10 Signs Showing He’s Just ‘Hanging Out’ With Her (+ 10 He Actually Really Likes Her)

One universal truth about dating is how difficult it can be to understand the opposite gender! Dating methods may have become more plentiful, and the gleeful feeling of having a new crush has remained the same through the ages, but figuring out a potential love interest will always bring out the inner detective in everyone. Even the most seasoned of daters knows there’s always a desire to decode a potential beau’s language and mannerisms; wondering whether or not he holds the same intentions for a relationship is extremely relatable!

When meeting a new dude, it’s important to recognize just how intricate the art of dating can be during the early days of a relationship; sometimes couples are still attempting to figure out what type of relationship they’re looking for. As bad as reality can feel when a couple’s still snug in their honeymoon phase, it’s vital to accept the potential that a new relationship won’t reach Disney levels of happily ever after!

To prevent hurt and hard feelings all around, decoding the “relationship language” of a new dude during the early chapters of a potential storybook relationship will help aspiring Cinderellas get a feel of whether their lovely lads are looking for something long-term or if they’d rather end the date before the clock strikes midnight!

Grab the metaphorical magnifying glass and prepare to take notes. It’s possible to take stock of a potential partner’s behavior to determine whether they are ready to make a relationship official or take it nice and slow.

20He Likes Her: He Remembers Details

Sometimes half-listening to someone is human nature but if you’re noticing your partner may be in the habit of selective listening, then it may be more of a red flag than a bad personality trait.

Noticing your partner has the tendency to be extremely attentive to the minute details of your conversation is a positive sign he wants to continue to pay attention to you in the future! His ability to remember details about you that even your best friend has trouble recalling will be a surefire indication he wants to make an impression you’ll never forget. Hang onto this attentive hottie!

19Hangout Hottie: He Complains About Communication

One of the most exciting aspects of dating is being able to meet different types of people who have goals which are unique to their personalities. However, some potential partners have different perspectives on dating: some guys may want to keep things on the sly rather than getting serious with you.

If your crush complains about the frequency with which you two talk, he may be feeling weighed down by the prospect of being in a relationship, not necessarily with you, but the idea of being monogamous too quickly! Find someone who is okay with talking to you, no matter what!

18He Likes Her: He Initiates Creative Dates

The idea of dating can be awkward! You want to create a memorable occasion for both of you, and of course, you want your date to create a positive reaction in your cute crush! Some date ideas are tried and true, but if you notice your crush’s ideas for dates are more on the creative side, he wants to make a good impression on you, as Elite Daily reports.

Not only will a uniquely tailored date idea result in a fun time, but his desire to delight you can be a good sign of how mindful he will be in a relationship.

17Hangout Hottie: His Language Is Loose

Instead of concentrating on scoping out intricate details of your partner’s body language or constantly trying to decode his punctuation choices in his texts, pay attention to his word choice. Vocabulary is vital when it comes to figuring out how he feels about you!

A dude’s habitual use of words like “Maybe” and terms you hated during childhood like “we’ll see” are prime indications he would prefer to keep his options open. He doesn’t want to seem completely open to you, because he’s likely still considering his options, or he’s still deciding what type of relationship to pursue with you.

16He Likes Her: He’ll Ask About Her Past

Everyone you meet has a story, and chances are we all have packed volumes of our personal history to sift through. If a new paramour wants to know about your beginnings, that’s a good indication he would like to stay around long enough to be featured in the “middle” section of your storybook!

Showing interest is a sign of value. If he asks about your childhood, chances are he wants to know what makes you tick, and how you’ve become the wonderful woman you are today! The earlier he begins in your biography, the more interested he is in you!

15Hangout Hottie: He’s All About Him

Your childhood sports coach may have told you, “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” and this logic applies within a relationship too! A strong sign your guy would rather keep your relationship more on the casual side can be seen by how much your guy talks and thinks about himself while you’re hanging out together.

Of course, it’s normal to bring yourself up in conversation; talking about yourself is a way of relating to each other! However, you may want to consider putting on the breaks if he only talks about his own interests or adheres to his personal date preferences.

14He Likes Her: E Is For Effort

Dating a guy who puts effort into his appearance or his interactions seems like a no-brainer, but putting in even a minimal amount of effort can be a sign he respects you, and he also respects your plans!

From taking the time to groom for a date, to maintaining eye contact while you’re having a conversation, when he makes an effort it shows he’s checked into the present and he cares about you and values your time. A guy who wasn’t interested in you wouldn’t even bother practicing the smallest amount of etiquette! Whether your relationship progresses or not, signs of effort are appreciated.

13Hangout Hottie: He’s Addicted To His Apps

Dating apps are “the haps” when it comes to meeting people in the swipe age, but there are some instances when their presence may wear out their welcome and you’ll no longer want to “swipe right” on them any longer.

When you meet a guy and find yourself interested, be upfront about your feelings as quickly as possible to avoid any confusion and hurt feelings. You may be ready to delete your profile much earlier than he is! One of the biggest signs he may want to only keep it casual is if his profile remains active. Honesty is key!

12He Likes Her: He Opens Up To Her

Getting to know someone after you meet them can feel extremely nerve-wracking and, understandably, it can take a moment before you feel comfortable enough to reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. Of course, comfort levels vary from person to person, but when you’re in a dating situation, getting to know someone can be extremely uncomfortable!

When you begin to notice your guy is getting more accustomed to you and he’s starting to reveal details about himself, and he no longer seems to care about putting on a show or presenting himself in a certain way, he’s definitely becoming more comfortable to show you what he’s about.

11Hangout Hottie: He Keeps Dates Friendly

Even though you may not be attracted to your crush, it’s important to remember a relationship can thrive when chemistry isn’t involved! Sometimes, you go through a first date to discover the two of you don’t spark a connection, and that’s perfectly okay. Life is all about having experiences, and you can only go forward while gaining experience!

There are cases where your guy may not be as interested in moving forward after a first date, but he may want to hang out with you as friends. Listen to his reasoning and you might realize you two may work as friends!

10He Likes Her: Dates Have A Romantic Feel

There can be different types of dates for different phases of your relationship; the longer you know each other and the more comfortable you become, your relationship may slide into more romantic territory!

If your new guy offers to get a little fancy and treat you to the dinner of your dreams, it’s fairly obvious you don’t need a neon sign to tell you he’s into you. Check some subtle signs like mood lighting or the sudden appearance of candles, and you’ll know for sure he wants you to know he knows how to be an old romantic pro.

9Hangout Hottie: He Doesn’t Reciprocate Anything

When it comes to dating, reciprocation is an absolutely important indication everything is going well within your orbit! Understanding the “right” level of reciprocation or how much reciprocation feels good enough for the two of you can be complex in some cases, but it should be a fairly obvious indication your relationship may or may not have an expiration date.

If you notice you’re the one who’s putting more effort into the relationship, it may be time for a check-in with your dude. Ask him how he’s feeling. If he’s clearly not reciprocating your efforts, move on with your life!

8He Likes Her: He’ll Add Her On Social Media

Social media etiquette is understandably a huge component in modern dating! Some people may think sharing your social media handles immediately following your first date is too much of an “eager beaver” move, and others may view a friend request as one of the more obvious signs your guy is into you.

If you agree with the latter, it’s possible your relationship on social media can strengthen your relationship in real life! A dive into each other’s profiles can have the potential to minimize awkward conversation on future dates, and you may be surprised at his knack for remembering details.

7Hangout Hottie: He’ll Locate Exit Signs

Have you ever heard of an “Irish goodbye?” It happens when someone makes the decision to suddenly dash from a party without saying goodbye.

Hopefully, your beau won’t make such a dashing exit, but in some cases you can tell your date isn’t into you if you discover your date seems to routinely be secretly looking for the exit signs!

Locating the exit signs while you’re on a date isn’t always a warning sign. Some people prefer having an exit strategy for their peace of mind, and it has nothing to do with you. Try not to take it personally!

6He Likes Her: He’ll Actually Call Her On The Phone

Thinking about communicating via the telephone can universally evoke a number of reactions, many of them on the negative side. What could someone possibly need to address that can’t fit into a text?

Believe it or not, this old-school method of communication can be rather romantic and speak volumes from a relationship perspective. If your new guy goes for the gold and decides to call you on the phone to hear your voice, it’s a good sign he’s into you. Hearing someone’s voice can have the power to deepen a relationship. Go ahead and call him on his cell phone!

5Hangout Hottie: He’s Absent-Minded

We all want to know our potential partners are listening to us and comprehending everything we’re saying. It’s basic common decency! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how good someone’s listening habits are until we get to know them, and humans aren’t capable of mind control. However, if you notice your guy seems to habitually forget the simplest details about you after a number of dates, your relationship may not have much hope of moving forward!

Selective hearing can be a sign he isn’t investing the time you deserve into your relationship because he isn’t ready to do so.

4He Likes Her: He’ll Ask For Her Opinion

Let’s be real: we’re all comfortable in our ways and hold our passionate opinions dear, and it can be a huge deal to be asked to hear our opinions on beloved topics by potential partners!

Having passionate discussions within a relationship can bring the two of you closer together. If your new guy asks for you to weigh in on an important discussion, it’s a sign he really cares about getting to know you on a deeper level, which is a surefire sign he is into you! A dating profile can offer such a tiny snapshot of your RL profile.

3Hangout Hottie: He’ll Dodge Conversation

There are a few verbal cues from our partners that can give us the blues. Flat-out refusing to answer questions through the act of dodging our questions can be one of them.

Feeling like a question is too personal during the early days of your relationship is completely fine. Repeatedly dodging questions without being honest is not. Your guy’s tendency to repeatedly dodge your questions could be a sign he isn’t ready to answer, or alternatively he doesn’t deem them important because he only wants to be casual!

2He Likes Her: He’ll Flat-Out Tell Her

Being subtle when it comes to figuring out whether your crush likes you or not can be half the fun of having one, but nothing can compare to your crush letting you know he’s caught feelings for you!

Vulnerability can be tough for some so don’t feel discouraged if your crush remains more on the subtle side when it comes to revealing his feelings, but of course one hundred percent honesty not only saves time but can really inflict some hardcore butterflies!

No matter how your guy lets you know he likes you, you’re on the road to a relationship!

1Hangout Hottie: The Dude Ghosts

In the year and dating landscape of 2019, the term “ghosting” is no longer limited to Halloween spooks! If you haven’t yet heard about the act of ghosting, it occurs when someone within the relationship suddenly decides to cease communication without an explanation.

If you happen to be ghosted after a date, it’s fairly obvious he doesn’t want to follow up for a second date. Ghosting can be an emotional drag, but sometimes there are positive aspects which can come out of it. You’re now free to find someone else in the endless dating pool of verbose and available dudes!

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