Why would I like to have someone in my life

I would like to have someone who wakes up by my side, with whom to share my time and my coffee.

I would like someone with whom I can make plans and celebrate them.

I would like to take care of this person and protect him.

I would like to look at this person in wonder and say to myself, “This heart loves mine. “

I would like to cherish this person and hold on to him like the apple of my eye.

I would like to be with someone so that I can observe the beauty of nature, feel the excitement of little wonders, to see life as it is.

I would like to be with someone to watch the children play, maybe our own, and laugh at their innocence.

I would like to have someone with whom to cook, with whom to cry, to share floods of inseparable sorrows. That I could hold and kiss, help, and heal.

I wish I could hold his hand, see our fingers intertwined under low tables and hazy hearts between our eyes.

I wish I could trust someone. To tell her my darkest secrets and reveal my deepest fears. Someone who would know everything about me and want to see more.

I would like someone to walk and travel with. To find magic in the greyness of the gray city.

I wish I could smile with this person. A deep smile that says: “I see you” and “I stay”.

I would like someone to miss someone, even for a minute, until they return, and feel the joy that love brings again.

I would just like to meet someone to love.

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