12 Zodiac Combos That Won’t Last Longer Than Six Months (+ 12 That Will)

When someone gets into a new relationship, they’re usually so caught up in the happiness and butterflies that they don’t even stop to think about anything else. They don’t always think about whether or not they share the same long-term values as their new partner. They might not have topics like marriage or kids on the brain yet. Sometimes, they might even know deep down that the relationship isn’t quite meant to last, but they’re having so much fun in the moment that the last thing they want to do is call it off. Why not just enjoy their short time together and then part ways, right?

Unfortunately, not every relationship is going to last forever, and in the vast majority of cases, this is the for the best. Everyone has to kiss a few frogs before they find their prince or princess, so to speak, and everyone can still learn lessons from the relationships that don’t work out. But how can someone tell if their relationship has a shot at making it?

Luckily, the stars do hold a few important clues. Here are 12 astro sign combos that won’t last six months, and twelve that will stay together.

24Won’t Last: Leo Girl + Virgo Guy

A Leo woman will definitely feel a strong attraction to a Virgo guy—after all, he’s really got his life together, and there is nothing that a Leo woman likes more in a man than true ambition and a long list of accomplishments.

She needs a guy who can keep up with her, not a guy who lags behind. She will pursue him, and he’ll fall for her, but unfortunately for both of them, it won’t last long. He’s not as much of a social butterfly as she is, and he will undoubtedly feel worn out by her crazy schedule.

23Will Make It: Gemini Girl + Leo Guy

A Gemini girl and a Leo guy together are pretty much an unstoppable pair. These two are so much alike, even though they were born under different signs—it’s insane! In fact, once they get together, their friends will probably ask them, “Wow, how did it take so long for this to happen?”

This couple is the real deal. And what’s the best part about their relationship? They just have so much fun together. Their relationship will be a true adventure, and even if it does not last forever, they will always remain friends with the best memories between them.

22Won’t Last: Taurus Girl + Leo Guy

A Leo guy and a Taurus girl may not be the perfect match, but for a short time, they will definitely enjoy each other’s company. However, as all of their friends can tell from the beginning, their relationship simply is not meant to last.

They have little in common (aside from both of them possessing a strong work ethic), and they don’t really run in the same social circles, either. They will slowly start to get bored of each other, and they will both be shaking their heads and wondering why they really even got together in the first place.

21Will Make It: Capricorn Girl + Cancer Guy

A Capricorn girl will find her perfect match in a Cancer guy. She is not the type who will settle down with just anyone—she really needs a guy who understands her inside and out, and she doesn’t want to waste her time with someone who is just searching for a casual fling.

When she finally encounters the Cancer guy who is right for her, she will be surprised at how quickly she falls for him—it’s out of character for her! But slowly, she will come to accept that this guy is special, and sticking with him is worth it.

20Won’t Last: Capricorn Girl + Aries Guy

Their friends will be pretty unclear as to why this couple really got together in the first place—truth to be told, a Capricorn woman and an Aries man do not have much in common, and they will start bickering and arguing from day one. What’s the real root of their problems?

Well, Capricorn women are much more organized than Aries men. They do not like to start their day without a plan, but Aries guys can’t be bothered with that kind of thing. When these two split up, they won’t really be sad, because they’ll know it was for the best.

19Will Make It: Pisces Girl + Gemini Guy

When a Pisces woman first meets a Gemini guy, she’ll feel a spark, but she’ll be a little nervous about making her intentions known. After all, these guys are total social butterflies, and she’s more of an introvert. But her Gemini man will be drawn to her in a way that he can’t quite explain.

Sure, she’s not the type of girl he would usually date—but that’s exactly why this relationship is actually going to last. She’s different from anyone he’s ever known before, and she makes it clear from day one that the love is real, not just casual.

18Won’t Last: Cancer Girl + Aquarius Guy

Aquarius men are one of the most independent signs. It’s rare that these guys will date anyone unless they see marriage potential—and if a girl wants an Aquarius guy to see her in that light, she had better be truly special.

Catching his eye means that she really has a certain spark. And while there’s something about a Cancer woman that is super attractive to him, she is just a bit needier than he is, and it makes it difficult for him to relate to her. He feels like she is way more invested in the relationship than he is.

17Will Make It: Leo Girl + Sagittarius Guy

Put these two fire signs together, and they will be falling in love in no time. At first, a Leo woman won’t be totally sure about dating a Sagittarius guy—after all, she knows that he can be a bit flaky, and she is way more settled into her routines. She doesn’t always want to go on a spontaneous road trip or go out to a random party on a weeknight.

But here’s the good news—when her Sagittarius man sees how amazing she is, he’ll be willing to give up some of those things to make the relationship work.

16Won’t Last: Virgo Girl + Scorpio Guy

It’s kind of a mystery as to how these two signs got together at all, but the way it began doesn’t really matter, because the truth is that it’s going to end relatively soon. That’s right, a Virgo girl and a Scorpio guy are not making it longer than six months, and most people probably won’t be surprised by that.

She is super practical and down to earth, and he is basically ruled by his emotions. At the end of the day, these two are actually like oil and water—they just don’t mix, and they need to walk away.

15Will Make It: Libra Girl + Cancer Guy

A Libra girl is definitely a bit more materialistic than the average Cancer guy. She puts a lot of effort into looking good and feeling good. Cancer guys, on the other hand, don’t care too much about those things. But oddly enough, that’s exactly why these two actually work pretty well together.

They balance each other out. Cancer keeps Libra down to earth, and Libra gets Cancer to lighten up a little bit. They have a lot of fun just hanging out together, and a Libra girl will definitely bring a Cancer guy out of his shell in many social settings.

14Won’t Last: Aries Girl + Libra Guy

An Aries woman won’t be able to help but fall for a Libra guy at some point—and honestly, who could blame her? Libra guys do tend to be quite attractive. The two of them will get together, and they will be happy enough at first, but unfortunately, their initial bliss is not meant to last.

They won’t really be able to sustain the romance that they once felt. A Libra guy will almost always be looking for something more serious than an Aries woman is, and she won’t feel like she is ready to settle down with one guy.

13Will Make It: Aquarius Girl + Capricorn Guy

They may not seem like the perfect couple on paper, but there is more to this relationship than meets the eye. An Aquarius girl will absolutely love being with a Capricorn guy who has a good head on his shoulders. She doesn’t want a boy who plays games—she would rather be with a man who knows what he wants in life, and she is not going to settle for anything less.

And, Capricorn guys love how independent and confident Aquarius women are. They don’t just bend over backwards for people—they march to the beat of their own drums.

12Won’t Last: Aries Girl + Gemini Guy

Wouldn’t an Aries girl and a Gemini guy have so much fun together? These signs have so much in common—these two should totally stay together forever, right? Unfortunately, this is wrong.

Sure, these two might have a great time if they get together for a summer fling or something along those lines, but if they try to stick it out for longer and get into a more serious relationship, they’re just going to crash and burn. Neither of them are really into commitment, so put them together and there is no way that it’s going to last for long.

11Will Make It: Pisces Girl + Sagittarius Guy

A Pisces woman needs a man who will bring out her sense of adventure. She can’t be with a guy who is totally content with staying home and chilling all the time—although that kind of relationship would probably last a few months, a Pisces woman could be with an adventurous guy for years to come, perhaps even long enough to walk down the aisle.

That’s why a Pisces woman works so well with a Sagittarius guy. He brings her out of her comfort zone and out into the world, and she loves him even more for doing so.

10Won’t Last: Scorpio Girl + Aquarius Guy

If there is one word that could be used to accurately describe Aquarius men, it might be “stoic.” They don’t seem to get ruffled by anything, they are not really bothered by the opinions of others, and they rarely get worked up or upset. Plus, they do not bother with fighting in relationships.

Now on the other hand, Scorpio women are one of the most emotional signs! Clearly, these two are going to have some problems. At first, they will be attracted to each other precisely because of those differences, but eventually, those issues will come between them.

9Will Make It: Sagittarius Girl + Pisces Guy

A Sagittarius girl will end up falling head over heels for a Pisces guy and staying by his side. She’ll have no desire to seek out anyone else once she finally connects with a guy like him. Why? Because he understands her desire to see the world. He understands why she wants to explore rather than staying in one place.

He wouldn’t want to tie her down—he wants to see the world with her! And that’s exactly the kind of guy that a Sagittarius woman needs. She’ll be so enthralled by him that she’ll hear wedding bells in her head.

8Won’t Last: Aquarius Girl + Pisces Guy

A Pisces guy is the type to fully throw himself into a new relationship. He does not hold back when it comes to his feelings. Instead, he just admits that he’s in love, and hopes that the woman he’s with feels the same way—which sometimes flops.

Well, when he’s with an Aquarius woman, he might be in for a rude awakening, because she does not fall nearly as fast as he does! She will likely feel a little freaked out by his confession, and she will realize that she needs her space—and that’s the end of that relationship.

7Will Make It: Cancer Girl + Aries Guy

Now, this one might come as a surprise, but once their friends see this couple actually get together (and just how sweet they are when they’re around each other), suddenly, it will all make sense. An Aries guy will get a Cancer girl to try things she’s never done before, and she’ll get him to appreciate the value in staying home sometimes and living the simple life.

They just seem to complement each other perfectly, and there’s no doubt that once they get together, neither of them are going to give up on each other. Nope, these two are in it forever.

6Won’t Last: Libra Girl + Scorpio Guy

Simply put, a Libra woman just won’t be able to handle the emotions of a Scorpio guy. She’ll feel like there is always another problem around the corner, but the fact of the matter is that he just doesn’t see it that way. He just views himself as a passionate person, and he doesn’t realize how often he can get stuck in disagreements over tiny issues.

It’s unfortunate, but these two are just not made for each other. She will get exhausted quickly, and he will wonder why she doesn’t seem to understand him. The break up will be dramatic.

5Will Make It: Virgo Girl + Libra Guy

What makes a Libra guy and a Virgo girl so perfect together? Well, for starters, both of them have no-nonsense personalities. They like to have a plan, they get up early, they like to keep their apartments clean, and they aren’t huge fans of staying out late.

As anyone can see, they are on the same page about some key things that indicate that their personalities are compatible. In fact, they agree on practically everything, so conflicts will be minimal. Their relationship is just easy once they get together, and they feel so relaxed and comfortable with each other.

4Won’t Last: Taurus Girl + Virgo Guy

Two earth signs together? What could go wrong? Well, unfortunately, the answer is that this combo does not always go so well together. They are too much alike, and while that dynamic works for some couples, it just does not work for this particular couple.

A Taurus girl and a Virgo guy will find themselves getting bored with each other after only a short time. They just won’t have much excitement in their relationship, and they will start wondering if there might be someone better out there for either of them. Spoiler alert: they will both be right about that.

3Will Make It: Sagittarius Girl + Taurus Guy

Seriously, a Sagittarius guy and a Taurus girl together? Yes, it can actually work out much better than anyone could anticipate. Here’s why these two actually vibe so well together: neither of them think it’s going to work at first, so they don’t feel too much pressure to get serious right away.

But as time goes on, they realize how much they truly enjoy each other’s company, and they will come to find out that they are simply happier together than when they are apart. From then on, the decision to put a label on their relationship will be a no-brainer.

2Won’t Last: Gemini Girl + Capricorn Guy

A Gemini woman and a Capricorn man just lead completely different lifestyles. They kind of surprise themselves when they do get together, but they both think, “Hey, why not try something a little different?” Unfortunately, it doesn’t end up working out in their favor.

They both begin feeling frustrated by the other—Capricorn wishes that Gemini would just chill out a little bit sometimes, while Gemini wishes that Capricorn would lighten up and have a little more fun. Rather than balancing each other out, they really just start to annoy each other. Eventually, they realize that walking away is best.

1Will Make It: Scorpio Girl + Taurus Guy

This combo might come as a surprise to some—after all, can a Taurus girl really make it work with a Scorpio guy? The answer is actually yes. But that’s not to say that they won’t have to put in some serious effort to get through their differences.

Yes, these two will bicker more than the average couple in the beginning. They will get into disagreements, and they will wonder if the relationship is worth it. But a Taurus girl likes that a Scorpio man doesn’t give up on a woman he loves—instead, he keeps fighting for her.

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