What Do Her Kisses Tell You About Her Feelings For You?

“Sit back and discuss our feelings” is not something a man would normally say.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but men generally prefer to show their feelings rather than talk about them.

If they care about their partner, they will find a way to prove it. And the best way to do this is to kiss him. 

But what do his kisses tell us about his feelings for you?

Truth be told, a kiss can say a lot. He can say more than words. It reveals the degree of his attachment.

He reveals his affection. It testifies to his true intentions. He answers the question: “Does he really fall for me?”

So you see, kisses say a lot more than words. 

There are different types of kisses, the perfect tell-tale signs of his true feelings for you:

  1. A quick kiss, mouth closed

Your lips only touch for a fraction of a second, as if to say hello or goodbye.

It’s one of the ideal ways to kiss a woman you love but with a little meaning.

If he only kisses you when you are alone, it is because he is not yet certain of his feelings for you.

But if he has no trouble rewarding you with a kiss on the forehead in front of other people, it is because he is definitely sure of yourself and does not care that the whole world can witness it. 

  1. The french kiss

Kissing you this way from the start of your relationship is definitely a sign that it is falling for you.

These endless kisses are common at the beginning of the relationship, as you postpone the moment of making love until you are certain of what your boyfriend wants.

If you are already intimate, these kisses are excellent preliminaries. Our lips are extremely sensitive and kissing is a way to excite our bodies.

So, the French kiss is also a way to show us that they find us attractive. 

  1. The kiss on the cheek

This one is tricky. He can show his affection and then he kisses you on the cheek as a sign of tenderness.

On the other hand, it can also mean that he appreciates you as a friend and wants to keep his distance. 

If he wants more than just friendship, his kiss on the cheek will last longer than it should and will be accompanied by a hug.

It’s hard to spot, it depends on the situation and the signals it sends to you in parallel.

But don’t devote your thoughts to it too much, if he loves you a little more than as a friend, he will end up kissing you differently and then you will have no more doubts. 

  1. The kiss on the forehead

This kiss is platonic, only if it is given as a joke.

Generally, your friends don’t kiss you on the forehead and if they did, it would be a bit odd…

This kiss shows mutual trust and a deep connection. It is of all, the most comforting kiss since it betrays his need to secure you, to protect you and to be close to you.

It testifies to a man’s primary need, namely to take care of the woman he loves. 

  1. Kisses in the neck

The kisses in the neck are both * and tender. He knows your neck is your Achilles heel and he uses it to unleash your passions.

Kissing you on the neck is a way to show you that he wants you and right away.

However, it is more a sign of s exual attraction than sentimental intimacy or love for you.

To find out if he loves you, you will have to take into account other factors, such as his marital status, his general attitude with you, his efforts, etc. 

  1. The Spiderman kiss

This way of kissing is quite special and creative but slightly difficult to explain, so we used the Urban Dictionary :

“An exceptional kiss during which one person kisses another but in an inverted position, your upper lip then kissing his lower lip and vice versa; works best when one of the partners is already lying on a sofa or fully lying down. ”

The fact that he devotes so much thought and effort to a kiss means that he is ready to do the same for your relationship.

His schedule is mainly to impress you and make you happy. 

  1. Kiss your hand

It is quite unusual since we are no longer in the 19th century. However, a man does it because he wants to impress you.

He wants you to perceive him as someone tender and so use techniques belonging to the register of courtly love; or he uses old-fashioned ways to make you smile.

In any case, a hand kiss is very tender and is a sweet way to be closer to you. 

  1. The kiss on the nose

This type of kiss is a little strange but too cute. It’s a sweet way to show your affection, to tell you that you are more committed.

But let’s be honest – if someone you’ve been * for a few days kisses you on the nose, your first thought will be, “Is he running out of food?”

However, if you have already established strong ties with your partner, this is more than normal.

You share a universe just for yourself and a kiss on the nose is clearly the sign that you are connected and it is more than perfect. 

  1. The kiss on the ear

This type of kiss is a sign of physical intimacy. Like your neck, the earlobe is an erogenous zone and it knows exactly what will happen if it continues to nibble and kiss you there.

If you have not yet made love or are not in a position to do so at the time, he hopes that these kisses will excite your imagination and awaken your passions. 

  1. “Ridiculous” kisses

Maybe he stopped in the middle of something to tell you a joke or something funny he was thinking about and so did something funny with his lips too.

It gives you dozens of little kisses, mouth closed and in a minute and you will probably end up laughing with tears. And that was his intention. Make you laugh. Make you happy . 

  1. Kisses on the belly

Many women are complexed by their stomachs. If you’re one of them and your man kisses you in this area, it’s time to relax. He does not see your body through your eyes.

He doesn’t see the imperfections you see. For him, you are perfect as you are.

A kiss on the belly can also signal that he is projecting himself in the future with you and thus kissing you, he may imagine your future children. 

  1. The kiss “will you please shut up”

It is a way to overcome a dispute or to put an end to a monologue.

It is one of the most effective ways to keep a woman quiet; and perhaps also the most tender.

Who could get mad at a man who pleads with kisses? 

  1. The octopus kiss

How you interpret this type of kiss depends on the situation you find yourself in.

An octopus kiss implies kissing on the lips or any other part of the body but by making small suction movements (suction cup effect).

If you’re in the mood, it may turn you on, but if not, it will probably bother you.

In any case, his intention is to make you want and not to scare you so, do not hold it against him. 

  1. The * on the breasts

This type of * undoubtedly has a strong * connotation. But, there is a secret – it is focused on your pleasure.

He wants you to take advantage of it. And he wants his techniques under the duvet to be noticed. 

  1. The * on the shoulder

This kind of * testifies both to the existence of physical ties and also to emotional ties between you.

By * you on the shoulder, he surrenders to you, body, soul and heart and he thanks you for being there and for being able to count on you.

Above all, it tells you that it trusts you and that it appreciates you. 

  1. * every inch of your body

These types of * are obviously related to the time of foreplay but it is not the kind of thing that we do with anyone.

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