What Is Intimacy & How To Make Time For Love, By Zodiac Sign

When it’s important to you, you always find time for it.

One of the worst excuses for why your relationship has lost its oomph is saying that life has gotten in the way of romance, but it’s true.

Finding time to be intimate when you’ve been together for a while requires commitment to your partner.

With only so many hours in a day, closeness beyond sharing a meal or doing chores together appears to be a luxury you can’t afford.

We all thrive in the busy culture, and we always feel like we’re doing something wrong when we’re not doing anything at all.

Personally, I love being busy, but whenever I have nothing to do, my mind never thinks to ask my boyfriend if he wants to hang out.


It sucks to know that my relationship feels like it’s not really thriving due to lack of quality time spent together, but I also know that it’s up to me and my boyfriend to bring that spark back into our lives.

If you asked me (or pretty much anyone else feeling the relationship blues) why my relationship felt so boring and rocky, I would probably say that there’s never any romance or love anymore.

Is that because my relationship has just faded into something that I’m not happy about anymore? No, but when you let your job and your life get in the way of love, it can certainly feel like that.

In reality, a lot of us feel like our relationships are unfulfilling because we don’t make time for love anymore.

We think that, if it isn’t something that will help us get ahead in our careers or makes us feel like we’re being busy, it’s not important.

But love IS important. We just have to learn how to make time for being friendly, reaching out in caring ways, and doing small gestures that show your person is more than just a title. They hold your heart in their hands and you love them, love them.

Acts of closeness are love’s building blocks set on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis. I always say this, but it bears repeating.

Life is too short NOT to be filled with passionate love.


Whether it’s platonic love, familial love, or romantic love, we should be spending more time looking for ways to make others happy and seeking out our own happiness than trying to put our nose to the grindstone every minute of every day.

Intimacy doesn’t have to mean sex. Being close are the connections we make in life are the things that will carry us through each day and make us feel like we’re wanted and loved – not our jobs.

That said, it’s still up to you to make a conscious effort to make time for love instead of letting it fall by the wayside.

Growing your relationship’s intimacy level is obviously something that you have to be active about, but it’s not impossible. Even the smallest efforts can mean the world to someone you care about.

Here is how to make time for intimacy that enhances your love, based on your zodiac sign, per astrology.


Make time for love by being spontaneous, Aries. When life starts to get too busy, and trying to plan a weekend getaway for love seems like a chore, try surprising your S.O. instead! Pick a day when you know you’ll get off work before him and set up a candle-lit dinner for two to surprise him when he gets home.

Making time for love doesn’t have to mean someone extravagant or expensive, but it should be thoughtful. What you really want to do is show your S.O. that, even when life gets chaotic and busy, you still think about and love him. A little spontaneous quality time together will bring you closer together.


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