10 Confidence-Boosting Ways to Get a Girlfriend

Dating is one of the most challenging areas of adulthood (and even in one’s teenage life) and only a few people have been really successful in ending up with the right person. While it can be exciting for some, it can be pretty intimidating for others – especially for those who have never been in a relationship before.

If you’re one of those guys who are not really good at winning the dating game, hopefully, this article will help you finally take the right direction that will lead you to the girl of your dreams.

Here are 10 confidence-boosting ways to get a girlfriend and finally start a successful relationship.

1. Hang out and socialize with your crowd.
If you want to find the right girl for you, especially someone who likes the things and activities that you do, you should hang out and socialize with your crowd. Those are the people who share the same views and interests as you do – and you can find them in your most favorites places, engaging in the same activities that also excite you.

However, this doesn’t always work. Love has a way of leading you to the right one – and this person may have a totally different personality from yours. You may not even share the same interests and it won’t matter.

2. Focus on your health and fitness goals.
You have to be the best version of yourself, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. People who take care of their body can be very attractive to the right girl. More importantly, physical health also equals to emotional and mental health, so you know that you are at your best overall self.

Girls will notice these qualities that are rarely found in other people – and even if you’re single, it just simply feels good to be fit, right? Do this for yourself and everything will just fall into place.

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3. Be determined to pursue your dreams.
Girls like guys who are strong-willed and determined to pursue their dreams. There are only a few men who think about their future and work hard to achieve a brighter life and be sure that you will be one of them.

Start working on the things that you are good at and the ventures where you perform your best. The surest way to attract a girlfriend is to show her that you are independent and responsible.

4. Don’t be afraid to express how you truly feel.
Don’t listen to those who say that guys can’t be expressive. Being a man doesn’t mean that you should be as strong and as emotionless as a rock. Rather, being a man means that you are not afraid to express how you feel – especially for that person you love.

Girls love guys who are in touch with their gentler and softer side. Guys who are caring, loving and sensitive are hard to find – and the right girl knows this very well.

5. Build your confidence – but don’t overdo it.
It’s good to feel and be confident especially if you’re trying to win a girl’s heart – but don’t overdo it. Instead of trying to impress this girl you like, you might end up sounding arrogant and boastful. If you want them to notice your good qualities, don’t tell – instead, suggest.

Don’t use words to prove who and what you are. Use your actions, be sincere, and be consistent.

6. Be kind, be gentle and most importantly, be respectful.
Respect everyone, especially women. Girls like guys who value this very important quality. As a man, you are not superior to women and you should not feel entitled to their attention.

Be gentle, not aggressive; be kind, not too arrogant and coercive, and most importantly, show them that you value them as a human being. You respect their beliefs, you listen to their ideas, and you recognize them as your equal.

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7. Find a balance between your hobbies and your love life.
Girls like guys who know how to find the perfect balance between their hobbies and their love life. For instance, a good potential girlfriend will understand if you consider your hobby (like online gaming, basketball, traveling, etc.), as an important part of your life.

However, make sure that you can prove to your love interest that you may seem to be “addicted” to these hobbies, but you can still be mature. Show them that you know your priorities.

8. Don’t take your personal hygiene for granted.
This is a very important factor if you want to get a girlfriend. NEVER take your personal hygiene for granted, not just for other people, but for your sake as well. Take care of your health and take care of your body.

Nobody really wants to date someone who doesn’t shower.  Smelling good equals to feeling good – and if you feel good, you know you’ll have the confidence to be your best and most handsome self.

9. Don’t just rely on online dating apps to meet the perfect girl.
While online dating apps have helped many people land in an actual date with a potential girlfriend, these channels are not really great at helping you find the right girl.

Getting to know the person requires more than just looking at her online profile photo and online chatting with them. If you want to be in an actual and genuine relationship, look around you. Maybe the one for you have been there the whole time – and you were not just paying attention.

10. Make sure that you’re ready to be in a relationship.
If you’ve been in a relationship before and you want to find a new girlfriend, make sure that you are already emotionally available. You cannot attract a girl and be in a successful relationship if you still have not moved on from your past love.

Aside from the fact that you are being unfair to this new girl, it will just be a matter of time until your new relationship will start to wither before it can even get the chance to bloom.

If you want to successfully get a girlfriend, you have to follow the pieces of advice mentioned above. If you think that you still have a lot of work to do to be able to be fully prepared for dating, it’s alright. Don’t rush the process, learn from it, and keep going.

You also have to keep in mind that finally being in a relationship should not be your end goal. You have to be consistent and work hard every day to do your part as a boyfriend especially if you want your relationship to last. Good luck!

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