10 Signs He’s Ready For A Relationship (+ 10 That Show He’s A Man-Child)

Sometimes a girl can meet a super-nice guy, but no matter how sweet he seems on the surface, he might not be ready for a relationship just yet. Some people have a lot of learning and growing to do before they are ready to date someone. Even though they might be a lot of fun to talk to, and they might even be a good friend, they’re not ready yet.

Now, the main question is: how can a girl know for sure whether or not the guy she connected with is actually ready to have a real relationship with her? It’s not always easy to tell right away—and sometimes, a woman will try her hardest to convince herself that a certain guy really is up for it, even though he consistently acts like he is about to go back to playing the field.

That’s why they say love is blind! But it’s best to take a realistic look at the situation and think about a guy’s character and maturity level before jumping into a relationship with him. Here are 10 signs that show he is ready for a relationship, and 10 that prove he is still a man-child.

20He’s Ready: He Stops Trying To Play The Field

According to Glamour, many guys go through a phase in their late teenage years and early twenties when they just want to play the field, and as they get older, they will be more inclined to settle down with the right woman.

When a guy is ready for a relationship, he will finally snap out of that mentality. But if he is still in that mindset, he is not going to be the one to commit to you. It is not worth just waiting around for a guy to realize you are worth committing to. Find a guy who already knows.

19Man-Child: He Still Loves Partying

Is every guy who likes to party going to turn out to be a man-child? No, of course not—there are plenty of loyal guys out there who go out with their friends every weekend and then come home to their girlfriends.

But according to Cosmopolitan, men who party more often are more likely to say that they are not looking for relationships. They feel like they have plenty of options for casual flings, and they have no interest in anything serious. When his partying days are over, a guy like this will start to change his mind.

18He’s Ready: He’s Thinking Seriously About His Future

A guy who is thinking seriously about his future overall is more likely to be ready for a relationship than a guy who barely gives the next five years a second thought. According to Psychology Today, people who are more focused on planning for the future are also more likely to seek out serious relationships than those who say they don’t have a five-year plan.

Guys like this have a much better idea of what they want in life and who they want to share it with. Going after a guy without a clue won’t get you very far.

17Man-Child: He’s Always Texting Multiple Girls

Look, there is nothing wrong with a guy having a good amount of female friends, even if he is in a relationship. Men and women can have platonic friendships without romantic feelings ever being an issue. But according to Cosmopolitan, a guy who is seeing you but constantly texting other girls is probably doing it because he wants to have a back-up plan in case things don’t work out with you.

He is probably not ready for a serious relationship, and he would rather just see who else is out there for the time being.

16He’s Ready: He Knows What He Wants In Life

When it comes to mature relationships, men and women have to keep their most important values and considerations front and center. For example, according to Self, it’s crucial that partners agree on things like whether or not they want kids, their views on money, where they want to live, and more.

A guy who knows where he stands on all of these issues is more likely to be ready for a serious, long-term relationship that could lead to a walk down the aisle one day. A guy who does not know will probably just feel confused about who to date.

15Man-Child: He Tends To Ghost And Disappear

Unfortunately, ghosting seems to be a major trend in the dating world these days. According to Cosmopolitan, a relatively high number of both men and women say that they have been guilty of ghosting someone recently, mainly because they didn’t want to see the person anymore but were scared to face them and let them down.

If a guy is the type who will ghost you when he gets bored of the relationship, he is not ready for a relationship in the first place. Ghosting is a surefire sign that a guy has quite a few important lessons to learn.

14He’s Ready: He’s A True Romantic

Does the guy you’re seeing go out of his way to do nice, romantic things for you? Is he the type to put some real effort into planning a date or pick up flowers before coming to your house? Or does he leave all the details up to you and rarely act truly romantic?

According to Cosmopolitan, a guy who acts like he’s allergic to little romantic gestures is generally not ready for real relationships—but a guy who understands the importance of them is much more likely to be a keeper. Those little things definitely keep the spark alive!

13Man-Child: He’s Obsessed With Dating Apps

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Every girl has met that guy who just cannot seem to stop swiping through Tinder. No matter how many girls he meets, he is always searching for his next fling. According to Cosmopolitan, men who use dating apps say that they primarily use them to find casual dates, and the majority of them are not looking for real relationships.

Not every guy who uses dating apps is the wrong choice for a relationship, but it is definitely best to be wary. They may not be looking to settle down just yet.

12He’s Ready: He Can Communicate Like An Adult

Ask any old married couple what the most important quality is for a successful marriage that lasts, and they will probably tell you that communication is key. According to Psychology Today, most men and women cite communication as the number one necessity for a happy relationship.

People have to communicate if they want their partners to understand their needs—it’s that simple, really. When a guy knows how to communicate like an adult, hold on tight to him and don’t let him go! Many young guys haven’t mastered the art of communication yet, so the ones that have are worth keeping.

11Man-Child: He Would Rather Chill Than Plan A Real Date

Some people aren’t into fancy dates, and that’s okay, because a date doesn’t have to be fancy in order for it to be enjoyable for both people.

But according to Cosmopolitan, guys who say they are only interested in casual flings also say they are less likely to plan a specific date that will take extra time and money. They’re more likely to just invite a girl over to watch a movie or maybe meet up at a coffee shop than to take her out for dinner or do something out of town for the afternoon. Watch out for this sign!

10He’s Ready: He Values Honesty

Another quality that is crucial for a healthy and happy relationship? Honesty. According to Psychology Today, both men and women rate trustworthiness as one of the most important traits that they look for in a partner.

Therefore, women should always wait for a guy who is prepared to be honest with them. Honesty is definitely a major sign of maturity. It means that the guy is able to be honest even at times when it is difficult, even when he knows that the conversation won’t be easy. But honesty is necessary for a truly loving and stable relationship.

9Man-Child: He Flirts With His Female Friends

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a guy flirting with his female friends if they are single, but if he is seeing someone, it is definitely crossing a line! According to Cosmopolitan, guys who are looking for serious relationships say that once they are seeing a girl who they’re interested in, they are a little more careful about the way that they interact with their female friends.

But guys who want to keep it casual? Well, they know that a little harmless flirting is fair game! Keep an eye on how often he flirts—he might not be ready for more.

8He’s Ready: He Understands The Importance Of Loyalty

It can feel like loyal men are in short supply these days—but there are plenty of them out there. Women just need to be patient and know where to look. According to Self, women say that loyalty is one of their main concerns when it comes to modern dating.

With smartphones and dating apps, it seems like it is easier than ever for someone to forget about their commitments these days. Look for a man who understands the true meaning of loyalty and would never dream about breaking a woman’s trust. That’s a guy worth dating!

7Man-Child: He Has No Real Goals In Life

A man with goals is a man you want to date. However, there are plenty of guys out there who kind of just drift aimlessly through life without figuring out any real goals for themselves. According to Psychology Today, many women say that it is very important to them that the men they date have goals, dreams, and ambitions of their own.

No one who is looking for a serious relationship wants to date a guy who has no plan for tomorrow. Sure, he might be fun for a fling, but in the long run? Most women will say no.

6He’s Ready: He Has Plenty Of Time For His Girl

Sometimes, even the nicest, most caring guys out there don’t have any time for a relationship. According to Allure, this is actually a more common problem than many people think—many guys say that between balancing work, school, family, and hanging out with their friends, they feel like they just do not have the time for a relationship.

If a guy doesn’t have the time to spend with his girlfriend—or he just doesn’t want to go the extra mile and make the time—he is not ready for a girlfriend in the first place. It’s as simple as that.

5Man-Child: He Can’t Make Up His Mind About Who To Be With

Being part of a love triangle might sound exciting or dramatic because of the way this situation is portrayed in TV shows and movies—but in real life, it is usually just heartbreaking and confusing for everyone involved.

According to Glamour, if a guy cannot make up his mind between two women that he might want to be with, it means that he is not ready to be with either of them. He is hoping that both of them will stick around long enough for him to make a decision, but in reality, he is just wasting their sweet time.

4He’s Ready: He Would Rather Commit Than Have A Fling

In this day and age, it can seem like real commitment is hard to come by. But just because there are lots of guys out there who don’t want to get into exclusive relationships it doesn’t mean that all the guys who do value commitment have disappeared.

According to Cosmopolitan, it’s true that many people these days are waiting until later in life to pursue committed relationships, but there are still plenty of guys out there who would rather be committed than casual. And if he wants commitment, trust us, he will be up front about it from the very start.

3Man-Child: He Only Wants Unavailable Women

Some men will just always want what they can’t have. Instead of setting their sights on women who they realistically have a shot with, they deliberately chase women who they know are probably not interested in them because they are already in relationships.

According to Self, this is a major sign of immaturity. It means that the guy is only in love with the thought of being with these women—they know it won’t really happen, so they don’t have to put in real effort or closely examine their feelings. Instead, they just enjoy the thrill of the romantic chase.

2He’s Ready: He Doesn’t Give Up Easily

Love doesn’t have to be all about fighting or making it through obstacles together—yes, there will be times in any relationship when you have to fight for the other person, but a relationship needs to be about more than that.

According to Self, one major sign that a guy is truly ready for a serious relationship is if he doesn’t go running at the first sign of trouble. It’s not that he will hang around if he is being mistreated, but he will always put in the effort to get through the problem and work things out. He won’t just bail.

1Man-Child: He Is Scared Of Settling Down

What’s the number one way to tell if a guy is a man child or not? Honestly, he will tell you in a few simple words. If he says that he is scared of settling down? Well, according to Cosmopolitan, this is a big red flag that he is not yet ready for a serious relationship, and if that is what you’re after, you should not bother pursuing him.

He is not planning to stick around for the long haul, and he is not ready for the responsibilities of being in a real relationship. He still needs to grow up.


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