Tongue-Tied? Here are 20 Dazzling Discussion Inquiries

Not everyone is a Chatty Cathy. Some people are just naturally talkative, while others are not. And even if you are a pretty good conversationalist, sometimes you know someone so well that you feel like you know everything about them.
20 brilliant conversation questions
Don’t worry, there is always something that can be talked about. The universe is filled with things to be curious about – from personal things to do aliens exist. So listen up! These will ease your stress at the next party you attend. Here are some conversation questions.
#1 Where are you from? Easy, boring, yet necessary when you are just meeting someone. I mean, it’s just sort of expected.
#2 What do you do for a living? What someone does for a living can be quite interesting – especially when it’s really different from what you do. Maybe you can learn something new.
#3 Where did you go to school? Did they go to college? Do they have a master’s or Ph.D.? What did they study? How did they pick their major?
#4 Do you have any siblings? Or maybe they’re an only child. If not, where are they in the birth order? Do they get along with their siblings, or are they wildly different?
#5 Are you more outgoing or shy? If they’re familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality test, ask them if they know what they are. If not, simply asking them if they are an introvert or extrovert will do.
#6 What were you like in high school? Were they a jock? A band geek? Valedictorian? In the drama club? Homecoming Queen? Have they changed since high school?
#7 Tell me what you love about your job. Hopefully there is something they like. If not, that’s kind of sad. But, it’s one of the typical conversation questions.
#8 Are you in a relationship? If so, is it going well? How long? If they’re single, do they like being single or are they actively looking for a partner?
#9 Are you a Republican or Democrat? I know they say never to talk politics when you first meet someone. But why not? It says a lot about who someone is.
#10 Do you think aliens exist? Ahhh… this is a fun one. People seem to be at either one end of the spectrum or the other. Either way, it’s fun to talk about.
#11 Would you walk naked for 5 blocks in New York City in broad daylight for $500,000? Gotta throw in some fun, wild questions, right? This is a great one to ask because it’s hilarious!
#12 What have you done that you’re most proud of? Their career? Their relationship? Did they start a non-profit? The variety of answers are endless.
#13 Are you thinking about a career change? Some people would rather stay in the same career with the same company for the rest of their lives. But how do they feel about it?
#14 What are your mom and dad like? Are they outgoing or shy? How much is the person like one or both of their parents?
#15 Do you think the Illuminati exists? Okay, maybe they don’t know who the Illuminati is. But it’s a secret society people suspect exists and is really running the world. And one of the more fascinating conversation questions.
#16 Who do you think really killed JFK? Yeah, I know that happened over 50 years ago, but it’s a part of history. And a controversy.
#17 What’s your favorite movie? This says a lot about a person too. Is it an action-adventure movie or a love story? Or something in between?
#18 What’s your favorite book? Novels, nonfiction, or something else? Maybe they don’t even like reading!
#20 Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or 20 years? Sure, it sounds more like a question you’d get in an employment interview, but it’s still fun to hear if they have even thought about it before.



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