With The Right Person, It Will Be Easy

With the right person it will be easy. They will accept you as you are, no questions asked. You won’t feel anxious and on edge around them. You won’t have to pretend you are something you’re not. You won’t have to mold yourself into something else so that they will like you.

When the right person comes around, you will just get one another. You’ll be on the same wavelength. There will be no questions about whether they want to be with you, and you with them. You’ll just know that life is much better with them than without them.

I’m not saying there will be no fights and that you’ll get along perfectly all the time. But you will communicate in such a way that there is a level of understanding and trust between the two of you that there will be little to no insecurity.

Sometimes it’s a matter of timing and maturity, in terms of establishing a healthy relationship with another person. But once you get there, there will be a level of flow and ease in your relationship in which you won’t be forced to stay up late wondering if they are going to call you back or whether or not they are cheating on you.


Don’t waste your time on someone who is difficult. It’s not worth it. Maybe you think things will change, but they won’t. People don’t change when someone sticks around. They are more apt to change once you leave, but even then, don’t wait around for it. Relationships that work, work for a reason, and relationships that don’t, don’t. It’s neither party’s fault—sometimes there are things out of your control that cause uneasiness in a relationship. It might be a fundamental incompatibility, a lack of self-understanding and self-confidence, or even an underlying mental health disorder that causes you or the other person to sabotage the relationship. Whatever the case may be, if the relationship is not easy, it’s not a good relationship.

You might be accustomed to your relationships being difficult so you might not know what an easy relationship feels like, and that can stem from your childhood or from issues with self-esteem. If that’s the case, it might take you a while to understand that a good relationship should bring you more joy than it does worry.

It’s nobody’s fault as to why a relationship might not work out but when that easy relationship comes around, you’ll know it, and neither of you will want to let it go or maltreat it.

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