You Deserve A Text Back And The Next 6 Things If He Really Likes You

Looking into the blank screen and waiting for a text message to ring is one of the worst things that can happen to us when it comes to seeing someone.

While it should be the easiest part, it turns out to be the most complicated.

For some reason, we have all been in situations where we have looked at our phone about a million times per second, hoping that the screen will light up and display its name.

Our hearts are bruised and our feelings hurt when it doesn’t happen.

So if the guy you see is having trouble responding, cut him off from your life without thinking twice.

I’m also not saying that he has to text every hour all day long, but the least he can do is write to you once or twice a day.

You deserve so much better.

Let me remind you of other basic things that a man who really wants to be part of your life should do:

Make plans in advance

This is one of the most important things that separates a serious man from a player who will only swindle you.

You don’t need someone who will call you at the last minute and come by when it suits them.

You have been fed up with this bad behavior in the past.

A man who wants you in his life will make sure you spend time together, he will invite you to go out at least a day or two in advance and not the same day or when you are already ready to go to sleep.

He will make you feel safe

You deserve to know where you are.

You deserve to know that you are the only woman in her life.

You deserve to know that he will do his best to make things work.

You deserve someone who will be there for you.

It’s nothing he won’t get back from you.

Living in uncertainty is not a way of life, so don’t settle for that.

You should know where you are and not spend your days deciphering its contradictory signals.

Put your phone down when you’re together

Well, at least for most of the time you spend together.

It is very important to have someone who is ready to have a real conversation.

It sounds like something basic, but if you look at your past relationships, there was no room for deep conversations; you were talking about superficial things when your phones allowed you to.

You don’t need this anymore.

This is why you should appreciate a man who puts his phone down, asks you about your day and about the things that interest you and shares his thoughts with you.

Be trustworthy

Without trust, your relationship will go nowhere.

You deserve someone you can trust.

You need a man of integrity who sticks to his words and will never lie to you.

Needless to say, you have to be someone you can trust to demand it.

You must be true to each other, no falsehood is allowed, if you want a loving and committed relationship.

Foster a drama-free environment

In no case do you need her ex to interfere in your life.

You don’t need him to make stories out of thin air.

You don’t need to be blamed for mean things.

What you need is a man who wouldn’t even think of creating unnecessary drama in your relationship or your love life, someone who is more interested in relaxing with you and having fun than to bring tension into your life.

Create * and funny moments

He doesn’t need to take the stars down and put them at your feet, but he does need to sweeten your life.

It can be * to the bone and your life can look like a movie, but even if it’s not * at all, it will come out of its comfort zone and be a bit gaga if in love.

Watch a * movie while huddling against each other on the couch, welcoming you with a hug, giving you a cute little nickname, making you dinner, timidly complimenting you… there must be something culpable in your relationship if he’s the right guy for you.

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