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What the stars say about how you handle stress based on your sign

“By gaining some insight on your zodiac sign’s stress triggers, it might genuinely help you understand how to relieve this stress in a healthy way.” As a Libra, which is the most indecisive sign in the zodiac, being forced to make a lot of decisions makes me super stressed.

For my Virgo friends, it’s often lack of order that causes them to spiral. Do you know what stresses you out the most?

Here’s what the stars say about how you handle stress based on your sign.

1. Aries, Stop Doing All Of The Things

Aries, while you’re a natural-born trendsetter and leader, your tendency to take on multiple projects and responsibilities can make you frazzled AF. “You invite anxiety when you have over-committed yourself and have to let someone down,” Astrology Answers noted on its website. “You have to look after yourself if you′re going to successfully manage others! You′re no good to anyone if you’ve burned up all your fiery energy.”

2. Taurus’ Subborn Nature Is A Stressor

Taurus, you’re stubborn as a mule, and while standing your ground might serve you well in some areas of your life, your unwillingness to compromise can also cause you unnecessary stress. “You can be very stubborn in your beliefs and routine. Make more time for [forgiveness] and less time for holding grudges if someone has wronged you,” Astrology Answers advised. At the end of each day, you′ll be very glad you did. […] Life is too short for bad energy.”

3. Gemini, Give Your Brain A Break

Gemini, you have a million ideas, and a lot to say 24/7. All of that internal and external chatter can wear you out, and make you feel sluggish and anxious. It’s important to take some chill time, turn your brain off, and relax. “Ease your mind, Gemini. An active mind calls for some activities in order to combat stress,” Haiber wrote for HER. “Take those ideas in your head and turn them into something you can hang on your wall. Find a place where you can be around a lot of people so your conversational needs are met.”

4. Cancer, You’re Not Expressing Yourself Enough

Cancer, you have a tender heart, and you feel all of the feelings all of the time. However, you don’t always express these feelings, which can manifest as frustration, anxiety, and stress. “Untangle this mess and tell people how you feel when you’re feeling that way. Don’t let other people be the source of your security, either,” Haiber advised on HER. “Protect yourself by connecting with yourself. Some deep meditation may really benefit a Cancer and be a great source of battling stressful times.”

5. Leo, You Want To Control EVERYTHING

Leo, you love to be in charge, and sometimes you lack the ability to go with the flow and compromise because you want everything to be your way. While this might be useful if you’re Madonna, it can also cause you a lot of stress because, you actually can’t control everyone — you need to mind your business. “If you′re going to learn to be happy, you have to learn to stay in your lane and only focus on controlling what is within your power to do so,” Astrology Answers noted. “When you relax, you have to really relax — and that′s hard for you.”

6. Virgo, Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good

Virgo, while you might know deep down that there is no such thing as perfection, that won’t stop you from trying. However, if you’re always trying to make everything your idea of perfect, you can end of missing out on things that are pretty damn good. “Maybe try doing something messy, something that is completely alien to your nit-picky ways,” Astrology Answers suggested. “[…] throw yourself into something like painting or gardening. Doing something that doesn’t require perfection will make it easier for you to leave your anxieties and frustrations behind.”

7. Libra, Silencing Yourself = Stress

Libra, aside from the stress of making decisions, you can also get stressed when you don’t speak up when you witness injustice or feel you’ve been wronged. Seriously, this could not be more spot on. If you’re a Libra, it’s time to find your voice. “Speak your mind at the time when you are feeling mistreated by someone instead of stressing about it later, Libra,” Haiber wrote for HER. “By keeping your response simple and to the point you can easily avoid any type of confrontation with your peaceful nature. This in turn will also eliminate the stress of thinking about whether you should of said something or not in the future.”

8. Scorpio, Bad Boundaries Make Your Batty

Scorpio, you are the most mysterious and enigmatic of all of the signs. You’re hard to read, and because people are naturally drawn to you, they often invade your space without your permission. “It also feels like your privacy is being invaded upon, which causes even more stress for a Scorpio,” Haiber explained on HER. “To eliminate this stress, it is crucial for a Scorpio to make it known when they feel someone is testing their boundaries.”

9. Sagittarius, You’re Overcomplicating Things

Sagittarius, you are the definition of a social butterfly, however your enthusiasm can sometimes be mistaken for a commitment you really don’t want to make. This can leave you feeling uncomfortable and off balance. “Yes, you need your sense of freedom and get stressed when things start to get too involved or complex. Although you′ll feel anxious and frustrated if nothing in your life has meaning or purpose,” Astrology Answers explained. “Your recipe for relaxation is to go explore something. This might be anything from a new location, to a new group of friends, to a new philosophy.”

10. Capricorn, You Neglect Your Needs

Capricorn, you’re the sign that makes all of the other signs jealous of everything you seem to be able to effortlessly accomplish on very little sleep. While you’re pretty much successful AF at everything you do, you’re also super hard on yourself if you’re not killing it at all of the things all of the time. “You put unrealistic demands on yourself, and then get stressed out and beat yourself up when you don′t meet them,” Astrology Answers noted. “Take time out just for you. Your friends and family are important, but you still need that time alone doing what you want, without feeling obligated to someone else.”

11. Aquarius, You Want To Do Everything NOW

Aquarius, you’re high string and independent AF, and you have no problem going your own way when a group doesn’t want to follow your plan. You have enough ideas and energy to live 10 lives. The problem is that you only have one. “Slow it down a little, Aquarius. Stop feeling that time is your enemy and you’ll find yourself a whole lot less stressed,” Haiber suggested on HER. This way, you’ll ironically get more things done than by doing it at your usual fast paced manner.”

12. Pisces, Trust Yourself More To Stress Less

Oh Pisces, you are a magical, mystical being, and one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. Unfortunately, sometimes you have a hard time trusting yourself and your abilities, especially when it comes to exposing you true self to others. “Pisces is very protective of their privacy and stresses over the idea of it being invaded by others,” Haiber explained on HER. “The problem is that Pisces often believes that they don’t know how to protect their privacy from these intrusions. Trust yourself, Pisces. Find some time where you can be alone to really understand and process your emotions.”


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