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Turn Your Home Office Into A Sanctuary, According To Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

It happens all too often that we fall into the trap of such a busy lifestyle that we begin to neglect our own living environments! That’s not to say that we become messy exactly; but it’s more that we get stuck in an environment that no longer matches who we are as people. We become so focused on everything we have to do that we find it difficult to simply be.

You see, we are ever-changing and ever-evolving. Who we were a year ago is not necessarily who we are today. Yet we may find that due to our hectic lifestyles, our environment is still the same as it was a year ago.

How long has that picture been on the wall? It may have given you a happy and pleasant feeling when you bought it – but how does it make you feel now?

How about that crockery in the kitchen? Does it still have the same charms it did when you first bought it?

How do you feel when you step into your living room? What’s your immediate feeling when you walk into your bedroom?

Paying attention to how our environment makes us feel is the best way to assess whether some things need rearranging or replacing!

Spiritual and emotional alignment with our environment is very important, for both our mental and emotional well-being. The virus that has swept through the world is certainly challenging for us all on a number of levels, but it can also provide us with opportunity too.

As many of us are spending all of our time at home, it only makes sense that our home is a place of joy, tranquillity, inspiration and harmony – or as much as we can make it so!

Yin & Yang In Feng Shui:

One way of determining how best to create the environment that suits you is by looking at what Chinese Zodiac sign you are. Yin/Yang is a concept of Taoism, a religion of Ancient China. In essence, it is the understanding that balance leads to equilibrium.


Feng shui is a form of geomancy, a practice that also originates from Ancient China. Bringing balance, harmony and joy into the home can be achieved through the art of Feng shui, which includes methods such as clearing out clutter and bringing the outdoors in (placing flowers and plants around the home) as this helps the energy flow better. These are arts and concepts of Ancient China which can benefit everyone to this day.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Zodiac is the astrology of Ancient China and today millions of people feel a powerful connection with their own Chinese Zodiac animal. One way or another, the Chinese Zodiac, Feng shui and Yin/Yang are intertwined. Therefore, let’s look at ways you can change up your living area based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. The suggestions are based on two parts: your workspace (which correlates more with Yang) and your relaxation space (which correlates more with Yin). Scroll down to find your sign and the suggestions laid out for you!

Transform Your Home Office into a Sanctuary & Back Again, Chinese Zodiac-Style!


Working Space: The Rat is a Yang sign and operates best when everything is organized and structured. Things need to be laid out neatly and efficiently. Furthermore, as a Yang sign, they prefer the colours and patterns to be relatively straightforward so that it is easier to find something.

A good working space for the Rat is a simple desk or table with stationery and other necessities clearly labelled. A plain lamp in the working area helps with all those night-time assignments as the Rat can be a bit of a night owl. Rats are not too fussed about aesthetics; what matters to them is getting the job done, and getting it done well!

Living Space: Because Rats have strong Yang energy, they need to ensure a good amount of wind-down time to balance themselves out. Their living space should be one where they feel they can relax. A few relaxing books or magazines in the corner helps with down-time. Anything blue, gold and green are naturally favourable colours for them which promote a sense of serenity.

The Rat’s dominating element is Water which means anything with a Water theme will, on a subconscious level or otherwise, have a peaceful effect on them. Paintings or photos with lakes, oceans, rivers can be very soothing. Flowers, especially lilies, are the best type of plants for them to have around the home. Playing music with river sounds is equally enchanting. As for crystals, Rats benefit from a few pieces of garnet in their living space which merge perfectly with their own energy.



Working Space: Beverage is important to the Ox so try to organize a working space close to the kitchen or put a kettle on your desk with a bowl of teabags and coffee beans nearby! The Ox is an earthy character who likes comfort and minimal fuss when trying to get a job done. They are very reliable and grounded, so it is important to them to have a working space that runs smoothly. It is important for there to be no clutter for an Ox to work effectively, so a thorough clean-out may be necessary. An Ox also works best when facing the sun, not away from it, as this energizes them.

As a Yin sign, Ox people must have their quiet time when working, otherwise they can become very frustrated. If there is any unwanted noise, then investing in a good pair of earplugs is essential!

Living Space: The Ox’s dominating element is Earth so anything which resembles an ‘earthy’ environment will naturally help promote relaxation. The colours yellow, blue, purple and brown are healing for them. Ox are practical people and they relax best when their environment is ordered and has every necessity they need – a fruit bowl, a drinks maker, a spare blanket to wrap up in. A happy Ox is one who is not wanting for anything. Therefore, the living space itself does not have to be flashy or extreme; as long as it has the basic necessities, the Ox will be content!



Working Space: The Tiger is someone who will try their hand at a variety of jobs throughout their life, so it’s no surprise that this individual appreciates variety in all forms! Simple and plain décor is boring to them. They like environments with interesting objects, an array of colours and interesting patterns (a curtain with a forestry print is an example of this). While the Tiger is a dynamic individual, they do like their working space to be orderly. Their minds can be chaotic so it is important for them to have an orderly structure in their working environment.

An ideal workspace would be to ensure every single object and facility is unique in some way. Handcrafted objects bring creativity and zest to their working life. Tigers should also move their desks/chairs/objects around regularly as, just as they are easily bored of routine, they are only satisfied if their environment is ever-changing.

Living Space: A Tiger is someone who needs regular ‘naps.’ They tend to have bursts of energy, but much of the time they like to relax. Tigers are a Yang sign so moments of calm are especially important to them. Therefore, a relaxing environment is essential.

Tigers benefit from things such as Himalayan salt lamps, candles, crystals, colours such as green, orange, blue, and white. Anything unique and intriguing is a welcome addition to their living space. As mentioned, they like variety. A comfortable couch to nap on is ideal.

Tigers are sensitive to energy so it is important they regularly cleanse their space by smudging, or with incense. They like space in general, so it is good for them to have desks/chairs/objects which are not too large. They need space to move around and can feel claustrophobic if they are not given adequate space. Rugs are always a welcome addition to a Tiger’s living room.



Working Space: As a gentle and harmonious soul of Yin energy, Rabbits prefer smaller workspaces, preferably near a window or where they can see the world outdoors. If this is not possible, it is good for a Rabbit to have paintings or photographs of forests, landscapes or beaches which can help them focus and settle their mind. The Rabbit is ruled by the Wood element and this brings them grounding and practicality.

A Rabbit likes to have snacks handy while hard at work so a bowl of fruit or vegetables (especially carrot sticks!) is good for them to have in a work environment. As Rabbits are very tidy people, they like to have their workspace orderly and neat. Pearls are lovely crystals for Rabbits to keep as ornaments on their desks, but any crystals will do as Rabbits naturally connect to them.

Living Space: A Rabbit is a sociable person so it’s important for them to have enough comfy chairs for everyone to have a chat. If a Rabbit is in a solitary position, then they need to have a pleasant and charming background for when they have Skype or video chat calls with their loved ones. Anything red, pink, blue or purple is good for them to have in a living space as these are their lucky colours. They like refined décor, such as wallpaper with flowers or quaint artwork, but nothing too flashy.

Rabbits are people who appreciate the finer things in life so their ideal relaxing environment is one which will have chandeliers and elegant crockery for people to admire. Marble ornaments or mini statues of angels, gods/goddesses or anything pleasant to look at are recommended for their mantlepieces.

Rabbits enjoy luxury and in order for them to unwind, it is essential that their environment is one of peace and prosperity. Salt lamps are relaxing for Rabbits.



Working Space: A Yang sign, the Dragon is someone who has natural leadership abilities, regardless of whether these are on display or not. Dragons have eclectic tastes and these tastes reach into their working life too. As the Dragon is the most revered sign in Chinese Astrology, anything with the colours gold, silver or gray work very well for them. They quite like striking environments so a Dragon would work very well in a lavish atmosphere – golden curtains, fancy chairs, a comfortable gray cushion to sit on. (A coffee cup with the words ‘THE BOSS’ would be most apt!) Dragons need space too, so it is important for them to have enough working space to move around.

Living Space: Dragons like environments which are practically regal. The best way they relax is through indulgence and pleasure. This is how a Dragon recharges their batteries. Incense is particularly relaxing for them, especially frankincense and sandalwood. A Dragon should have plenty of chairs for entertaining people so they can delight others with interesting tales, and these chairs should have comfortable cushions for guests to sit on. If possible, a Dragon should try to have Rose Quartz crystals scattered around their relaxation space as this is their lucky crystal and enhances their sense of love and well-being.



Working Space: The Snake is a Yin sign and is also one of the most sophisticated signs of the zodiac. They have a love of beauty and therefore it is important for their working area to be aesthetically pleasing. A modern, smart décor is very much favoured, including the colours red, yellow and black which are their lucky colours. Because Snakes are ruled by the fire element, they enjoy an environment which is challenging and upbeat. It is good for them to have lots of books in their working environment as they have a thirst for knowledge. A Snake is most at home in a tidy, spacious room where everything is in its rightful place and, above all, looks good!

Aesthetic candles are very nice for a Snake’s working environment as these can help soothe them, especially if work becomes stressful!

Living Space: The living space shouldn’t be too close to the Snake’s working space as the Snake is an individual that needs to have everything compartmentalized in a very specific way. They can get their heads in a twist if everything is muddled up! So it would benefit a Snake to, if possible, ensure their working space and living space are either a floor, or a room or two, apart.

As a lover of beauty, Snakes relax best when they like the look of everything around them. A meditation section with crystals – especially their lucky crystal, amethyst – is recommended. Attractive rugs and cushions can help soothe them after a difficult day. The Snake is a spiritual individual, so additions such as Tibetan bells or incense holders are all very welcome.



Working Space: The Horse is a Yang sign and enjoys work that is flexible and adaptable (like they are!) All members of the Third Trine are not fans of routine and like to be free to set their own times. Therefore, the ideal working space for a Horse person is one which is ever-changing. The Horse is the type of person who can work in the living room one minute and the bedroom the next! Constant flexibility keeps their motivation going, as this sign’s dominant ruler is fire.

So for the Horse, it’s good for them to have a ‘mobile’ workspace to take with them around the home. This can include a handy flask of coffee, the necessary equipment and a comfy cushion to sit on wherever they find themselves.

The Horse is an imaginative person so does not need lots of external stimulation in their working environment. But they benefit from scents such as frankincense and myrrh which bring them a sense of stability, so these essential oils are very handy to have around.

Living Space: As someone who enjoys whatever is exciting and dynamic, sometimes a Horse just needs time to relax! A living space best suited to them is one that has objects or photos of their favourite things which make them feel good – these can be their favourite books, artwork or crystals. Clear quartz crystal is the Horse’s lucky stone and it is recommended they have several pieces around their relaxation area.

A Horse’s living environment should not be too clumped together and it is better for them to have their couch/chairs facing the sun, not away from it, as this helps to energize them when they feel depleted.



Working Space: Goats are creative and artistic souls who operate best when they are in a natural environment. They have a strong connection with nature so, where possible, flowers and plants should be placed around the working area. The carnation flower is their lucky flower, so if they can place these in vases around the workspace, or even have carnation-scented essential oils wafting through the area, it would be ideal.

The Goat’s dominant element is Earth, and paintings or photographs on the wall of earthy landscapes, oceans, forests or mountains are highly recommended. This way, the Goat can feel their natural affiliation to the Earth while indoors, which keeps their mind, body, and soul happy.

Living Space: Goats love anything which feed their imagination. There is nothing more depressing to a Goat than an environment that is plain or bland. Colours such as green, red and purple can help boost their creative spirits. An easel or notepad and pen for painting, writing or drawing can be placed in the corner for more artistic types. It is good for Goats to keep electronics out of their relaxation space as they are very sensitive to electronic devices. Emerald crystals are highly recommended for a meditation space, while it is also lovely for them to have ornaments or pictures with inspirational quotes attached which they can remind themselves of every day.



Working Space: Because Monkeys are so quick-minded, it’s important they can find everything quickly while working! A disorganized, scattered working environment is a nightmare for Monkeys, but they can be easily distracted so it can be easy for them to fall into this. Therefore, it is important for Monkeys to have a personal organizer and to take regular breaks from work so they can pay attention to anything which may be out of place, putting it back in its proper place so it doesn’t pile up!

Monkeys need regular movement so they should have a small space for regular stretching and exercise while working. A yoga mat can be very helpful for them to keep in their working environment.

Living Space: Monkeys need mental stimulation so it is important for them to have books and reading material in their living space. As their dominant ruler is Metal, this indicates their go-getting natures and it is helpful for them to have silver and bronze ornaments in their living environment, which naturally energizes and inspires them.

Anything with the colours white, gold and blue is ideal for this Yang sign. These colours also energize them. However, a Monkey needs to make sure they take adequate time to relax, even if their mind is still eager for more. While they are relaxing, it is a good idea for them to face away from the sun as this can balance them out so they don’t become overly energized or hyper while trying to wind down!



Working Space: Roosters are very stylish individuals and the ideal working space is one which incorporates their individual flair and unique outlook. Colours of gold, yellow and brown are ideal and can help keep them motivated. A stylish but relaxed décor is advised. Roosters are very creative and also appreciate organization and structure; they can’t stand mess!

Roosters may wish to organize their working space alphabetically. The quartz crystal, especially strawberry quartz, is very helpful for them to keep in their working space as it keeps them grounded, focused and motivated.

Living Space: Roosters like their fashion, so bold and bright colours energize and relax them at the same time! Plump cushions, essential oils and candles can be implemented to make a very nice meditation section. Yoga and exercise mats are highly recommended as they like to work on their bodies. Roosters should rearrange their living space so that their couch/chairs face the sun – this is a Yang sign and they are naturally recharged by the sun’s rays when in a state of relaxation.



Working space: Dogs are Yang and probably the most practical members of the Third Trine. A Dog is focused and driven and it is good for a Dog to have a working space that exhibits their accomplishments – such as certificates, medals, written praise, etc. One very good idea for a Dog’s working space is to create a pin board with print-outs of positive things people have said about them or their own personal achievements. This is how a Dog becomes motivated, which is especially crucial for them when a task is long and arduous.

Dogs are motivated by a sense of justice and equality so their work environment needs to be balanced and symmetrical. Black and white, the colours of Yin and Yang, are strongly recommended, especially when they are symmetric (for example, a black table mat next to a white one). It is also best for dogs to face the sun while they are working as this helps energize and replenish them.

Living Space: Green, red and purple colours are all recommended for a Dog’s relaxation space. Because Dogs can be prone to worry, they benefit from essential oils such as clary sage and lavender, which can help soothe them so an oil burner in the relaxation area is very good for them. Dogs are ruled by the element Earth so anything with an earthy quality helps them wind down. Pictures and photographs of landscapes, buildings and monuments are very soothing for a Dog; if they are able to bring roses into their home, this is their lucky flower. And like their furry counterparts, Dog people enjoy a nice nap so a comfy rug and soft cushions are essential!



Working Space: A dreamy Yin sign, comfort is important to the Pig. Therefore, it is essential that the Pig feels comfortable in the working environment and that pressure of any kind is minimal. The best way for the Pig to achieve this is to ensure creature comforts are within reach – a snack bowl with fruits and nuts should always be available at the desk or place of work. Décor with the colours yellow, gray and brown are best for the Pig as this helps motivate and drive them. The Pig is ruled by Water so paintings of oceans, lakes and rivers – or anything with a blue theme – can help them concentrate.

Pigs can lose motivation and indulge in food when they are not in harmony with their environment. It is best for them to place their desk or chairs away from the sun as this helps keep them grounded and motivated.

Living Space: Pigs like to be entertained and their perfect idea of relaxation is to cuddle up on the sofa and watch their favourite show or read their favourite book. Therefore, soft pillows and dim lighting is strongly advised for a Pig’s perfect environment. Crystal lamps or Himalayan salt lamps are good to have in various places around the relaxation space. As mentioned, the Pig is ruled by Water and this means they are very much driven by their emotions. Therefore, anything which is emotionally pleasing keeps them happy in their environment. Quotes on the walls with positive affirmations can help remind a Pig of good things when they are feeling stressed.

Their lucky crystal is ruby so if they are able to find a piece or two, it is a good idea for them to place them close to their bodies as they relax or, even better, wear them. During the Full Moon, it is helpful for the Pig to have their couch/chairs facing the Moon as this helps them absorb the lunar energies and amplify positive energy within them.



Planning out your working and relaxation spaces can be a wonderful way to prepare for the months ahead. Many of these suggestions incorporate the art of Feng shui and distinctly target your own Chinese Zodiac animal and the natural preferences of your sign.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you create your own ideal atmosphere which can bring you peace, joy and pleasure in abundance.


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