, you’ve been feeling like you’ve been in a funk for a while. In fact, this funk started about mid-summer, when Mercury went into retrograde. While Mercury in retrograde has since ended, you’re still trying to shake off that funk. With the full moon on the 5th, you’ll get some enlightenment as to what has been making you feel funky or what you must do to get out of your funk.

On the 10th, Jupiter – planet of luck – moves into your sign. With the addition of the lunar eclipse on the 17th, this will be a good time for work. You’ll either have a burst of ambition and creativity at your current job or you’ll stumble upon a brand new opportunity.

While you may begin October in an odd mood, you’ll truly be in your flow by the kick off of Scorpio season!

21Scorpio Love ‘Scope: Passions On Passions On Passions

Scorpio, you are a signed ruled by your passions and not much of that will change during the month of October. In fact, it’s a huge month for passions, as Venus, Pluto and Mars will all be affecting your romantic interests. When Venus affects your romantic interests, you’re likely to have new potential suitors, as Venus is the planet of love and beauty. With Mars also in the mix, you’ll find yourself more verbal, aggressive, and assertive. Basically, you’re a walking firecracker.

This type of high passions makes for a fireworks type of month. If your relationship has been stale, liven it up with some festive activities like a haunted house or scary movie marathon. If you’re single, use that new swagger to your benefit.

20Sagittarius: Get Ready For That Ambitious Anxiety

Sagittarius, October is all about the future for you. This can make you feel equally panicked and ambitious. You’ll feel excited and enthusiastic about the tasks you must accomplish to get to where you need to go. However, you’ll also feel like you’ll never get to where you truly want to be. As a fire sign, your ambition is always mixed with impatience. Don’t let this ambitious-anxiety cocktail get you down. Keep your head down and work hard. You’ll get to where you need to be, even if it takes you longer than you’d like.

A solar eclipse on the 3rd of October will force you to examine your friendships. This may result in the dissolution of a friendship or a major alteration with how you communicate with a friend. Whatever the case, don’t let it get you down. Friendships evolve for the best of both parties.

19Sagittarius Love ‘Scope: You’ll Be Thinking About… Babies?

Ah, Sagittarius. You’re in for something… unexpected.

A lunar eclipse on the 17th happens in your House of Children. Yeah, like babies. Though, it may not be as literal as it sounds. You may not get pregnant or have a pregnancy scare. It may just be that your attitude towards children changes. Maybe you’ve never seen yourself as someone who wants kids, but then seeing your boyfriend with his nephew warms your heart and makes you reconsider. Whatever the case, you can expect something child-related around the 17th.

By the end of the month, you’ll be brimming with loving relationships, both romantic and friendly. Take this time to plan a big social activity so all your loved ones can meet each other.

18Capricorn: Don’t Be Scared Of Taking Risks

Capricorn, you are a sign that values traditional things, like marriage, career, and family. Because of this, you usually do everything the “right” way. In October, you may be enticed to take a risk. Yes, a risk! Do it, girl.

The solar eclipse on the 3rd happens in your House of Career. This may led to you changing your mind about your job or career, a new job opportunity, or something else new and exciting. Instead of staying with your safe job, take the leap! It will pay off in the end.

The lunar eclipse on the 17th will affect your family life, so except some news at home. Your live-in boyfriend may be taking a new job, your dad may retire, your brother may be moving to another state. Whatever the news is, it will affect your personal routine with said person.

17Capricorn Love ‘Scope: You Are Not Into Commitment This Month

Capricorn, October is a big month for career and family, but not as huge in the romantic commitments department. You’ll find yourself unable to commit in romantic relationships. If you’re single, you won’t want to lock anything down. If you’re in a relationship, you may find yourself itching for the single life. Don’t scratch that itch, though. The grass is always greener and, Capricorn, you’re a sign that loves being in a relationship.

Despite you’re inability to really commit this month, your love life is full of fun and excitement. You may not want to lock it down with the guy you’re into, but your relationship with him has never been more positive. Embrace the fun and think about commit in the colder months.

16Aquarius: Work Dominates Your Month

Aquarius, get ready for a crazy month of working. Professional issues will dominate in October, which may help you get everything in order before the holiday season.

While the beginning of the month may just feel like chaos at work, Jupiter – planet of luck and good fortune – will move into your House of Career on the 26th. This will make the month of chaotic work feel like it was worthwhile. So, brace yourself for a crazy month of work, but just know these is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Along with the insanity at work, a new moon in Libra will give you an itch to travel. Taking a weekend road trip somewhere luxurious or somewhere brand new will give your mind the break it needs to return to the work place.

With a career-heavy month, you must make an effort to not forget about your loved ones. Yes, work is crazy but call your mom and have a date night with your boyfriend. Your mind will thank you for it.

15Aquarius Love ‘Scope: Bye, Bye, F-Boys

Aquarius, with work being so hectic this month, you have no time for broken or unhealthy relationships. You’ll find all your relationships are put on trial this month, as you’re weighing if they are worth your time and energy. If you’re in a toxic friendship or in a dead-end relationship, it may be time to just cut the cord. On that note, if you’re friends or in a relationship with someone you don’t appreciate enough, this is the time to show them just how much you care.

The new moon on the 19th brings a time of rebirth, so it could make for a good time to confront these so-so relationships in your life. See ya later, F-boys.

If you’re in a relationship, make sure to thank your sweetie for being these during this busy month for you. While your head is all over the place this month, you’ll start to feel romance in your relationship again by the end of the month.

14Pisces: The World Is Great, But You’re Off

Pisces, October will have you feeling great. With Jupiter in Scorpio, which is another water sign, you’ll have luck and good fortune coming your way. You’ll like feel like things just keep working out for you. However, even with this good fortune, the month of October will have you internally feeling off. You’ll feel confused and unsettled. This is made even worse by the solar eclipse on the 3rd and the lunar eclipse on the 17th. It’s best to just go with the flow and not think too much about your unsatisfied feelings, as the planets will right themselves by the end of the month, making these weird feelings float away.

The solar eclipse on the 3rd is also likely to bring about a financial decision you must make with a loved one. It’s best to hold off on big money decisions until after the 20th, when that pesky unsettled feeling goes away.

13Pisces Love ‘Scope: So Very Social, So Very Fast

Pisces, you’re in for a very, very social October. But that’s great! Not only do you love connecting with others, but October is also the best month to be hyper-social. You can do haunted houses, haunted hayrides, go pumpkin picking and drink pumpkin beer. It’s all so much fun and so very fall-themed.

However, you should brace yourself. You’ll face challenges with connecting in groups. The way you communicate may be taken to mean something you don’t mean. Remember to be extra diplomatic in October, as you may unintentionally rub others wrong.

With Mercury moving quickly in October, you can expect quick changes in your love life. You may find yourself suddenly ready to take a step that had before scared you.

12Aries: October Is All About Growth

Aries, get ready for some real growth. With the full moon in your sign, all the different areas of your life will be highlighted, meaning big growth everywhere.

Since you’re very ambitious, you may be wondering if this has anything to do with your career, and yes! It does! You’ll be able to complete projects you’ve been working on for a long time and also be able get to the projects about which you’re really excited. Though, be mindful about doing the annoying projects first. As an impatient ram, you may want to jump into the stuff you’re really excited about, but even those tedious projects matter.

As for growth, you’ll experience some spiritual growth as well. Take up journaling, yoga, or meditating. Even if it doesn’t stick, you’ll get a better grasp on who you are as a person.

11Aries Love ‘Scope: Extra Special Romance (And Maybe Marriage)

Aries, October is an up-and-up month for you. Everything will be going well, including your love life. If you’re single, you’ll find yourself a bit of man magnet this month. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll find yourself brimming with more love than usual for your partner.

On the 7th, the presence of Jupiter brings about the possibility of marriage. Yes, marriage! If you’re in a relationship, prepare for a proposal, discussion of proposal, or ring shopping. This could also mean you’ll engage in a marriage in another way, like deciding to move into together and marry your things.

October, it seem, you can do no wrong, Aries.

10Taurus: Career Takes The Front Seat For Once

Taurus, you’re not the most ambitious sign. Instead, you tend to worship at the alter of family, friends, and relationships. That’s all good. To each their own, right? Well, this month may feel a little different for you. Instead, you will put relationships on the backburner and commit to you career in October. This couldn’t come at a better time, as the full moon on the 5th will illuminate problematic roadblocks in your life. Get rid of those roadblocks and go after what you want.

Later in the month, your focus will be back on relationships. Venus will move into Libra, making you a social butterfly once again. Just make sure to not let those social obligations derail any career progress you’ve made.

9Taurus Love ‘Scope: Tensions And Passions Are Higher Than Usual

Taurus, the eclipse on the 3rd will bring up conflicts in your relationships. If you’ve been ignoring something, it’s likely you won’t be able to ignore it anymore. Be ready for this conflict. Get your thoughts in order and be able to verbalize your thoughts like the mature, rational woman you are. Of course, you’re also known as one of the most stubborn signs. Don’t let this stubbornness get in the way of a resolution. Be open to your loved one’s side of things.

October will be a very passionate month for the Taurus, both for better and for worse. You may be feeling some hot, fiery passion for your bae or you end up in a screaming match with him. There’s really no way of telling how it will go, but be aware that you’re feeling more combustible than usual.

8Gemini: You’re Your Usual Social Butterfly Self

Gemini, you’ll be feeling very social at the start of the month, but what else is new for you? You’re a very social sign.

The full moon on the 5th will led to you reconnecting with lost friends. Embrace the new adventures these once-forgotten friends bring back into you life. The lunar eclipse on the 17th will affect your friendships, either strengthening or weakening them. Be ready for this change, as you’re about to gain a bestie or lose a bestie.

Career-wise, you’ll be lucky in the month of October. If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll likely stumble upon the most perfect job ever. If you’re working towards a promotion in your current job, your hard work will not go unnoticed, even if you don’t get that particular promotion.

During the last ten days, you’ll get that itch you often get. You hate routine, so you’ll want to mix things up. Embrace this, but don’t forget about your responsibilities.

7Gemini Love ‘Scope: It’s All About Love And Growth

Gemini, get ready for a romantic month full of growth. You’ll be feeling extra optimistic and hopeful about your relationship. This feeling will result in you trying to make both you and your significant other into the best version of yourselves. You’ll suggest eating better, working out, or maybe taking a cooking class. You want to broaden both your horizons. Just remember that his horizons may not be the same as yours. His horizons may just be doing well in his Fantasy Football match up.

If you’re single, you’ll have dating luck near the end of the month, when it’s officially Scorpio season. After the 20th, you’re likely to find a new partner or have a partner more willing to commit to you. Before the 20th, try to just concentrate on yourself and becoming a better you. This way, you’ll be even more amazing come the 20th.

6Cancer: Like The Color Of The Leaves, You’ll Be Changing

Cancer, you’re in for a big month of experiencing change all over the place. While these changes may be for the best, you tend to resist change. You’re a bit of a homebody and enjoy when things are the way they are. But embrace the change!

In the career world, you’ll face change in the form of a new role, new promotion, or completely new job. In terms of finances, you’ll be facing a long-term change, either due to work or due to new responsibilities.

Since you’ll be experiencing big changes – especially around the eclipses on the 3rd and 17th – take time to indulge in self-care. Take a bath, get a massage, do a facemask. Do whatever it is that makes you feel better and more whole, even if it’s just sitting on the couch for a whole day and watching TV. You need to feel mentally refreshed to deal with all this change.

5Cancer Love ‘Scope: Oh, Even More Changes

Cancer, when I said there would be changes everywhere, I really meant everywhere. Yes, including your relationships.

The eclipse on the 3rd will change your family structure. Change is a good thing, but it can be difficult to embrace change in terms of relationships and family. This is where self-care can be important. By resisting the change, you could damage the relationships. You don’t want to damage these relationships, so take time to yourself. If you meditate and do things soothing to you, you’ll have an easier time dealing with these big relationship changes.

If you’re single, your October is a little bit better. The eclipses will bring about many new opportunities for new lovers and new boyfriends. Be open to meeting new people and you may meet the new next love of your life.

4Leo: Don’t Try To Relax, Instead Work Through It

Leo, the eclipse on the 3rd will influence the way you see yourself. You’ll have an revelation that will completely change the way you see something about yourself – your career, your hobbies, your pastimes. Go with this, as this revelation may lead to much personal growth.

In October, you’ll come into some extra financial help. This may be from a promotion or from something outside of work. If you’re been wanting to open that Etsy store or try freelance writing, do it! The stars are in your corner this month, so starting a side hustle could really blast you off.

This month, your stress may get the best of you. Since you’ll be brimming with energy from the eclipses, don’t try relaxing. It’ll be impossible for you. Instead, work on something important to you. This will help your stress levels go down a bit without actually relaxing.

3Leo Love ‘Scope: Commitment Is Hard, But The Men Come To You

Leo, you’ll have great luck finding romantic partners this month, especially in the work place. Whether it’s at your actual job, your side hustle, or at a hobby, you’ll find a romantic interest while doing something very routine. However, you won’t be feeling too quick to commit, which is a good thing. Work place relationships can be extremely messy for everyone involved.

Because it’s not a great time for commitment, if you’re committed you may start feeling itchy. Don’t go down that single lane, even if it’s calling your name. Just wait it out until November, when your relationship should start feeling more natural to you. In the meanwhile, plan a girls night if you want some time outside of your relationship.

2Virgo: You’re All About That Knowledge

Virgo, the eclipses on the 3rd and 17th will affect all the signs different. Some will experience positive changes and some not so positive changes. Fortunately, you’ll experience positive changes. These eclipses will affect your intellectual habits. Specifically, you’ll be thirsty for knowledge. Read a book, take up a new hobby, or take a class. Whatever the case, feed this hungry you have for educating yourself.

You’ll also find communication to be easier for you. Use this month to ask your boss for that raise, tell you boyfriend how you feel about him leaving his socks everywhere, or let that friend know the truth about how her favorite jeans look on her. The surge in communication will also allow you to read between the lines better. You’ll be able to feel out someone’s vibe better than ever before.

1Virgo Love ‘Scope: It’ll Be An Unpredictable Month

Virgo, your romances will feel very unpredictable in October. This is not the time for trying to settle down, as it will likely end badly.

If you’re in a relationship, roll with the unpredictable punches. You’ll likely be fighting with your man one minute and in total love the next minute. If you’re single, it’s best not to take anything too seriously. It’s not a time for finding your new great love. Save that for the colder months. Right now you should just have some fun and stay single.

By the end of October, relationships that are in limbo will reveal if they are worth saving or moving on from.

Happy October, everyone! Go get your pumpkin spiced lattes and come back next month to see what November’s stars have in store for you.

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