11 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Valentine’s Day celebrates the magic of love, reminding couples to express and accept it as a manifestation of life’s greatest miracle. During this day, we do everything just to make our loved ones feel special: we give them flowers, buy them gifts, take them out on a date, anything just to make the moments memorable.

Indeed, love is one of the most powerful human emotions and it’s an essential factor that helps make a long distance relationship work. It can break the barriers of time and distance, connecting and keeping two hearts together wherever they are in the world, no matter how long they stay apart.

If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day away from your girlfriend or boyfriend, don’t be sad. You still have time to think of the sweetest ways to celebrate that very special day even if you’re in an LDR.

Take a look at this list of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for couples in a long distance relationship.

1. Send a love letter – yes, a handwritten letter.
Writing a love letter can be one of the most romantic things that you’ll ever do for someone you love – especially if it’s handwritten and not in its easy and not to mention lazy electronic form.

Most girls only dream of receiving a handwritten love note from their significant other, so imagine if your girl will be able to get something as special as this on Valentine’s Day?

2. Avail of several special Valentine’s delivery deals.
Most couriers offer special delivery services to their customers, especially during Valentine’s season. Some companies will help you send a fresh bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates to a recipient who is miles away from you.

You can ask your local courier about the rates and the scope of the services that they offer and let them help you deliver that sweet “I love you” package.

3. Set an online movie date – yes, it’s possible.
Thanks to the latest video-calling technology, it’s possible to watch a movie together, on the same screen, in real-time.

Some video-calling applications like Skype have the option to Share Screen (if you’re using a personal computer/ laptop). All you have to do is to start the video call, activate screen sharing, and play your movie. The good thing about this option is, you can still talk and send messages all at the same time.

4. Ask a friend to help you plan a sweet surprise.
If you have a friend living in the same city as your girlfriend/boyfriend, then you’re lucky. They can serve as your messenger-slash-deliver-guy and plan out a heart-warming surprise.

Ask them to shop for the most beautiful flowers and of course, don’t forget the chocolates and the huggable teddy bears to complete the package.

You can be creative and think of other more unique tactics – and don’t forget to thank your friend for an awesome job!

5. Send them a box of their most favorite things.
Does your partner love books? Is he an avid gamer? Is she an extreme chocolate lover? Does he love photography? Think of the most favorite things that can make her instantly say that you’re the best girlfriend/ boyfriend ever.

6. Sing and record a love song, and send it to her/him.
You don’t have to be good at it – and it’s actually better (and cuter) if you’re a terrible singer. It’s not the quality of your voice but the sweet effort of doing something romantic just to make the love of your life smile.

Sing her a love song, choose the most romantic song you can find. It’s unique and totally different from the typical V-day gift – and that’s what makes it special.

7. Create a romantic video-message and post it online.
Assemble a collection of snapshots and clips, and create a touching and heart-warming video message. This may sound cheesy but if being extra sweet or overly romantic is your style then this is perfect for you.

You can post it online and tag your partner. Let the world know how much he/she means to you. Add a song in the background and make it unforgettable.

8. Go out on a dinner date – an online dinner date to be exact.
You can schedule a romantic dinner date even if you’re apart, thanks to the wonders of the latest technology. You can use your smartphone to take your online video calling date to a romantic restaurant, or you can just set up a nice V-day themed dinner at home.

9. Plan a Valentine’s Day version of exchanging presents.
You don’t have to wait for Christmas to have that always-exciting exchanging of gifts. Make a wish list, shop for gifts, wrap your present, and finally, send the packages days before Valentine ’s Day.

Promise each other to open your individual packages during your online V-day dinner date.

10. Spend a chill and cozy night at home, talking over the phone.
You don’t have to do anything grand just to have the best Valentine’s Day. There’s also magic in the simplicity of spending a cozy and quiet night, talking over the phone, laughing together and just being with each other’s company.

This is common among couples who have already spent years together, or who have spent many V-days apart.

11. Surprise your girl (or guy) and just show up at her front door.
This is probably the ultimate Valentine’s Day idea for couples in a long distance relationship. Surprise her and show up at her front door. Dress up, take a bunch of roses with you and spend the next hours holding the hand of the most special person in your life.

Remember that there is no such thing as small or big love, so don’t ever think that your efforts won’t be enough to please your girlfriend/boyfriend. Genuine love is immeasurable and someone who is in love with you will not care about any of it. They just want to be with you and to be happy together, even if you’re miles apart.

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