Your First Date Preparation Checklist

First dates can be nervewracking because you want everything to be as perfect as it can be. It might be with an old friend or someone you just met on an online dating app, but either way, you want to be prepared for anything. You want to be in control of your emotions, instead of sweating like a pig that is filled with anxiety.

This list will help you make sure you’re not forgetting a thing before heading out the door toward possibly one of the best nights of your life. It will cover everything from your look to the venue, so all you have to focus on is your connection with the other person. Keep reading to learn what should be on your first date preparation checklist!

10Know Your Venue

You want to rid yourself of as many nerves as possible, which means you should be educated about your venue. If possible, you should download a menu and have planned exactly what you want to order before you go.

This not only reduces your stress about having to choose but also allows you to budget because you will know ahead of time what you plan on spending.  Knowing where you are headed gives you the chance to dress appropriately, as well as understand the parking situation so you can choose the best transportation for the evening.

9Go for a Natural Makeup Look

It can be tempting to slather on pounds of makeup and hide every flawed detail about yourself. A study back in 2014 stated that 75% of men preferred women with a natural look, and 40% even went on to say that women wear too much makeup.

It might be part of your daily routine to paint yourself a new face each morning but for a first date you should lay off the cosmetics. This isn’t to say makeup is a bad thing, but it is important to make sure that you are not overdoing to the point where it looks like you are hiding something.

8Personal Hygiene Is Important

You should never, under any circumstance, go on a first date without first taking a shower. This is, if anything, the golden rule when it comes to dating. No one wants to continue dating someone who smells like they just stepped out of a fresh patch of manure.

It is also recommended you take the time to really pamper yourself because it can help you feel relaxed in the face of a daunting first date. You should also consider splurging on some wonderfully scented soap or a luscious bath bomb, but make sure not to overdo it on the perfume, as this can be a major turn off.

7Teeth Whitening Kits Can Be Great

Your smile is your best friend, and your dates will never end well if you neglect to smile. It is often said that a smile is a window to your soul, so you should want it to look its best before heading to meet the guy of your dreams.

There are several whitening kits out there that can whiten your teeth in as little as two hours, while others will provide the same results with less discomfort over a span of ten days. It can take you from drab to fab and help you light up a room with your confidence as you show off your new pearly whites.

6Eat Some Whole Grains an Hour or Two Before Your Date

Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates which are the perfect thing to help reduce stress in your life. You might feel especially anxious or scared as the time for your date approaches, which is why it is recommended you eat a whole grain snack an hour or two before meeting your date.

They give you an extra boost of energy when your nerves might have you running a bit low after stressing out for the entirety of the day. These snacks could include whole-grain pasta, brown rice, or bread, and avoid any sugary or caffeinated foods or drinks as these will only worsen your situation.

5A Perfect Outfit Is Key

Your outfit is a window to your soul and will give your date a first impression of who you are. Now, while it should reflect your personality it should match the attire one would normally wear to the venue where you and your date are headed. If you decide to go to a local bar your jeans with a nice shirt are probably acceptable, but if you plan on going to a nicer restaurant you might want to vamp it up to a dress or other formal attire.

You can still let your personality shine through with any of these outfits, and never try to be someone you’re not. Your date should like you for you, and not your friend Tracy, who lent you something from her wardrobe that’s out of your comfort zone.

4How Are You Getting There?

It should be planned ahead of time how you both plan on arriving at the venue of choice. You could ride together, but if it’s someone you met on an app or the date goes poorly, you will want an escape route that doesn’t rely on your atrocious date. If you plan on driving yourself, even if they are coming separately, you should make sure your car is clean.

You might be the sloppiest person on the planet with fast food bags and old receipts littering the floor, but to make a good impression it should be cleaned. It is probably unlikely they will ever enter your car, but if they happen to come close enough to it to peak inside you don’t want them to see what a mess you really are.

3Always Carry Enough Money to Cover the Entire Meal

There are some people out there who are dirtbags, which means they will leave before the date is over or expect you to pay for the entire thing without a casual discussion. The first date should be split 50/50 whether you are a guy or a girl, as it never brings into question the integrity of one person or another.

You should always be prepared in case you do have to cover all of the expenses and an easy way to do this is to look at the menu online before heading to the venue. If the guy insists on paying it is up to you to use your discretion, and if you agree then you should tell them you will cover the next dinner or date.

2Have a Few Conversation Starters on Hand

A conversation can flux and sway throughout the entirety of your date, and for introverts, this can be an especially taxing and stressful. You should have a few conversation starters on hand in case this lull ever happens, and they should be questions that will help you get to know the other person better.

It could be about a local sports team, your favorite coffee shops, or maybe even about their pets. This task can seem impossible prior to a date, but if you come prepared, it will seem easy and natural like it never has before.

1Remember to Relax

The most important advice is to remember to relax. Yes, the person you are meeting might not be familiar to you, but you decided to go out with them for a reason. Chances are also that they are just as nervous as you are, and the more relaxed you are, the more it will put them at ease.

The goal is to create an environment that feels safe and trusting for both parties, but this is hard to accomplish when you are stiff as a board and sweating through all of your shirts. A good tip is to remind yourself to have fun, let loose, and that whatever happens was meant to happen.


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