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Your Weekly Horoscope For November 10-17 Is Right Here

This week is all about expanding your mind. Do something new to get you out of the rut you’ve been in for a few weeks now. Have open conversations with those close to you if things aren’t working or you need advice. Don’t rush into things that sound too good to be true, think first. We’re still in a pandemic so be kind to yourself. Wondering what this week has in store for you? Read your weekly horoscope right now!


Admit it, you’ve been slacking. But what sounds like an argument with your boss this week actually turns into a motivational talk. You’ll pick back up with your work and get it all done with ease.


This week, expect to not have all your expectations met. Maybe your Hinge date isn’t as great as you thought. If you need help, ask for it because now is the time. Learn something new this week too!


New career opportunities are on the horizon this week. Listen and take notes before you commit to something. Expect a speed bump in your day that will slow you down.


You’ve been taking care of everyone and everything this year. This week, you feel overwhelmed with these responsibilities. If you can’t escape your home/office, take a long walk and do something new.


Work is ruining your sleep schedule. You’ve slept through your IG Live workout class and can’t keep up with your self care. Figure it out. An exciting opportunity comes up, but weigh the pros/cons.


This week you need to have open conversations with those close to you, even if it’s tough. Are they giving their full support? Talking to a mentor or even therapist will help you communicate better.


This week things get chaotic with your project, but don’t rush into fixing it. Find support. Same for your home life – you’re looking for someone to solve a problem when you can do it yourself.


Your daily routine has not been the same since summer. This week you realize that it’s okay to take things slow, especially when people show up to help you. Don’t hold back during scorpio season!


You’ve been super productive lately, but a slip up this week puts you in a frenzy. Don’t freak out, times are tough! It’s understandable. Try to relax and find ground this week. Work isn’t your life.


Don’t be too hard on yourself this week. Doubting your every move won’t get you any further. Find a confidence coach (aka a friend or your mom) to get back in your groove. Reconnect this week.


Do you feel unheard? Don’t worry, people are listening to the important things you say. You’re becoming viral this week so get ready to hear from fans. Don’t be scared of this new influence.


It’s one of those weeks where even washing your face is a daunting chore. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you stack your laundry on “the chair” for 5 days. Need help? Go to your support system.

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