You’re Allowed To Wallow In Your Heartbreak

You’re allowed to swim in the ocean of your tears after they break your heart.

You’re allowed to hear their laughter reverberating in your mind as you watch The Office on Netflix at the same time that you used to with them.

You’re allowed to replay the songs by bands you had a mutual love for and let the lyrics remind you of cherished moments spent singing along to tunes with them in the car.

You’re allowed to look at old photos and wish for those happier moments back as your eyes scan over your broad smile and the look of adoration he throws your way.

You’re allowed to wear the hoodie that you took from his closet to bed and inhale a scent that’ll never cross your nostrils again.

You’re allowed to miss the friends you made, the tacos you ate, and the love that you were bathed in while with them.

You’re allowed to ruminate over the conversations you had with them that opened your eyes to new perspectives.

You’re allowed to miss the physical and emotional intimacy and wonder if you’ll ever be able to share your body and soul with someone ever again.

You’re allowed to miss the excitement, support, and certainty that comes with being part of a couple.

You’re allowed to miss someone who was your best friend and partner in life who was able read your mind and heart without explanations and knew what you needed.

You’re allowed to have trouble believing in love again, requiring you to take a hiatus from dating.

You’re allowed to move on if and when you’re ready.

You’re allowed to know that there is love you have for yourself, as well as friends and family, is just as important as the love you had for them.

You’re allowed to know that you’re wiser, stronger, and more able to identify your needs as a result of this heartbreak.

You’re allowed to know that the love you’re seeking is out there for you on the other side of mourning what you had.


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