You are Blessed to Have Him if He is Like This

Wishing you had a better husband or boyfriend? Well, there is no such thing as a perfect partner. There will always be someone more handsome, intelligent, or talented than him. You can also find a lot of better and more dependable men around. Just so you know, replacing your partner with one of them would only lead to the same dilemma at the end.

What is the point here?

Instead of complaining about what your boyfriend or husband lacks, look at him at a positive side. For sure, there was something that attracted you to him when your love story began, and that time you were so in love and all you could see was his goodness. Maybe the attraction stage of your relationship is over, so you see him now as a real person.

However, it is still possible to see your partner as the best man in the world. If you realize how blessed you are for having him, then there would be no reason for you to compare him to others.

You are blessed to have him if:

1. He is proud of you.
If he can proudly stay beside you in the open public and tell the world that you belong to him, then he truly loves you. If he is the guy who is not embarrassed to add your name beside his “In a Relationship” status on social media, then he is worth considering important in your life too.

2. He introduces you to his family.
This means he is confident that he made the right choice of loving you. He also respects you, that is why he does not want to hide you especially from the other people he values.

3. He does everything to win your family.
If your partner makes an effort to win the approval of your parents and the entire family, then he is really serious with you. He would not waste time, money, and courage to face them if he does not take your relationship seriously.

4. He puts you first before himself.
He is not only a gentleman. He truly cares for you. If he considers your needs before his, then that means he loves you more than himself to the point that he can sacrifice just to make sure you are alright.

5. He respects you.
Some men insist their demands on their partners because they think they have the right to do it. If your boyfriend or husband values your principles and decisions more than their own, then it means he respects you as an equal individual.

6. He plans for your good future.
If your partner shares his dreams of raising a family with you, then that means he sees himself sharing this lifetime with you. Of course, his dream should not only be about starting a family, but he plans on working hard to reach them, so he can be the best husband and father.

7. He works hard to achieve that dream (#6).
What is a good plan if there is no action to make it come true? You are blessed with your partner if he is dedicated to his dream of giving your family a good future by working hard and saving for it now. It gives you a guarantee of a secure life.

8. He is willing to change for the better because of you.
If your boyfriend or husband used to have vices or destructive habits and he changed—or is changing—because he wants to deserve you, then shouldn’t it be something to be thankful for? Here is a guy who is willing to leave his not-so-good-old-life just to secure his partner’s welfare.

9. He accepts you for who you are.
Remember, you are not perfect too, and for sure your partner had an ideal girl as well. However, he chooses to put up with all your tantrums and flaws. He does not leave you just because you are already fat or you nag him all the time.

10. He does not leave you for someone better.
There are also prettier, sexier, smarter, or nicer girls than you. In spite that, he stays by your side, and continues to make you feel like you are the queen of the world. Shouldn’t you do the same to him?

11. He always says ‘sorry’ first even if it is your fault.
Guys are full of pride, but believe me, girls are worse. That is why you know your boyfriend or husband really loves you if he is always the first one to apologize during your misunderstandings. It shows that he is willing to set aside his ego just so that he would not lose you.

12. He influences you to be a better person.
If your partner encourages you to pray and go to church always, then it means he wants you to be strong spiritually as well. If he does not tolerate your bratty attitude and other mistakes, but correct you in a gentle manner, then he wants to help you be more mature as a person. If he supports you to follow your dreams, then he really wants you to be fulfilled.

He does not need to be perfect…

Your boyfriend or husband does not need to be the best in the world. As long as he is the best for you, and he brings out the best of you, then you are blessed to have him. If you have a guy like this in your life, then, I tell you, you do not need to look for someone else.

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