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We Ranked The ( Zodiac Signs ) Who Can Keep A Secret ( His And Hers ) !!!!

In this day and age, being a friend somehow means a lot more than it used to. With people making friends over social media, making mommy friends in online groups, and more, it’s hard to be sure what friendship is really the true one. In general, social media has completely changed the way we see our friends and the way that they see us.

Being a true friend comes with a lot of duties. Some include: holding her purse while she goes to the bathroom at the bar, going shopping with her for a dress for her first date, and telling her when her eyeshadow might not look that great. There are more serious duties, too, like standing next to her during her wedding, going on a girls’ trip with her, and buying her that one special gift that she wants for her birthday. No matter what we do for our friends, it is always assumed that we can keep their secrets. Easier said than done though, right?

Below we rank the zodiac signs, both his and hers, in order of how well they can keep a secret. We start with those that are the most loyal and dedicated to keeping their lips sealed. By the end of our list, it is clear who we should not tell our secrets to!

Pisces Guy: The Most Loyal

Pisces men are the most loyal of all the signs; therefore, their ability to keep a secret is the best out of all the masculine zodiac signs! Pisces men are so sensitive that they rarely want to betray others; that way, they protect themselves from getting hurt if they feel they are loyal in the first place.

In a relationship, a Pisces man will never spill the secrets of his leading lady. She will tell him her darkest secrets, her fears, and her worries. He will never tell others, even his best friend. He also understands that it is simply none of his friends’ business! When it comes to his friendships, Pisces men treat it very similarly. His significant other might feel that he is betraying them by not telling his friends’ secrets, but he agrees: his friends’ secrets are none of anyone’s business, either! He is respectful of people’s thoughts and wishes and would never betray that for fear of the same thing happening to him. He is also just a standup guy that would not do that to the people he is close with.

When it comes to spilling secrets, Pisces men are the number one person to confide in!

Aquarius Guy: Too Reserved To Spill

An Aquarius guy is pretty reserved and often times harder to read than most other guys. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, like a sensitive and emotional Pisces guy. He doesn’t let it all show for the world to see, like a bold Sagittarius guy. He keeps things in and has a hard time even expressing his most basic feelings and thoughts.

When it comes to spilling secrets of others, he would never do it. This is mostly because he barely vocalizes and spills the secrets he has himself, so why would he bother with others’ secrets? He is too busy brooding over something that happened two days ago that is still bothering him or too busy focusing on someone that he wants to make feel special (that happens on his good days). In his friendships, too, the Aquarius guy is dedicated and loyal, so even on those good days he won’t be telling you their deepest, darkest secrets. He simply isn’t worried about speaking of others, whether negatively or positively.

The Aquarius guy would rather talk about sports, pop culture, or what happened on The Walking Dead last night. Only surface level things are what he prefers to discuss.

Aquarius Girl: Too Loyal To Divulge

Aquarius girls are just as loyal and dedicated as their male counterparts. Further, it is not only a dedication to her friends, but also her family, her work, and herself. Aquarius girls are one of the most dedicated of the zodiacs, in fact.

When it comes to keeping secrets, Aquarius women will not divulge your secrets to others. They are loyal in your friendship and, even though can sometimes be reserved and distant from you, are still silently proving that you are important to them. Aquarius women are so dedicated to their work, too, that they tend to be busy focusing on that. They love giving their all to their work and moving up the ladder, so to speak. So, in that sense, that dedication takes over and doesn’t leave much time for them to tell all your secrets to others.

When they are at their best, Aquarius girls are fun-loving and open, but never disloyal or dishonest. They can be unreliable, but they will never leave you in the cold when it matters most. That is why on our list, Aquarius girls rank among some of the highest! Their loyalty certainly surpasses their indecisive unreliability that can spring up at times.

Virgo Guy: Always Does Right By All

The Virgo guy is one of the most all-around good guys you will meet. He is the classic guy that always does right by his peers, in his work, and to his significant other. So, when it comes to divulging your deep dark secrets, you’ll find that the Virgo guy simply won’t do it.

There are lots of reasons the Virgo man will keep your secrets locked up in his intelligent and loyal mind, but when it really comes down to it, he simply just does not think it is anyone’s business to talk about your inner most thoughts and feelings. He would rather talk to people about sports, the weather, different occurrences at work, politics, and more. He loves deep conversation and hearing others’ opinions, even though at times he can be very critical of them.

Virgo men are also very practical and sensible, so you would not find them telling your secrets just because (although you will find others doing it just for fun, but more on that later). The all-around good Virgo guy does right by everyone he meets, so don’t fret if you tell him something in confidence. He will lock it up tight and keep it hidden until you say otherwise.

Virgo Girl: Introverted And Focused On Herself

The Virgo girl is an all-around good person, too, just like her male counterpart. She can be a little more judgmental when she is feel fussy or more critical on her bad days, but for the most part, she keeps to herself and focuses on just that– herself.

When it comes to spilling your secrets, the Virgo girl simply will not do it for that reason. She can be loyal, too, and is a good friend to those she cares about; however, she is really just focused on herself and won’t be discussing things about others to her co-workers or family or friends. She wants to spend time working on self-care, dedicating to her work, or relaxing by the fire reading a book. She may even go on a solo trip or two, just to reinvigorate herself if she is feeling lost or confused. She is all about growing and bettering herself.

Furthermore, the Virgo gal is relatively introverted, so you won’t see her conversing with people and dishing on others’ dirty laundry; she doesn’t enjoy that. It simply isn’t something she feels she should be doing to others. She can be critical of your secrets, as stated, but won’t divulge anything even when she is judging you.

Capricorn Guy: Down-To-Earth Guy That Won’t Ever Spill

The patient Capricorn man is someone who is quiet, not overly extroverted and not at all, or ever, in your face. Obnoxious is never a term you would use to describe this calm and cool man. He is patient and down-to-earth. He loves to spend time with his friends and family. He craves his routine and enjoys sticking to it. All of these things are what makes him keep going day to day.

So, when it comes to spilling all of your secrets, let’s ask a question. Do you think someone that loves his family, enjoys his time with loved ones, and likes to stay introverted and hidden within a group would start spilling your tea like it was Sunday morning? The answer is, of course, a no! Capricorn men simply don’t feel the need to spill your tea and air your dirty laundry. If there’s skeletons in your closet, they actually prefer to not even know they are hanging in there. They won’t open the doors and they won’t even go near the closet.

The Capricorn man is easy to read, predictable, and easily amused and content. You won’t find him spilling your secrets, so feel safe divulging them to him!

Capricorn Girl: Always Willing To Keep A Secret

The Capricorn girl is someone that is willing to keep your secret because she is responsible, down-to-earth, and mostly introverted, similar to her male counterpart. The key word there is ‘willing’, however. That responsible piece that is inside of her will always tell her to do the right thing, whether she wants to or not. That is what makes her a grounded and sensible Earth sign.

When it comes to spilling a secret, she would never divulge unless she felt she had to. That responsible side does have a purpose after all. What if your secret could hurt you or someone you love? What if your secret is irresponsible and dangerous? In this case, a Capricorn girl would involve herself and possibly spill the tea if she feels it is the responsible and practical thing to do. If it will affect her, she probably would spill the tea, then, too, because she likes her routine and wouldn’t want someone messing that up.

However, if these are just old, embarrassing, and laughable skeletons hiding in your closet, you can rest assured the Capricorn girl won’t divulge them to others. She is a good friend that isn’t at all unpredictable. You can trust her with those deep dark secrets.

Sagittarius Guy: Life Of The Party Won’t Always Spill Your Secrets

The Sagittarius guy is the life of the party! Sagittarius is one of the three fire signs; therefore, they are naturally bold with fiery and fierce dispositions that can sometimes rub people the wrong way. The Sag guy isn’t afraid to tell you what he is thinking. He isn’t afraid to try something new, whether it is in front of an entire crowd or just one-on-one with you. It’s never a dull moment when he is around.

When it comes to spilling your secrets, the Sag guy is, however, very loyal. Sagittarius people are good friends, despite their carelessness at times. That’s why he won’t always spill your secrets. Occasionally, however, there may be times that he does because he cannot help himself. He is an entertainer and, even though sometimes it may not be purposeful, your secrets could spill if it will make people laugh or make him look good.

So, when it comes to divulging your secrets to a Sag guy, just be careful. If it is something you really don’t want anyone to know, we suggest you keep it to yourself. As we dive into the rest of the zodiacs, you’ll find that will be something we may be telling you, a lot!

Gemini Gal: Sometimes Too Vocal With Her Knowledge

Gemini girls really know how to have the time of their lives. When we think of them, we think of a fire sign that has significantly more control over her opinions and her actions. Geminis are air signs; this means they are light and free and often do what they please. You can see where keeping a secret may be difficult.

Because Gemini women are so intelligent, they often have a lot to say about a lot of things. Further, they are charismatic and very social. This means that they really enjoy discussing everything and anything with pretty much everyone and anyone. This can make them a little too vocal at times, especially with things that are typically others’ information to say or to not say. Their knowledge is incredibly vast, so a secret of yours could slip out even when they aren’t meaning for it to do so.

When it comes to spilling secrets to your Gemini friend, just be wary of what you are telling them and how you are telling them. If they feel it isn’t a huge secret or a big deal, they could bring it up casually in front of a group of friends during conversation and embarrass you. This may not be on purpose; however, it is good to be clear about how serious this secret really is to you.

Gemini Guy: Can Be Devious When He Wants To Be

In a similar vein, the Gemini guy can do the same thing. Their intelligence knows no bounds and neither does their ability to be social. They truly enjoy being around people, being active in the conversation, and learning new things. So, when it comes to secrets, the Gemini guy might not be the best one to tell things to.

Gemini men are smart, as we have mentioned. They know what secrets are serious and what secrets may not be; however, it is still a secret nonetheless! Furthermore, more so than their female counterpart, the Gemini guy has a dark side. Most Gemini people can be devious and manipulative if they really want to be. They often never show this side, however. Gemini guys might, though. It is important to always remain loyal or not divulge things to them that may hurt you later. If they feel betrayed, they could become devious and spill that tea you are hiding all over the place! The skeletons in your closet will jump out if you’re not careful with a Gemini guy. It is important to make it clear to him that whatever you are telling him shouldn’t be discussed outside of your conversation. Remind him why you are important to each other and don’t do anything to betray him.

Taurus Gal: Lots Of Knowledge That She Won’t Divulge Unless Necessary

A Taurus girl is an Earth sign, so that means she is responsible, practical, and intelligent. You won’t catch her doing something without thinking about it first. She always wants to make the best choice, the right choice. When it comes to being your friend and keeping your secrets, most of the time a Taurus girl will be loyal and keep them to herself.

There will be times, however, that she could divulge your secrets if it is necessary. The problem is her idea of necessary could be very different from yours. A Taurus girl also tends to be pessimistic and highly opinionated, so if she disagrees with you, there is also a chance she could divulge those secrets you told her in confidence.

Because of that responsible quality, too, the Taurus girl could possibly tell a secret of yours in order to protect you. Again, she might think it’s a good reason to protect you; you may not. But a Taurus girl always thinks that she is right, so she’ll have plenty of reasons why it was a good idea to air your dirty laundry. As her friend, know that, most of the time, she is trying to protect you and be a good friend, even if you can’t always see that.

Libra Guy: Doesn’t Hurt To Tell Him Only A Little Bit

A Libra guy is very easygoing. He enjoys doing things on his own time and getting things done when he needs to or wants to. Socially, the Libra guy is rarely introverted; he is always outgoing in a friendly and polite way. He is the man that helps you pick up something you dropped on the street. He is the guy that opens the door for you even though you are a few hundred feet away (he waits!). He is overall a nice guy that is a good friend to those that are good to him.

However, it won’t hurt you to only tell him a little bit. Like his female counterpart (which you’ll read about next), the male Libra will divulge your secrets if you hurt or wrong him. That nice and easygoing guy gets offended and you’ll see a different side of him. He will turn unemotional and harsh with his words. It could hurt you in a way that you haven’t been hurt before. That’s when you should worry about your skeletons coming out of your closet; he could very well open the doors wide open. Be careful with the Libra guy and always be clear about what your intentions are.

Libra Gal: Will Spill If She Is Wronged

Similar to her male counterpart, the Libra girl is easygoing and friendly. She enjoys time bonding with her family and friends, conversing about many things. The Libra girl is often diplomatic and wants everyone to get along in a peaceful manner. She is that sibling that takes care of the family and always keeps them together. She is the daughter that tries to make both parents feel okay during a divorce. However, the problem is when you wrong her, interrupt her peace, or offend her in some way. That is when your secrets will come out.

A Libra girl gets offended quite easily. You could make a joke that is very general and, if she feels that it is directed toward her, she will grow defensive. You could laugh at something that someone said about her; she could be mad at you instead. The Libra girl is very sensitive in that way. When she feels wronged, that’s when your secrets are not safe. When telling your secrets to a Libra gal, make sure you are protecting yourself and your skeletons in your closet because you’ll never know when you will offend a Libra girl and when she’ll divulge your secrets.

Sagittarius Gal: A Good Friend That Likes To Say Too Much

The always laughing Sagittarius girl would normally be higher on our list because even though she is very outgoing, she is a really loyal and great friend. Her personality is a very natural fire sign: she is bold, extroverted, not afraid to say what she really feels, always tries new things, and very fun-loving and memorable to all those she knows and meets. You won’t find a Sag girl spilling your secrets to hurt you, that is for sure.

However, when it comes to a Sagittarius girl spilling your secrets, she still very well could. The reason she isn’t higher on our list is that sometimes she says too much, even when not trying to. She is naturally social. She will converse with new and old people about anything and everything. That’s where accidents can happen. The Sag girl will divulge your secrets in the heat of a discussion, to prove a point, or on an accident. Even though they are loyal friends, they are also friends that may think things aren’t as big of a deal as they really are. She’ll apologize for spilling, but she still will continue to. It is just who she is, but she will rarely spill on purpose.

Scorpio Guy: Passionate Man That Usually Spills

The Scorpio guy can keep secrets, just not well, similar to his female counterpart. He is very passionate about many things. He loves his family, enjoys his work and his extracurricular activities, and is compassionate to and for his friends and close loved ones. So, why can’t he keep a secret at times?

The Scorpio guy has very deep feelings. When in a relationship, he connects and bonds to his significant other like no other. He can easily grow possessive, too, if he feels he cannot trust his significant other. He will never leave her, though, because he is a dedicated person. Further, his friends are important to him, but he never really shows that in a healthy way. He may jump into fights for them or hug them a little tighter at a family member’s funeral, but those words will never be expressed.

Therefore, those secrets you divulge to a Scorpio man can slip out in a passionate way, whether angrily, in a frustrating situation, or when he is sad or worried to lose someone. He can spill or will spill for certain reasons and they can be selfish at times. If he feels he can lose you or someone he cares about, those secrets may come out.

Pisces Girl: Very Dedicated But Simply Has A Hard Time

A Pisces girl is kind, sensitive, emotional, and loving to all those she meets and loves. She is dedicated to many things in her life, including her family, her friends, her career, and her passion. She will always find time to do what she wants while still doing what she has to. Her responsibilities are important to her. When it comes to friends, she listens and gives great advice. She wants to bond with people and create good foundations in her relationships. But, when it comes to secrets, the Pisces girl has a difficult time keeping quiet.

The Pisces girl loves to discuss anything and everything. She will talk about others and listen to others talk, too. She enjoys knowing everything, but also enjoys simply bonding with others and feeling like they trust her. She wants deep friendships that will last a lifetime. That is why, at times, the secrets you tell a Pisces girl will not always stay quiet or stay in her head. She isn’t doing it maliciously, but sometimes she just cannot help herself. Know that it usually does not come from a bad place, but she still just cannot keep her mouth quiet when it really should matter.

Aries Girl: Bluntly Spoken And Can’t Keep Quiet

The Aries are one of three fire signs. You know what that means: the most fiery and fierce signs of the zodiac. An Aries girl is no different. She is bluntly spoken with her opinions and thoughts. She isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks of you, sometimes in a rather harsh way, too. She is impulsive in that way, which usually makes her words go faster than her brain. Her actions are impulsive, too. She often makes last-minute choices or hasty decisions that affect her quality of life. This is where keeping friends’ secrets really is difficult for her.

The Aries girl is a pretty good friend that is always honest with you. She will tell you what she really feels. She’ll always be a lot of fun, too. However, when it comes to your secrets, she has no problem telling others. She thinks you won’t find out, maybe. Or, she thinks you won’t mind or care. Yet, the problem is that an Aries girl’s secrets are very important to her, so she will have high expectations for you keeping hers. This is clearly where her loyalty falters. How can someone expect something of you when she herself cannot do the same thing?

Leo Guy: Natural Leader That Will Claw His Way To The Top, If Needed

A Leo guy is big on his career path. He wants, maybe even craves, to be successful. It is one of the most important things to him. In relationships, a Leo guy is fiery and likes to have control. He sees himself as higher than most people, almost better than most. He wants to control the situations he is in. He wants people to look up to him or be intimidated by him. The same goes for his friendships, so you can understand why maybe a Leo guy would not be the best guy to tell your secrets to.

Usually the times a Leo guy will spill secrets are two-fold. The first reason he may spill your secrets is because of his career. If he thinks it could hurt you and help him, he may divulge secrets that do that. His claws will come out; that is for sure. The other reason a Leo guy will show the skeletons in your closet is because you challenge him. As stated earlier, he likes to have control. If he feels that you threaten that, it could be a negative outcome for you. The bold Leo guy will stop at nothing to be the center of control and attention. Usually, this is because he is good at a lot of things and he knows that.

Taurus Guy: Loves To Talk, Likes To Spill

The Taurus guy is lower on our list compared to his female counterpart. That is because the Taurus guy enjoys conversation and being right. He likes being the know-it-all (he is intelligent, so he does know a lot!). The Taurus guy is responsible virtually all the time in so many aspects of his life that subconsciously maybe the only way he can let loose is spilling secrets of those that he knows.

As we know, Taurus people think they are pretty much always right. Their opinions mean a lot to them and they want others to know them, too. This is where spilling secrets comes into play. The Taurus guy will usually spill the secret of someone he is close with to another person he knows well. This is because he wants to divulge his opinion and what he knows regarding this person’s secret. He could also divulge secrets of other people to a casual acquaintance, though, too. This could happen when he sees someone at the gas station or in the supermarket. It is just a spicy conversation, in his mind. This means his secret-spilling is two-fold. It is either because he wants his opinion heard or he is just making conversation exciting. It could be either one.

Aries Guy: Impulsive With His Actions And His Words

The Aries guy is as fiery and bold as all of his fire sign counterparts. The fierce disposition that all Aries have is intimidating and also admirable. Sometimes it’s incredible to watch someone say how they feel with wholeheartedness. Watching them not care about anything else but how strong they feel is mesmerizing, right? However, when it comes to friendships, the loyalty that Aries have is not mutual or equal.

The Aries guy has less control of his mouth and his actions than his female counterpart. That means for the five out of ten times an Aries girl speaks or acts impulsively in her life, there is a good chance that the Aries man will do so eight or nine out of ten times. He is more extreme in the way he speaks his mind. He is so impulsive with his words that it is almost impossible for him to keep your secret. If he feels strongly about something and your secret speaks to that, it will be spilled like tea on Sunday morning. He just has a hard time controlling the knowledge he has and how his opinions affect that. It is best to keep your secrets to yourself in this case, readers.

Cancer Guy: Fickle, Therefore Untrustworthy

The Cancer guy is low on our list because he has a few bad habits that relate to keeping secrets. In other words, it is almost impossible for him to do it.

The Cancer guy is really sensitive and emotional. When he is dedicated to a person in any type of relationship, he will be just that– dedicated. For those people, the Cancer man can probably keep a secret– or at least has more of a chance to do so. In friendships, the Cancer guy is mostly fun and outgoing. He has more casual relationships than dedicated ones, so secrets never really come into play. However, when secrets do start coming out, the Cancer guy has one reason he simply cannot keep a person’s secret.

That reason is because he is so fickle. Fickle means that he simply cannot make a choice. One day, he goes to a café for lunch planning to get a chicken salad sandwich and a soda. He gets there and decides to order something completely different after standing in line contemplating and stressing out about it. When it comes to spilling secrets, that fickle quality is just too untrustworthy. It is best not to tell him anything.

Leo Gal: Has An Inner Circle That She Will Always Tell Things To

The Leo girl has many bold qualities in her personality. She is brave and successful in her workplace with several intelligent things to bring to her work and better herself as a professional. When it comes to her social life, a Leo gal is confident in herself and easygoing. She doesn’t try to impress people, but just is who she is. She knows how to let loose and have fun. In relationships, Leo girls are loving and like pampering their significant other. Within her family, she is loyal and dedicated to all of them as long as they don’t upset or push her away. When it comes to all of these relationships, though, the Leo girl has to have most control in almost all situations.

That is why when it comes to keeping secrets, she will always divulge. She is so close to her family and friends that almost all secrets will be told to someone else if you share with a Leo girl. She also likes to have control of others and their relationships, so telling secrets or keeping secrets makes her feel like the puppet master of the group. Further, if someone upsets her, that is an easy way for that person’s secrets to be told. It is best not to divulge much to a Leo.

Cancer Girl: Tries Hard Sometimes, But Will Almost Always Spill

Cancer girls are outgoing, social, and very emotional and sensitive. They feel everything deeply, similar to that of her water sign counterparts (Pisces and Scorpio). She wants to have friends that care about her, that are dedicated to her. She wants to feel special and loved. Sometimes she loses sight of that, however.

Cancer girls can easily become manipulative and negative if they feel something bad is happening to them. They could be betrayed by a friend, ghosted by a guy, or yelled at by a stranger in the park, but it will all affect her just the same. When it comes to her friendships, the Cancer girl will try hard to be loyal and dedicated, as that is what she wants. However, she will almost always spill the beans and tell your secrets, no matter how close you are. This is because she is so emotional, so easily offended, and dedicated to herself most of all. She will protect herself from any possible thing that can hurt her, so if she feels that you are something that can hurt her, the secrets will spill; that you can believe! Further, she is so social that those secrets are simply just bound to come out in some way or another.

Scorpio Gal: Impossible To Keep Quiet

The Scorpio girl is at the bottom of our list because it is virtually impossible for her to keep a secret. She is so passionate about so many things. There are even times it isn’t even her fault; she just cannot help it! Let’s dive in…

The Scorpio girl is sultry, intense in her feelings and actions, and very connected to her emotions. She will get upset by a family member’s accident or spilling milk on the counter. She has a hard time controlling her emotions, to put it simply. When it comes to her relationships, the Scorpio girl is just the same. She has a hard time keeping her opinions to herself and controlling the emotions people may make her feel. If someone upsets her, she will spill their secrets to get even. Picture a Scorpio girl that finds out she was cheated on; that person’s dirty laundry will be aired for all to see. If someone makes her so excited, she could spill those secrets, too, finding it impossible to keep quiet. Picture a Scorpio mom that tells the family that her daughter is pregnant before the daughter is ready. No matter the secret, the Scorpio girl simply cannot keep quiet.


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