Wedding Flowers by the Seasons – 20 Types to Pick From

A wedding just isn’t complete without flowers. Every bride wants her wedding to be special and memorable, and there’s nothing like floral arrangements to create that finishing touch to your special day.

From centerpieces and bouquets to boutonnieres and altar decor, the flowers you select for your wedding ceremony and reception should showcase the unique meaning of your marriage as well as your preferences and personal style. However, selecting the flowers that fit your personality as well as match your theme, the season, the color palette and of course, your budget isn’t always a breeze, especially if you don’t know a hyacinth from a hydrangea.

So here we round up the 20 types of flowers according to the seasons, so you can be sure of the availability and affordability of your floral decorations whatever your wedding theme and budget may be. [Read: 25 signs you’re really high on wedding fever!]

Spring Flowers

#1 Amaryllis. If you’re into big, bold, and bright statements, then the amaryllis is your perfect flower. It has two to five large, trumpet-shaped petals that open at the top of an extra-long and sturdy stalk. It comes in white, pale yellow, pale green, pink, salmon, burgundy, and red. It is available from November to April, but is very rare and expensive. However, just a few of these blooms are enough to create a lot of drama to any arrangement.

#2 Anemone. Jewel-toned and intense, the vibrant anemone offers a legendary beauty that stems from Greek mythology. It’s been said that it came from the blood of Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis, who is the personification of masculine beauty. Anemone comes in white, pink, magenta, red, burgundy, and purple, and just a few of these deep-hued florals is enough to add a splash of color to any bouquet or arrangement. [Read: The alternative – How to elope and have your dream wedding with your friends]

#3 Daffodil. A flower that inspires poets and playwrights like Wordsworth and Shakespeare, daffodils mean respect and chivalry. Besides that, they add a merry tone to any warm-colored wedding theme as this bulb flower comes in solid colors or combinations of white, yellow, apricot, and orange.

#4 Freesia. If you have a limited budget for your venue flowers, the trick is to create a floral atmosphere by using fragrant blooms. One such flower is the freesia, which is at a mid-range price but can be used sparingly with less costly flowers to make your venue sweet-smelling. It is very sweet and fruity, and comes in all colors, except for blue.

#5 Orchids. These exotic blooms are abundant in spring but can still be available year-round. There is practically every orchid for every kind of bride because it is a famous wedding flower. Conveying meanings of luxury and nobility, especially the bluish-purple vanda, they come in almost all colors such as white, yellow, green, apricot, pale pink, dark pink, orange, red, and burgundy. [Read: How to differentiate wedding jitters from signs wanting to back out]

Summer Flowers

#1 Carnation. Inexpensive and common, the carnation presents a lot of floral possibilities to any wedding theme and budget. Its lush, ruffled petals can give any floral arrangement a look of abundance and color. Spicy, clove-smelling carnations come in a variety of two colors, flecked petals, and single colors.

#2 Chrysanthemum. Symbolizing cheerfulness, optimism, and joy, chrysanthemums can be found as a single blossom or in groups as sprays. They smell strong and musky, and are versatile enough to be used in many wedding arrangements as it comes in different bold colors such as green, orange, russet, yellow, red, and burgundy. If you have a limited wedding budget, get a gifted florist and make magic out of these cheap mums. [Read: What’s the right age to get married?]

#3 Peony. A symbol of bashfulness, the peony can be one of the most expensive florals you can ever have in your wedding. However, it compensates well for its price with its sweet-smelling aroma, lush structure, and bright colors of soft yellow, peach, pink, and burgundy. It also comes in a more muted white and cream hue for a more classic and understated wedding theme.

#4 Rose. Perhaps nothing is as famous in weddings as roses. After all, they symbolize love and have been the subject of many songs and historical accounts of passion. Hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses are wise choices for wedding flowers regardless of season, and can cash in big bucks depending on variety and availability.

#5 Sunflower. A unique flower that inspires adoration and loyalty by the way it follows the sun as it moves across the sky, the sunflower is a sure attention-grabber in any summer-themed wedding. Available in bright and warm colors of pale lemon, orange, deep gold, russet, and brown, it is great for garden, home, and many types of informal weddings. [Read: 8 romantic lines to write your own wedding vows]

Autumn Flowers

#1 Clematis. Perfect for trailing bouquets for more formal weddings and fuller wedding gowns, the clematis comes in blue, wine, lavender, purple, mauve, blush, and white. It is also best used by many for wedding arches and chuppahs. However, this non-fragrant flower carries a hefty price tag so if you are on a budget, best limit this as an accent to your bouquets and centerpieces.

#2 Dahlia. Available in late summer until early fall, the dahlia can add drama to your wedding with its bold, lush, and rounded petals that has once swept Europe when it was first brought there from South America. It has a spicy scent and is available in white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and purple.

#3 Hydrangea. Big, lush, and bushy, hydrangeas are famous for their intense colors as it also comes in shades of blue, a somewhat rare color for flowers. It is great for filling out bouquets, arrangements, and flower walls. [Read: Barn weddings and other strange and exciting ways to get married]

#4 Ranunculus. If roses and peonies are too costly for your budget, you can opt for the multi-petaled ranunculus, a cousin to the buttercup. This flower is a perfect yet versatile accent to centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. It is available in almost all colors, making it perfect for any wedding motif and theme.

#5 Scabiosa. It’s hard not to notice a scabiosa when you see one. Available in white, burgundy, and lavender, it has its characteristic tufted head at the end of a long and wiry stem. It is a great accompaniment with showier blooms such as dahlias and posies, holding its own and adding more texture to any arrangement. [Read: Should you take your husband’s last name after marriage?]

Winter Flowers

#1 Calla Lily. Also famously known as arum lily, the pure ivory white and elegant shape of the calla lily is famous for weddings ranging from hip and trendy to full-on traditional ones. It is versatile enough to be used as tall arrangements in centerpieces, receptions, and ceremony venues, whether indoors or outdoors. Miniature versions can be used for boutonnieres and bouquets as well, and colors range from white to yellow to shades of pink and to dark, rich burgundy. [Read: What does it mean if a man takes his wife’s last name?]

#2 Camelia. A famous symbol for excellence and beauty, this flower traces its roots from China. It is characterized by white, cream, pink, and bright red layered petals that are accented in the middle by bright yellow pistils. It is great for corsages or as bright, inexpensive fillers to your bouquets and arrangements.

#3 Iris. If you are into unusually shaped flowers, but find orchids out of season in your area or just too much for your budget, the iris can be your more pocket-friendly alternative. Symbolizing promise, it can be perfect for eclectic to traditional wedding themes and is available in soft yellow, purple, and white colors. [Read: Wedding night woes – Think you’ll have time for sex? Think again!]

#4 Stephanotis. This bloom is an obvious choice for weddings as it has long symbolized marital bliss. The stephanotis is star-shaped, with waxy florets flowering in sprays in each vine. These small, delicate flowers are more expensive, and require careful attention as each flower must be individually wired before it can be used in a bouquet, boutonniere, or corsage.

#5 Tulip. Widely available and costing from affordable to over-the-top expensive, tulips are up in the list along with roses as wedding flowers. French or Dutch, tulips are available in many different colors and are versatile accompaniments to lusher, more robust flowers or with delicate ones. It can also stand alone for a more minimalist look. [Read: 20 reasons why it’s so great to get married and life happily ever after]

Planning a wedding can be nerve-wracking enough and the last thing you need is to unnecessarily spend thousands of dollars more on flowers that don’t match your theme, or are actually out of season. What’s more—the variety of flowers can be enough to leave you dizzy and breathless.

Knowing which flowers are available and therefore cheaper on the season your own wedding falls in, can greatly help you stick to your budget and ensure you have the best quality flowers for your special occasion.

We hope that these tips on choosing the perfect type of flower can help you narrow down your choices to perfectly top off your dream wedding.


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