15 Raw Confessions From People Who May Be In An Abusive Relationship

Nowadays, with an array for various Apps and discussion websites it’s not unusual to come across some pretty dark and unsettling confessions. Since these platforms were designed to let people release some pent up information that is causing them distress – without having to expose themselves to people they know – it’s no surprise that many users respond to people who need it most. It has become a community of support for one another, as well as a safe place for people to speak anonymously and free of judgement.

For some people, Whisper is the only form of outreach for victims and potential victims of abuse. Even without saying it, others can read between the lines and provide advice or clarity to the informant. Whether they choose to accept the advice is up to them, but at least the app is allowing them to put their situation into words, which is a step towards safety even if we are all unaware of who is suffering.

If you want to find out just how often people continue to endure an abusive relationship or fear giving it up, we’ve found only a small fraction of confessions that are so raw and real that we couldn’t help but share, to not only bring attention to the issue, but to also help those who are currently facing a similar situation.

15Her Words Go Unheard

14When Their True Colours Finally Come Out

13When You Can’t Fight Off Love

12Turning To The Wrong People

11It’s Not That Easy To Tell

10Taking Affirmative Action

9Facing The Fear Of The Unknown

8It’s Much Scarier To Leave

7An Unlikely Victim

6From Having Too Much Punch To Taking Punches

5That’s The Power Of Manipulation

4Slowly Crumbling Away

3What Can Be Done?

2When A Partner Acts Like A Parent

1When You Can’t Just Let It Go


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