Why Boyfriends Love their Girlfriends? 20 Answers from Real Guys

Lots of us know what it feels to be in love. If you ask people what being in love feels like or what’s the reason why they’re in love with someone, some might describe something like a desire tinged with obsession. But actually, falling in love tends to sound passive, something we fall into, over which we have no control and the feeling is unexplainable.

It’s easy to find someone who has all the right qualities we’re looking for, but the essence of love is in the details. Now, we asked random guys why they love their girlfriends. Some of their answers below are expected, others are not, and few are just delightfully surprising.

Here are some of the top reasons why boyfriends love their girlfriends:

1. It’s my choice.
“I love her because it’s my choice to love her. To accept what she is and love even her imperfections. It’s unconditional.”— Cladgedon Argawanon, 22, Entrepreneur

2. I just love her and I trust my instinct.
“I don’t know. It’s just that I love her, and I trust my instinct. Perhaps, another reason is she trusts me and she doesn’t easily give up on me despite of the many challenges we face every single day – and I can also trust and believe in her in return.” — Vic, 36, Entrepreneur

3. She completes me.
“The main reason why I love my girlfriend is because she completes the real me and played a role in my life which made me indescribably happy.” — Reylando Ramirez Garcia, 21, hotelier

4. She has high hopes and dreams, and she’s thoughtful.
“She has high hopes and dreams in her life. She knows how to prioritize things that makes her so firm in terms of decision making. She is also thoughtful though she is not showy of what she feels, but sometimes does this in a sweet gesture especially when we’re together.” —  John, 21, Web designer

5. She’s thoughtful and caring.
“She is thoughtful and caring. She is always there for me even in personal things.” —  Jhuniel E. Balasbas, 23,  Student

6. She’s always there for me.
“I love her because shes always there for me through ups and down. And I found that feeling of being in love, the feeling of not giving up on her no matter what happens and do whatever it takes on what problems and struggles we may encounter.” — Ezra Adrian Labarda Perez, 23, Networker

7. She’s God fearing. 
“I love her because she loves God more than me. That’s the most important thing that matters to me.” — Adriel Leyes, 22, Virtual Artist

8. She cares for me. 
“Her caring attitude, because she is thoughtful in all things.” —  Mac Simbajon, 22, Photographer

9. I love her with unexplainable reason.
“We can’t perfectly explain why we love that person. But for me, compatibility, comfort and happiness are one of the reasons why I fell for her.”— Romar Capacio, 21, Student

10. I chose her.
“Because she’s the girl I chose to love, respect, care, and I want to spend for the rest of my life.” — Nald, 21, Hotelier

11. Love is undefined. 
“Love is undefined, as long as you are happy being with her, without any reason, then that’s love — a sign is when you get paranoid. — Rey, 21, Hotelier

12. She’s sweet, caring, kind, supportive, cute and beautiful.
“I love her because she’s so sweet, caring, kind, supportive, cute and beautiful.” — Isan, 20, Web Developer

13. Her love and acceptance
Her love and acceptance towards me is the number one reason why I love her. — John Vincent Cordero, 20, Student

14. The Satisfaction and happiness I feel. 
“The number one reason why I love my girlfriend is that I am happy with her and I feel satisfied having her.” — Red, 28, Web Developer

15. She’s supportive to me.
“Her supportive actions in every way, make me fall in love with her everyday, because no matter what trials I’m going through she is there for me, though I’m not asking for it.” — Maldito Yohn, 22, Student

16. She cares for me and knows her priority. 
“I love her because she’s caring, knows her priority, and always have time for me; those are the reasons why I easily get attracted to her and by doing so, she let me feel how important I am to her that’s why I love her.” — Kenneth Maata, 21, Student

17. I just love her.
“Simple, I just love her. It’s unexplainable; you really won’t know the reason why because it comes unexpectedly.” — NA Ontuca, 21, Student

18. I love her without any reasons.
“I believe there is no number one reason why I love my girlfriend. I just felt it unexpectedly when I first saw her. I love her without any reason, not because she’s beautiful or whatever physical features she has, I just felt it.  All you have to do is to you wait till you feel it, so you’ll feel the real “love”.— Mark Otep Lasaca, 21, Student

19. Being True to herself.
“I love her for being herself, I love the way she act, her characteristics even if it is good or bad, I accept the way she is that’s why I love her.” —  Jaise, 20, Web Developer

20. Her acceptance towards me.
“What I love about my girlfriend is that, she accepts me for who I am and care for me because it makes me feel special.” — ANTS, 20, Student

The power of love conquers and inspires, not only our thoughts and emotions, but also our choices, actions, and life as a whole. Love works in many ways, it could be mysterious or it could be simple. But no matter how love comes into our lives, whether it is clear or unexplainable, we have to appreciate and embrace it if we really want to fall in love and be happy in a relationship.

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