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What Mars’s Shift Mean For Each Zodiac Sign

On June 27th, Mars will be in the sign of Aries until 2021. It will be yet another stressful transit for many people, especially those with heavy Cardinal energy. Mars in Aries will have us feeling a little frustrated because Mars is comfortable in this sign and it will have no qualms unleashing its ferocity. When Saturn and Mars eventually meet up, it can cause conflict and turmoil for many. We will have to find a way to work through the blockages that Saturn presents and balance the unstoppable momentum that Mars in Aries is trying to impart. Finding ways to release tension, work on maintaining balance and keeping ourselves grounded will help us be successful during this period. Mars in Aries might create conflict, but at the end of the day it is here to motivate, inspire and keep us believing in positive changes for the future.

Mars in the First House/Aries Rising – A big transit is in the works for you with Mars in your sign. The beginning of this transit will have you bursting with energy since you will be in your element. It will be a moment of initiation, completion and new beginnings. You will feel unstoppable with this transit until you experience the retrograde. For now, make sure not to be too bold or too argumentative since Mars in Aries is comfortable and ready to explode. Practice tact and when you want to vent or unleash your anger, focus on a project or workout. As an Aries, you will experience the profound change it will leave in you after this transit concludes.

Mars in the Second House/Pisces Rising – There will be a greater focus now on making changes that will bring about positive influences in your life. You will be rethinking about your goals and security with Venus still in Gemini making a sextile to Mars. This can be a good transit in the beginning since your drive will be aligned with your goals for the remainder of the year. The hustle begins and does not stop until you feel content with getting what you want. Of course, the harder you put in the work, the better the results.

Mars in the Third House/Aquarius Rising – Your tongue can be your friend or foe during this transit so it is best to be cautious with what you say because it will sting more than the usual. Mars will be in the sign of Aries until the beginning of 2021, so for now we can all expect a lot of interesting and powerful moments until the end of the year. There can be a lot of movement as well, so try to be patient with travel. With Venus in harmony with your sign, you can get a lot done creatively with this Mars transit. Utilize this creative energy until August to make magic because you will be inspired.

Mars in the Fourth House/Capricorn Rising – Watch for the conflicts that could present themselves at home during this transit. You will have to try your best to find a balance with how you feel emotionally and how others perceive you during this transit. Try to channel the inspiring, motivational, and driven side of the Aries and whenever tempers begin to flare or frustration brews, take a step back and reflect. This will not be an easy run for Capricorns since Mars will be squaring your sign and with Saturn making a comeback soon, it will double up on your emotions. Relax, consider meditating and take it one day at a time.

Mars in the Fifth House/Sagittarius Rising – As a fire sign, you will most likely welcome this energy since it has been a while since there were any personal planets in Fire in the last couple of months. Mars in Aries is here to stay until 2021 and you will be more willing to take accept what it has to bring. Get ready for a little more pleasant moments with this transit, as you might have more energy to connect with friends, have more playful moments with a romantic partner or to those who are single, you might even want to start dating or consider it (especially with Venus still in Gemini). This is a period where you will be at ease and more likely to express yourself in a playful manner that can inspire others.

Mars in the Sixth House/Scorpio Rising – A Mars transit in this area of your chart is beneficial since you will be more driven to make changes to benefit your body, mind and spirit. This can also be a good period to get focused on achieving some major goals. Mars in Aries is comfortable fighting for what it wants, so if you want to go for what you thought was not achievable, do it. Anything is possible with this transit as long as you are able to keep a cool temperament. There will also be periods where you have to remind yourself to take it easy and go slowly. Mars in Aries can wear you down if you let it. Seek the balance to keep yourself healthy and motivated for the next several months.

Mars in the Seventh House/Libra Rising – This can be either a transit filled with excitement or pressures as Mars in Aries brings some fire to your relationships. With the lack of fire energy, this transit will bring a spark to those who are currently in relationships, making you more of the go-getter and surprising partners. To those who are single, you will want to get paired up (even with a lockdown still happening). Mars in Aries will have you motivated to get the attention you want or crave. On the flipside, this will be a time to practice your diplomacy skills with friends and family since you might be more willing to lash out. Don’t worry, you’re a Libra and are the expert at damage control when tensions cool down.

Mars in the Eighth House/Virgo Rising – With transit Mars here, you will be obsessing over matters relating to security and growth. It will be a period of making great changes and with this transit lasting over six months, it will definitely change you. Mars here will tear you down and when it goes retrograde, you will experience some of the harsher topics you may have avoided the first time. Luckily, you know how to dissect and be introspective when it is needed, so it will be a fruitful transit for you. Mars here will have you reshaping your goals, your future and will give you the willingness and drive to make profound changes. It all begins with how much work you will want to put in and what you expect from this outcome.

Mars in the Ninth House/Leo Rising – Quite the inspirational transit as this one is in fellow fire sign, Aries. Mars here wants you to make some personal changes beginning with your ideology. With Saturn exiting Aquarius, there may be some deeply heartfelt questions you might be asking yourself after experiencing that transit. With all that you have experienced and learned in the last couple of months, you might be more willing to make some new goals and changes. This could be an enlightening period as you prepare to either seek some form of higher education or search for a mentor. It will be a very interesting period for us all, but you will see some shifts in your philosophy as you transcend to a new stage in your life. Maturity and transformation will be key themes for you during this transit.

Mars in the Tenth House/Cancer Rising – Prepare to give it your all during this transit. It will be a time where you will have to focus on giving yourself some much-needed breaks because you might need to relax after all of the responsibilities begin to pile on at speeds you will not be able to control. You will have to find a balance, which is what every cardinal sign will have to focus on this transit. Mars in the sign of Aries is volatile when we let it control us. When frustration from Saturn’s return to Capricorn begins, make sure to take the peaceful route when this sign begins to bring some tough squares to Mars. This will be a transit of growth and being able to focus when the world seems unbeatable.

Mars in the Eleventh House/Gemini Rising – The time for recognition will be aligned with this transit. If you have worked hard, you will see the glory behind all you have done. This transit can be filled with many highs and lows, especially with Venus still in your sign bringing in some interesting energy to how people relate and view you. Popular as always, you will find a way to use your connections to do some good or to expand on your popularity. The lows of this transit will be with conflicts regarding friends or even arguments on social media. It is best to not let the aggressions that Mars in Aries can bring to cloud your mind. Take it easy and play it smart. Mars in Aries is great for getting us motivated as long as we practice caution.

Mars in the Twelfth House/Taurus Rising – This can be a very frustrating transit for you since Mars is currently transiting in the part of your chart where it is hard to take command when you are not pacing yourself. Mars in Aries will have you boiling with rage if you let it consume you. Use this time to focus on meditation, becoming more in tune with your emotions and releasing any pain you have been going through. Mars here gives you the focus to create big things and you will be excelling at any work you have behind the scenes. This can be the awakening to greater achievement and recognition that will pay off once Mars is in Taurus. Keep focused.


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