15 Stereotypes That Are Actually True When It Comes To Relationships

There is no shortage of stereotypes when it comes to love and dating, and sometimes, they are super annoying. You don’t want people to assume something about you just because you’re a girl. You especially don’t want the guy that you’re on a first date to do that. That’s one way to make sure that there is no second date.

There are some dating-related stereotypes that totally exist for a reason and they make a lot of sense. While they are absolutely not true of everyone, they are true of enough people that they still persist to this day. At the very least, they make you laugh and think more carefully about your love life, and that’s never a bad thing. Here are 15 things that might be total cliches but are actually true when it comes to how guys and girls sometimes behave in relationships.

15Girls: Needing A Commitment

People love to joke that girls need a commitment from the person that they are dating pretty much ASAP. This is the stuff of romantic comedies where the main characters are often kind of desperate to be in a relationship. It’s usually played for laughs but it’s actually pretty true.

Of course, it’s not that crazy to think that someone who has been dating someone for a few months would want a commitment. You definitely want to know where you stand, what’s going on, and whether things are heading somewhere. If the guy isn’t interested in being your boyfriend, then you’re going to feel like you wasted your time, so you want to know sooner rather than later. This is one stereotype that is actually true AF.

14Guys: Watching Sports On Sundays

How many times do girls complain that their boyfriends spend every Sunday (or Saturdays, as the case might be) during football or hockey season watching the game? They say that their BFs totally ignore them and never want to hang out with them and are just way too sports obsessed. They also nag their partners to spend more time with them, and you can guess how well that goes over. Because everyone loves being nagged (not).

It usually makes the guys sound really annoying and it doesn’t do the girls any favors, either. But even though this is a total stereotype, the truth is that of course a lot of guys do love watching sports. But then again, so do some of their girlfriends, so you can’t really generalize.

13Girls: Thinking About Their Wedding Day

It’s a cliche to say that some girls dream about their wedding day on the very first date and that they often say they just “knew” that the cute boy they had just met was going to be their husband someday. It’s a cliche… and it’s also sometimes the honest truth.

While it might be super lame to admit that you picture your wedding day super early on in a relationship, there are instances when you do this. You don’t want to admit this to your partner or to anyone else, really, since you know that it’s a stereotype and that people are going to roll their eyes at you. But you can’t help it. If you’re a hopeless romantic, then this is definitely how you’re going to think, and that’s just the way that it goes.

12Guys: Wanting To Be With The Boys

People talk about girls’ nights out and they are often the subject of comedy movies. There is nothing funnier than a bunch of BFFs letting it all go and acting super wild… or at least that’s what these movies would have you believe.

But there are also boys’ nights out, even if that’s not the term that is typically used for them. It’s a cliche to say that your boyfriend loves hanging out with his guy friends and grabbing a few beers (and maybe watching the game or going to their fave local bar). But, of course, that’s something that he loves doing… because you enjoy seeing your own friends on a regular basis. This stereotype may be true but it also shouldn’t be seen as such a negative thing. It’s totally legit and normal to want to spend time away from your partner and with your friends.

11Girls: Telling Their BFFs Everything

Do you share everything about your love life with your best friends or do you keep things more private? Chances are, it’s the first option. It’s not that you don’t respect your BF or anything like that. You just can’t help but share the cute things he texts you and how much you love him and the hilarious conversation that you guys had last night. This is even truer if you’re finally in a really good relationship.

You definitely want to keep intimate things private, but other than that, there’s no problem with sharing some more innocent and lighter things with your friend group. As long as you don’t get too personal or embarrass your partner, it really shouldn’t be a big deal. After all, if you’re in a relationship and this person means a lot to you, it makes sense that they would come up in conversation.

10Guys: Being Super Chill

This stereotype is about how guys act when dating and how girls act and there is supposedly a big difference. According to this cliche, guys will be super chill about the girl that they’re interested in, and girls will freak out about every little thing.

This cliche is pretty much what does happen in most dating situations. Sure, guys care about making a good impression and of course they want their crush to think that they’re cool, but they really don’t seem to worry as much as girls do. There are exceptions since everyone is different and every romantic situation is unique. You have to agree that you tend to hear more about girls worrying about having a good first date or taking things to the next level.

9Girls: Wanting To Text A Lot

It’s super annoying to hear that guys hate to text and girls love it… and yet that seems to be true in some romantic instances.

If you love texting and your boyfriend isn’t big on it, then you know that this is one dating stereotype that is sometimes totally true. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong if you love texting or if you hate it. It really doesn’t matter. As long as you and your BF can keep in touch on a regular basis and you feel connected to each other, that’s what is important. Every relationship is different and everyone communicates differently. If you would both rather chat on the phone sometimes and just see each other a lot instead of texting all the time, then what’s wrong with that? Sounds like a good plan.

8Guys: Using Emojis A Lot

How many guys have you dated who would text and Facebook message you with emojis or stickers? Exactly. Guys really, really, really love using emojis.

It’s pretty cute when the guy that you’ve just started seeing texts you a heart or an emoji that is part of an inside joke. It makes you feel like you’re building a connection, even if it does sound kind of silly. If you hate emojis and never use them, you will probably change your mind after dating someone who is into them. So while this is a cliche about guys, it’s a cliche for a reason. Of course, this is more of a millennial thing since millennials tend to use emojis more than anyone else (although your mom has definitely gotten into them since she discovered the glorious coffee emoji).

7Girls: Overthinking

Just try to date without overthinking anything. Just try. You will absolutely fail.

Sorry but it’s true. You just can’t help but overthink things. If you just started dating a guy and invited him over for dinner, you’re going to worry that it’s not going to go well or that he secretly hates you and doesn’t want to come over (even if he totally said yes). If you’ve got a second date, you’re going to tell yourself not to get your hopes up because the evening is going to suck and the good first date will have been all but a distant memory. Obviously, this is the worst and you just end up driving yourself crazy, but hey, this is what you do. Even if your friends tell you to stop thinking so much and worrying, you’re not going to listen because you know that they do this too.

6Guys: Needing Space

Ugh. You’re totally cringing just reading this, right?! How many times have you heard this? It’s a serious thing in novels, TV shows, and movies. It’s impossible to get away from this idea.

It’s a total cliche to hear that guys “need space” even if they’re in a serious relationship. But think about the boyfriends that you have had or your current one. They have definitely needed a few nights alone. It didn’t mean that they didn’t love you or care about or have a good time with you. They totally thought that you were the best girlfriend ever. They just needed their time. You might even totally get this if you’re an introvert and you can’t stand to be around a lot of people all the time.

5Girls: Wanting To Be Together 24/7

This is the other side of the above stereotype. If guys need to hang out alone and chill out, then girls need to be with their boyfriend all the time, right?

Sure, this sounds annoying and biased and insulting… and it is all those things. It’s also pretty true. If you’re in a great relationship, it makes sense that you would want to spend time with your boyfriend on a regular basis. Why wouldn’t you?! You love them, you enjoy talking to them, and you two have a lot of fun together. The other part of this is that of course your boyfriend wants to spend a lot of time with you, too, if things are going well and your connection is real. And you also want some time alone. So there’s more to the story than the stereotype (which is often the case).

4Guys: Using Breakup Cliches

Until someone breaks your heart and says “It’s not you, it’s me” or “It’s just not a good time for me to be in a relationship”, you don’t think that people really use cliches when breaking up with someone.

But they totally do. As much as it sucks. While girls definitely use these terms, you have to admit that it seems like some guys really enjoy using them. Maybe they’re just not sure how to really end things or what to say so they lean on cliches. Whatever the reason, it’s a shame because it’s really painful to hear the person that you care about say something like this to you. The next time someone does this, you should totally yell at them and tell them to come up with a more creative way to dump you. Yup. You should do that.

3Girls: The Whole Breakup Process

You know how people always talk about “winning the breakup”? Usually, that means that one of you starts dating someone else super fast and claim that you won. But when it comes to the whole breaking process, aka wallowing, girls totally win. Every single time.

It’s impossible to think about breakups and wallowing without picturing the epic scene in Gilmore Girls when Lorelai teaches Rory how to wallow. You know the drill: you eat tons of junk food (think ice cream, candy, and anything else that you want) and you cry and watch sad movies. It totally helps you get over the person and think about your new life. You never hear about guys wallowing although they probably do have their own way of getting over someone.

2Both: Not Wanting To Make The First Move

It’s annoying to hear that people are afraid of rejection because this is something that people talk about all the time. It makes you want to scream, “If you like someone, then ask them out already! Geez!”

Both guys and girls are totally guilty of this, though. No one wants to make the first move. You’re scared that if you ask someone out, they’re going to say no or even laugh in your face. Of course, it’s super rare that they actually would laugh in your face, because that’s basically the meanest thing ever, but hey, tell that to your crazy brain that never stops thinking that the worst is going to happen. You swear it’s an actual possibility. This just proves that everyone needs to chill out about this whole dating thing and just ask the object of their affection out already. There you go. Problem solved (well, until the next problem, that is).

1Both: Being Afraid Of Saying How They Feel

Finally, here’s a dating stereotype that involves both guys and girls, and it’s all about being scared to say that you love someone. Or even like someone. Or even might like someone. Yeah, millennials are like that.

It’s funny how you can have a crush on a guy but feel like there’s no way that you could ever tell him how you feel. You would think that you wouldn’t be able to hold your feelings in… but instead, you’re totally freaked out about it, and it doesn’t seem like you will even calm down about it. If you’re sure that a guy likes you but he takes forever to tell you or at least make it obvious, then you know that guys go through this hell, too. Oh dating. Does it ever get easier?!

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