Your Love Is Like The Sea

I’ve fallen off the ship of sanity
like the pirate condemned to the plank
into the sea that is your essence
from the trenches to the bank.

furious as the waves that rush in,
strong enough to whisk me away,
but when you reach my shore,
they diminish in one small sway

shunned by your truths and precious adversaries
you set sail to the sea and bid adieu
now anchored into my ocean floor
a life now committed, a life brand new

still gentle as the crisp sea breeze
like the sea, you put me at ease

your ebb and flow between my toes,
like a breath or fresh air, you fill my nose

to the sea we owe every kiss and clash
to the Deity we owe the creation at last

blessed with an ocean that is your mind
in all the leagues, is a treasure that binds.


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