10 Signs That Your Crush Is Actually Love

Who hasn’t had a crush on someone at least once in their life? Anyone who has will know how it feels to have those butterflies in your stomach when you think of them and constantly want to see or be around them. And anyone who has ever had a crush will know that those feelings don’t always last and sometimes, it was just a simple and short-lived feeling.

Although crushes may not always last, having strong romantic feelings for someone can sometimes mean something more. In these cases, those feelings aren’t simply a crush. Instead, it goes much deeper and those feelings are actually love. Aw! Not sure which you’re feeling? Keep reading to see 10 signs that your crush is actually love.

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10You Feel Close To Them As A Friend

While romance is obviously important in a relationship, you want the person that you’re with to be someone that you just enjoy being around in general. If you have a crush on someone, you obviously already know that you like them as more than just a friend.

But in order for this crush to be a long-term love, it’s important to also be close to them in a friendly way. If you can only picture the two of you in romantic situations and never hanging out as friends, it might just be a crush.

9There’s No Pressure

Wanting to seem cool to your crush is totally normal! It’s no big deal to want to say the right thing to your crush or look good when you think you’re going to see them. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to impress them but that feeling can be what sets a crush apart from real love!

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It’s important to feel comfortable with someone and not feeling super pressured to always look your best or seem super cool is a good thing. That’s definitely a sign that your crush could actually be love!

8You Smile More Than Usual Because Of Them

Smiling around your crush? We know, that’s not exactly something to be surprised by. Your crush should be someone who makes you happy and makes you smile. But when considering whether or not it’s love, it’s important to consider what exactly made you smile.

Did you see their dimples when they laugh and smile at those? Or did a song you know they love start playing while you were grocery shopping? If you find yourself smiling more than usual and it’s related to them, your crush might be love!

7You’re Comfortable With Them

Think about what you like to do with your crush. If the two of you can do basically anything together and you have a good time, that’s definitely a good sign. You want your crush to be someone that you always feel good about hanging out with, whether you’re at home watching Netflix or out on an adventure.

If your crush is someone you feel comfortable being yourself around, that’s a sign it might be love. If you don’t mind sharing some of your more embarrassing stories and interests without worrying what they’re going to think, that’s a really good sign.

6You Embrace Your Differences

Who really wants to be with someone who is exactly like them? That would seriously be so boring! That’s why dating someone who is a little different is important. Finding someone who has some things in common with you is great but finding someone who also has different taste in some things and different ideas is awesome.

If you’re not bothered that your crush doesn’t agree that the end of You was totally crazy or that they love Batman while you prefer Spider-Man, it might be love.

5Little Things Make You Think Of Them

It’s normal to think of a friend or crush or even family member when you see something they like. If their favorite book is on a shelf in a store or their favorite song comes on the radio while you’re driving, it’s natural to think of them or want to tell them about it.

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But if you think of your crush because of other, little things, that could be a sign that your crush is actually love. If driving past a certain restaurant reminds you of being there with them one night after you saw a scary movie or the smell of cupcakes instantly brings them to mind, that’s a good sign!

4You Don’t Over-Analyze Everything

What do we do when our crush texts us? Immediately show our best friend! Why did they put that emoji at the end of their sentence? Why did they phrase their question that way? Why did they put that comma there? What could it mean? While it’s normal to really analyze everything when you have a crush but one sign that your crush could actually be love is that you don’t over-analyze everything. If you relax and you’re not worried about why they put that emoji or said “yes” instead of “yep,” it might be love.

3There’s No Jealousy

Being jealous is definitely not healthy in a relationship. One way to start off a relationship on a good foot is to make sure that you’re feeling good about it before you even start dating. If your crush is actually love and not just a little crush, you want to have a good start to any potential relationship that you two might have.

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One sign that your crush is actually love is the fact that you don’t feel jealous over them. You’re secure and you don’t freak out if you notice they’re liking pictures on Insta while they’re not replying to your texts.

2What You Tell Your Friends

Telling your friends about your crush is definitely something that most people do. So, while telling your friends about your crush isn’t necessarily a sign that it’s love, the things that you’re telling them sure can be! So, if you just got done hanging out with your crush before the start of your big girl’s night, odds are you’re going to tell them about your day.

But will you tell them how cute your crush looked or something more serious like what you talked about? If it’s the second, it might be love.

1You Picture More Than Just Dates Together

When you picture yourself with your crush, what do you imagine? Though it can be easy to imagine all the romantic parts of a relationship with someone like dates and intimate getaways, that’s definitely not all there is to being in love with someone and having a balanced relationship with them.

When you imagine yourself with your crush, if the only things you can picture are going on cute dates together and posting couple selfies, then it’s likely no deeper than simply a crush. But if you can, it might be love!


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