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Why You Don’t Want To Get On Each Zodiac Sign’s Bad Side


They are the master of holding grudges. If you hurt them today, they aren’t going to forget it tomorrow.


They have a temper. When they’re upset, they’re going to give you a piece of their mind.



They don’t give out second chances. They don’t give you the opportunity to hurt them more than once.


They are excellent at guilt tripping. They will make you feel horrible about whatever you’ve done, like you’re the worst person on earth.



They have high standards. They won’t hesitate to cut you of their life if you prove you’re unworthy.


They are smarter than they seem. If you screw them over, they are going to catch on — and they are never going to forgive you for it.


They always see the best in people, so they probably won’t lash out at you. But the look of disappointment on their face when they find out what you’ve done is going to haunt you forever.


They aren’t afraid to get revenge. They aren’t going to hesitate to get back at you when they have the chance.



They are going to make something of themselves — and you are going to regret losing them. You are going to wish you treated them well when you had the chance.


They don’t have patience for stupidity. They don’t hang around people they cannot trust.


They aren’t as innocent as they seem. If you make them angry, they will curse you the fuck out.


They have a big mouth. They will tell their friends what you’ve done. It will get around.


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